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Issue 24: Resurgence is on the horizon! The Praetorian War has ended, and it's time to rebuild! With new stories, powers, enhancements, and more for all players, as well as more content for VIP players, the stage is set for an epic continuation of the story of Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria!

Experience all new features like Power Pool Customization, a Blaster buff, and new Invention Origin enhancement sets, and enjoy the new (free for VIP) secondary Power Sets for Blasters and Dominators, as well as new Lore Incarnate Abilities, allowing you to summon the Banished Pantheon, Knives of Vengeance, and more to your side!

There's also a brand new Tier 9 VIP Reward to be had: the Tech Knight Costume Set, which fuses cosmic energy and high-tech power. Only you can decide whether to use this power for good or for your own nefarious purposes ... the choice is yours alone!

So go check out the Issue 24: Resurgence overview page, and read much more about these new features, as well as many others, and keep an eye out for the Issue 24: Resurgence beta!

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So when is this going on the beta?



I continue to be impressed by each new issue, and this one looks like it has a good variety of new stuff. I think I'm most excited for the Blaster changes (never been one of my favorite ATs, but I have many to level), new power sets, and new content in KR, Bricks, and St. Martial.

I thought the game was great when I started in Issue 4, and it's gotten better with each issue. Great job, Paragon Studios.

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  • Improved Enhancement Set Bonuses: Invention Origin Enhancement set bonuses, such as XP debt reduction and specific mesmerization/mental control resistances, have been replaced with more useful set bonuses. These new set bonuses provide more powerful resistance against a broader variety of damage.
  • New Invention Origin Sets: Four new Invention Origin Enhancement sets debut with Issue 24. Annihilation (targeted AoE), Unbreakable Guard (damage resistance), Reactive Defenses (defense), and Preventive Medicine (healing). These new sets all offer different and specific bonuses, such as decreasing an opponent's resistance, increasing a character's maximum hit points, improve resistances, and even granting an absorption shield.

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Ohhh, three new zone events. Finally the Zig Prison Break event people have been wanting for years.

I'm actually kind of curious if the new free content in those three zones is just a singular new arc that spans those level ranges (7-20 and 30-50) or if it's several new arcs for each zone. I kind of imagine the latter would have been a lot of work but I can still hope yes.

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Really looking forward to the new Incarnate arc, the new story arcs in King's Row, Brickstown and St. Martial, the new IO sets and bonus improvements, Pool Customisation and, hopefully, some secret general quality of life improvements.




Very interesting. New 30-50 content specific to both sides makes me very happy.

Does the new Incarnate arc offer Advanced iXP?



Oh man. Kings Row street-level content? Brickstown Prison breakout zone event? Actually letting villains be villainous in the Praetorian war? Even a St. Martial zone event? Please don't disappoint me, 'cause this sounds awesome.



I was hoping for more powerset proliferation... sadface. Still, new TAoE invention set = win. God I hope it's got better enhancement values than that stupid posi's blast set.

Gonna have to spend my tokens on the rest of the fire & ice set before it goes away, looks like. Wonder if this new set will finally have the 'low-profile' sort of jetpack I've been hoping to see for a while?

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Originally Posted by Golden Girl View Post
No, Soon (TM)

Can't forget the (TM)



This looks like a fantastic issue! I'm really excited about all the mechanical improvements/additions (I can't believe you're replacing the crappy set bonuses with damage resistance!), and especially the Zig breakout. I've wanted that for years.

I'm surprised that 3 out of the 4 new story arcs still involve Praetoria and Praetorians, though.

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Originally Posted by Nericus View Post
Would Kheld customization and granite armor customization be included in this issue?
HEATs and VEATs aren't included in this round of power customization.

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I guess I need to change my sig. even if it's just one more TAoE set...

Also just last week I complained about the debt reduction bonuses...

Good job!

Who do I have to *&^% around here to get more Targeted AoE recipes added?

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So excited for new IO sets and a revamp of some of the crappier set bonuses. That was totally unexpected. Here's hoping that the melee sets don't all start with the crappy resistance to Immobilization! And getting new defense and resistance and targeted AoE sets is great.

Thank you for a revamped Bricktown with improved 30-50 level content. This was so needed. Love the concept of the Zig jail break. I am hoping the prisoners will be reduced during normal times and instead be available during the break out. I also hope the breakout includes named Elite Bosses. That would be awesome.

Power Pool and APP customization is wonderful.

Of course I am also excited for the various blaster changes, the new Dominator and Blaster sets, and the pool revamps.

This looks like it will be my favorite release for a long time.


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¡Me gusta!



New zone events? Yes!

Tech Knight? I'm intrigued.

Also, Knives of my very own? So, I heard you like caltrops.



Originally Posted by EnigmaBlack View Post
I guess I need to change my sig. even if it's just one more TAoE set...
Good job!
I know, about time.



Cool to see new sets, but even cooler that existing sets that have long been vendor fodder might actually become things that people want to slot.



Uh.. did I see customized pets in the article pics??

Have not been active in Coh for a while, so maybe it is old news.

But if they can do that and are doing that, can we have for Masterminds too??

/em trying to not get too excited..



New set bonuses is a good idea, I just hope they take masterminds into consideration. None of the sets are currently worth slotting. I just slot the proc and thats it. If masterminds get set bonuses that work on the pets I might consider changing my builds.

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This issue is amazing... love that the devs took the time to look at some of those io set bonuses such as debt reduction, that weren't as appealing as others that provided buffs throughout. When you build a character; survivability is more favored.

The new pool powers, new missions for zones, buffs for blasters, and new incarnate content... this is a nice issue all around.

But what I will really enjoy about i24 is the new powerset for blasters and doms.

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