YOUR Favorite Brute and Why...?




I played many brutes...there was always 1 I went back to time and again though...

Rage King, my SS/Regen Brute...he was so incredibly fun to play...smash things into a bloody pulp and take a serious beating while doing it. I always played him almost like a scrapper in a lot of ways...trying to find amusing ways to get myself killed! Sometimes I would come out ahead, sometimes I really did die...but it was so incredibly fun to play him that way...

(Nightmares Shadow, my TW/Dark Brute was/is quickly getting to be that type of toon as well...)

What was your favorite brute?

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By far, Brawling Humiliator, 50+1 Pinnacle.

Quick Rehash:

BH is a Brawl/WP/EM. He got to 50 by solo, street sweep only. NO teams. NO missions. Just... go out there and fight the good fight, one punch to the face at a time.

I couldn't believe the game would allow it, much less that I'd get to 50. After getting there, I took off the restrictions. BH has participated in a Master of BAF, Master of Lam, and Master of MLTF. The teams knew this, and still let him in. I've tanked the AVs with BH a few times, and soloed the Level 50+3 EB Chimera without dyin' or inspirations. It was the most epic battle I've ever been in, bar none. And one of the most satisfying. Although the win in PvP that one time... that was pretty dang epic too. That took a jetpack to win with. FUN.

There's more in the boards, just search for BH or Brawling Humiliator and you'll find it.

Love that guy. He's awesome.


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Em/Da Brute for me.

I made him just after the IO system came around and I think most of the reasoning behind the sets was Energy Transfer being insane, and -kb IOs letting me go without accro. He became one of my most fun and most played toons, did pretty much everything with him. Well..everything that we had back then.

This was back when IOs were..not really expensive as such, but more 'rare' because it was all so new and the market wasn't full. Combined with no alternate ways to get stuff (reward merits, alignment merits, converters, etc etc) it took a bit longer to trick him out. That and I was not very rich.

He was so fun though. And VERY survivable. I remember a heap of pug teams as I was heading to 50, and I'd end up the last one alive, with 'tougher' sets like invul and stone face planting. Admittedly..a lot of these cases were vs Psi..but serves the silly right for not being prepared.

A few epic fights stick out in my mind. Me and a friends SS/EA brute versus a Hero class Manti and Posi in the dark watcher's arc. I think he was 52 or 53, and us with no lvl shifts etc. Not to mention how much dark hates energy attacks..

Another was me and a friends fire fire dom verses Setheno. For those who don't know, he is a giaaant snake AV in Grillo's arc. Mind control, psi attacks, toxic, regen powers..nasty stuff. Took us awhile but he finally died.

Funnest moment was Bruting the RSF. Back when we had no namby pamby incarnate powers or shifts, or Hero ATs. Just one brute herding all 8 54 (or it may have been lvl 53, I forget) heroes to teh boot, and game on. Pretty sure it was a perfect MO type run too.

I even Pvp'd with him quite a lot, and I must say, he was damn good. This was almost all zone pvp in RV and all old pre i13 pvp. He really did well..due to ET hitting like a ton of pink bricks and TF just stunning everything for 15 seconds. I teamed a lot with my brute and dom friends, and we were pretty awesome. I just loved having some so called pvp 'leet' person laugh at the silly DA brute, and rush over to attack me, only to get Feared by Cloak of Fear, cop at ET to the face, right before my Dom ally zoomed in and held them, along with a KO blow to finish it off. Was even more fun when they added Webnade to the patron pools.

Worst moments...3 of them.

Fighting the Vanguard for the first time every, and getting utterly destroyed by 3 minions faster than entire mobs of other factions could kill me.

Fighting Romans, again, for the first time. I didn't die as fast..but they tore me up, and their stupid aoe def was making all my toggles miss.

When those utter utter pricks nerfed ET. And my favourite toon went unplayed, before being moved to a dead server to make space.



Volkanik: Stone Melee / Firey Aura +1 Incarnate. He's not just my favourite Brute, he's my favourite character to play and the one I'll miss most should I never be able to play again in 8 weeks time.

Made him in issue 8 / 9 as a villain. When Burn had a fear component and when inventions was in its infancy. Tried 3 times to get him past level 20 (I largely soloed) and each time the painful endurance problems lead me to delete him, but because I just loved the concept so much (kindova cross between The Hulk, The Thing and The Human Torch) I kept having another go. Finally on a double XP weekend I got him to level 30 and played him through to my second ever red side 50.

He tended to be on the squishy side, especially compared with Willpower brutes, but more than made up for it in damage. One of my favourite memories is playing an all villain LGTF with a kinetic corruptor on board. The last room, a combination of FS and a *lot* of mobs meant that fury was always 600% or more. With Seismic Smash I was easily one shotting red con Lieutenants. Despite this, one particular SG "friend" once gave him a sideways jab saying that he was "probably fun as a solo toon".

Over the past 10 issues and my time hopping in and out of the game he's been moved from red side to blue and also been the toon I concentrated on in Incarnate Trials when I came back to the game back in May of this year. He is STILL the most fun character I've ever played simply because of the sensory assault that his combination of powers has. After a bad day at work, playing him is bordering on therapeutic.

