Your favorite enemy groups?




This game has such a large variety of enemy groups (especially all in one game) that I'd like to know what are some of the community's favorites. Here's some of mine (yes they're in order), most of them are military groups since that's my favorite style of villain group.

5.The Tsoo
6.5th Column
10.Sky Raiders

I could go into detail why I like them in this order but I'm lazy at the moment so maybe on a different day. Remember you can list your groups however you want!



Malta is my favorite. I hate the Rikti. =(

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I still love Freaks. They're just so gleefully goofy... And they like to melee and cluster well, which makes them popular with my Dual Blade types. Nothing Sweeps quite like a horde of silly cyber-boys.

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Originally Posted by Progressman View Post
Malta is my favorite. I hate the Rikti. =(
I just like the Rikti a little more then the Malta because of the fact that the Rikti keep invading all the darn time! I feel like I have to honor their stubbornness with the number 1 spot on my list just because it just feels like they're more of a threat or at least more active then the other groups.



Personally I've always liked nemesis, even though his Plots have almost become a joke in game. I still think that he has something to do with the events of praetoria. not so much the rise and reign of Cole, but setting in motion the invasion. Or am I reading too much into the whole "Everything's a Nemesis plot" thing.

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I'm rather partial to the Circle of Thorns. Their spectrals can be a bit problematic though.



I have a blood feud going with The Knives of Artemis, since they continually blaspheme and claim to be adherents of The Huntress, another name for The Great Mother, who steadfastly refuses to acknowledge them!

My favorite baddies would have to be the Nemmies! They waste their ammo on me while I critique their lack of sartorial acumen!

My least favorite baddies would be the Malteds! They're more of a nuisance than a Flea Dip, Deworming, AND Furball -- all combined!

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Malta, because conceptually they were actually scary even to people who had travelled to other dimensions and defeated aspects of the mad god who ruled them before they started calling out every random shmoe to set foot in Grandville, posting their evil plots to their blogs and giving their untouchable faceless leaders fancy gadgets and purple triangles and, well, faces.

Freaks. I love Freaks. They are fun to beat up, their dialogue is always good for a giggle, they have some fun missions, and I love writing Freak characters in MA.

Rularuu. The Rikti are set up as the big alien menace, but once you start doing their arcs you realize that they're really not that different from us. The Rularuu are truly alien.

Honorable mention goes to the 5th Column, because I really really like beating up Nazis. Bonus points due to the last mission of Mender Lazarus's arc.

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Personal favorites include:

Sky Raiders - so much potential here, I'd love to see more. Sure, the Council has a volcano, but these guys have a seabase, plus at least two airstrips!
Legacy Chain - The "I'm never sure if you're good or bad" group, I wish they had more airtime heroside.
Carnival of Shadows - while that mez thing gets old real fast, I can't help but cheer for one of the few female factions in the game.
Crey - don't ask me why, but for a while, I drew IMMENSE satisfaction out of running around Brickstown, finding those huge mobs of Crey troopers harassing some poor schmucks, and beating the living daylights out of them. Not to mention they're an equal opportunity faction.


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Council Ascendants - something about their whole costume design, very cool.
Crey's Paragon Protectors - Look, super villains. I know, they're all supervillains, but before safeguard and mayhem missions, these guys were the only costume wearing supervillains in-game, barring Praetorians, which are only sorta supervillains.




I don't think I have a favorite enemy group. Oh wait, Warriors. Definitely Warriors. They hit hard and have a tendency to rabbit at the first sign of trouble, but they don't have any annoying tricks like other factions do.

And then I guess the Carnies would come in second. I wouldn't call them a favorite, because of all the phasing and whatnot, but they do squish easily enough that I don't hate fighting them.

Goodbye, I guess.

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5th Column (Who doesn't love beating up Nazis?)
Praetorians. (Love the War Walkers' epic explosion death!)
Resistance (Tron reference FTW!)

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Banished Pantheon... with a side order of Nemesis.

BP are so underused.

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Council. They're so very crunchy.



Originally Posted by Jet_Boy View Post
BP are so underused.

BP. They pose an interesting (and occasionally EXTREMELY ANNOYING challenge) what with their weak minions and incredibly strong LT's.

Malta: Love to hate 'em

CoT: Huge variety of enemies.

Arachnos: Ditto, much more fun to fight than Longbow.

Tsoo: Mine (and many others) first encounter with heavily mezzing enemies. (DAMN YOU YELLOW INK-MEN!)

Enemies I don't like:

Sky Raiders: They're annoying (teleporters! Force fields!) but not really challenging.

Longbow: All their troops feel very samey (except the wardens, and you don't meet them that often solo)

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Carnival of Shadows: They just look more like a group that superheroes should be fighting. Outlandish, colorful, and yes the women are sexy. And they have that delicious scream when you knock some of them off. I'll choose one of these missions any chance I get, even street sweeping.

Devouring Earth: I love the idea of that they are essentially of the Earth and trying to save it from the virus that is humanity. And something about the Lesser and Greater Devoured that I really like the look of. I'll fight them at any opportunity, I even have a Praetorian character who is sworn to destroy them all. Too bad we can't fight them in Praetoria....yet.

Nemesis: They just look cool

Banished Pantheon: Zombies and shaman, nuff said.



1.Circle of Thorns (I love there back story)
2.Carnival of Shadows (Their colors. I just love um')
3.Rularuu (The Shadow Shard, and anything about it is awesome)
4.Banished Pantheon (The concept of Banished gods is just cool)
5.Hellions (I don't know why? They're just cool)
6.Devouring Earth (What Knightfox said. The idea of that they are essentially of the Earth and trying to save it)

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Originally Posted by Knightfox View Post
Devouring Earth: I love the idea of that they are essentially of the Earth and trying to save it from the virus that is humanity. And something about the Lesser and Greater Devoured that I really like the look of. I'll fight them at any opportunity, I even have a Praetorian character who is sworn to destroy them all. Too bad we can't fight them in Praetoria....yet.
Almost correct. The DE may look natural but their adgenda is to make over the Earth in their own image. They're the force of a corrupt scientist with his own objectives, masquerading as eco-terrorists. And although they want to 'save the planet' it's only to change it to their way of life, not to restore it to nature. They're not really natural at all.

I like them a lot because it's as if someone took my own ecological beliefs and twisted them into villainy. One of my main characters is a recovered victim who now fights against them. Therefore, they feature in my favourite enemy groups.

I also love the Vahzilok, there's something about them that screams 80s body horror. I'd love to see an Elite Boss or Giant Monster that has three heads and 18 arms, all stitched together from the doctor's victims.

The Trolls I like too, mostly because the reason for their addiction is never made clear outside of history badges. I'd love to see one of the experts on multi-dimensions be a recovered Superadine addict.

CoT are good but I'd like to see more Hordelings and other supernatural beasties, especially blue side. Surely there's other nasty monsters down there?

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1: Freakshow. Crazy, cobbled together technology and an anarchy driven survival of the fittest system puts them into the crazy awesome part of my brain.. On top of that, they're so much fun to fight against, especially on a melee char! Dive in and watch them crowd around with buzzsaws and giant claws, electricity flying above and explosions, hell yeah!

2: Warriors. Conceptually lacking but they're a group of guys trying to prove they're manly by swinging around giant weapons. Loads of fun to fight against with a melee character and they have a lot of potential for growth as an enemy for other villains and Heroes alike as they try and prove themselves to eachother.

3: Vahzilok. Amazing concept, gotta love the crazy doctor arming crazy people with medical equipment and letting them loose on the city, I also find the general concept terrifying. They stalk out at night with dead bodies stitched around robots as their henchmen, they hunt you down on the streets or alleyways, they don't care who you are, they'll even break into your home and steal you away to do.. Something to you, eventually ending with your body being used to make more of their zombie-like foot soldiers. But boy do they SUCK to fight against at the level range. Little resisted damage types (Negative and Toxic), -speed and -recharge, mez, high melee damage.. All pre-SOs.

They should return in higher levels, they really should.

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1. Giant Monsters - Not an enemy group, I know, but nothing says "threat that normal people can't handle" like huge frickin' beasts mauling terrified citizens. They're my favorite thing to fight in this whole entire game.

2. The Rikti - They invade us, sometimes frequently. Besides the fact that I love me a good zone event, this makes them feel like a group that's taking the fight to the enemy instead of just standing around waiting for someone to show up. (Missions and TFs have to wait for someone to actually start them.) Now if only the invasions would randomly happen as well, instead of just in response to a LGTF... the recent flood of them has made me realize how much I enjoy them.

3. Malta - They have mechs. Any villain group with mechs is okay in my book. Then there's the Sappers. One member of their group - not even a big bad boss, just a regular schmoe minion - means that even characters who can reliably resist mezzes need to bring at least a little strategy to the table.

4. Nemesis - Their bosses are just plain cool-looking. They've got that whole steampunk thing goin' on, and when I'm fighting them I really feel like I'm watching a hero battling against a villain.

5. Carnival of Shadows - Another group that looks and feels dastardly, and straight out of a comic book.

6. The Lost - Above any other group, these guys really make me feel like the human race is being threatened. They don't just kidnap people, they brainwash and mutate them into hideous soldiers for an army they plan to use against us!



5th Column - Classic comic/film villains. They have numerous bodies to throw at you as you heroically shrug off their small arms fire and punch them in their Nazi faces. They don't even need much of a story -- they're Nazis and want to do bad Nazi stuff and you should punch them in the face for it.

Malta - These guys are just cool to me. The idea of wealthy "mundane" powers feeling threatened by superheroes and working to eliminate their threat just makes sense. I can't really get behind all their motives and everything but I can appreciate their place in a superpowered world even as my characters knock their skulls together. Even better, they're really effective at what they're doing.

I also like Carnival, Skyraiders and Nemesis but not enough to type paragraphs for them. Outcasts is kind of a cool concept but they're not really built up and Frostfire is an overplayed chump.



Every enemy group has it's interesting sides. My top-list changes depending on the character I'm playing. Here is what I like at the moment:

1. Cimerorans... Hell are Romans hard to kill... sometimes... whe your're not using a ranged character.
2. Rikti... Because my El/El Brute really likes them for breakfast.
3. Vahzilok... I agree. Hard in that level range, but thy should have a come back in later levels.
4. Firblog! Nobody likes plumpkins?

I don't like to fight Vanguard... they are really REALLY annoying...

Most factions have a very nice well thought through backstory. The only one I don't really like that much is the Family... except for that Johnny Sonata thing...


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Originally Posted by Jet_Boy View Post
Banished Pantheon... with a side order of Nemesis.

BP are so underused.
^ This. I love the BP

Plus I don't think I've ever made a Scrapper who hasn't spent a sizable chunk of his 20s picking on the poor shmucks in DA.



Seers: I have this thing with psychic concepts. Plus I just love their costume design, pure and simple

Tsoo: I always have an interesting time fighting Tsoo in teams. They have such a broad power range that fighting them in large groups often results in full scale elemental madness!! Great fun visually!