I've been spending the past month capturing as much video footage of him as I can. Over the next couple of months I'll be doing the same and have bought a 1TB drive so that I've got somewhere to keep it all!

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It's a toss up between my fire/fire/mu and my ss/sd/em. Unfortunately, I would probably have to say that I love my fire/fire the most. She is hell on earth... Non stop engine of destruction that thrills at every moment and never lets me down.

Tiffany Blaze was my first toon that I think I became addicted to. She was my first foray into IOs, and oddly enough, my first soft capped s/l toon. I had played a few toons before her, but none captivated me the way that she did. She stole my heart, cut it out of my body, and made me watch as she burnt it to a well done crisp and tossed it away. Of all of my toons- not just brutes- I will miss her the most.

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I would have to say my SS/EA brute.. He just goes and goes... pummeling everything in sight..Softcapped nicely.. Having a Footstomp down to a 6-8 second recharge depending on how many mobs are in range is ooooooooooh so lovely...

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Tough question...

I'll go with my first Issue 6 built Brute. The original "Regen" Brute known as DM/FA! It was thought that Siphon Life (at that time unbuffed), Dark Consumption and Consume would lead to non-stop SMASH! Little did I know what mobs waited for me Redside. Longbow, Aracnos, Mu and a host of other ill-tempered mobs not seen in Paragon made the fight to 40 on a pre-IO DM/FA quite a chore. Burn had yet to be buffed, Siphon Life, as I had mentioned earlier was not nearly as damaging and the only way to mitigate KB was to either take Acrobatics (then an end heavy toggle) or Hover to change the KB into "air flip".
I recall actually having taken Touch of Fear to help me survive Boss level mobs (the tohit % is still quite impressive). While other Brutes were getting their SMASH! on, Dark Melee had to settle for getting their "fapping". Dark Melee's sfx was and remains lacking IMHO.

Thankfully, with the addition of IO's to the game and some much needed buffs, DM/FA finally lived up to its billing/hype. My current build has 32.5% defense to S/L and Nrg/N.Nrg, Perma Soul Drain and an attack chain of Smite > Gloom > Siphon Life > MG > Gloom > Siphon Life > Smite for hard targets and for masses of lesser cons, there is glorious BURN... My god, what a power. When they fixed this power, the game took off for ole Organicide. My payrolled expanded exponetionally as did my enjoyment of the game. I'm going to miss the dickens out this toon and the game itself.

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Thematically it felt right.
Visually, with the atomic aura, it looked right.

It was just fun.

City of Heroes was my first MMO, & my favorite computer game.

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Praetorian A'ko - my homage to the Project: A-ko anime series. She evolved so much since I first rolled her that the only resemblance now is her name. She was a 50+3 SS/INV brute, with a T4 Alpha, and was fully IO'd. She was almost unstoppable before pushing Unstoppable. She was often a tanker, able to take a lot of hits, but she really excelled in mob melee.

She was my main and I have consistently role played her in-game and on Formspring for over 2 years. Heck, even players who know me in RL call me Eiko.

I've made a version of her in The Secret World and Champions. But she's not the same character. There was something about CoH that made this version of A'ko really shine. It's something that can't be exported and I'm going to miss it terribly.





D'oh 50+3 Staff/Elec. I have only made 2 brutes, but this one replaced all of my scrappers and most of the tanks. It plays just the way I want to, run in, smash, run to the next.



Malice Johansson

Street Justice/Willpower

I loved the way she played. I felt unbelievably capable. Anyway, here's her bio, cribbed from a story I'd been working on before I put her into CoX:

Malice's career fighting crime began as a drunken bet. She played soccer for the university in Paragon City and was part of an athletically-themed sorority that had crashed a nearby frat party. They determined to out-do the boys, and in the process, the smack-talk started. It escalated and threatened to turn dangerous when Maylis stepped in and beat down the fraternity's loudmouth, a loudmouth that also happened to be super-powered.

She and her sisters gloated, but were told that there was no way Maylis - then known by her alias Malice for her playstyle on the soccer field - could have beaten him when he was sober. She took the bet.

The next day, she realized what she'd done and nearly panicked. Sadly, the bruiser and his friends didn't. They trashed the dormitories in the confrontation, but Maylis beat him. Again. And suddenly she got an incredibly stupid idea: if she could beat a sober super while hung over, maybe she could make a real go of it and put her ethics major to use.

- Ashley
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Ebonbolt, my DM/Elec brute because he was was the toughest, most non-stop character I have put together and it is great fun to shrug off energy attacks and laugh at endurance drain attempts.

I have to say the StJ/Bio I have on Test is pretty nifty too, but unfortunately I will not get a chance to really develop him.

Under construction



My first character and namesake, Sir Hextor. A Electric Melee/Invulnerability 50+3 Brute. Not even fully tiered out, he just is a non stop machine of AoE destruction. Once I respecced out of Mu Mastery and picked up Soul for Gloom and Darkest Night, he became disgustingly capable. Finished IOing him for soft capped defenses and he's a beast. On November 30th, I'll be on him somewhere in the Isles. Of my dozen 50s, he's my main and I couldn't have had a more satisfying way of learning the game.



DM/Fire has been my Fav for a long time. Fiery embrace/Soul drain = Great damage boost, DC/Consume = extreme end recharge, Siphon life/heal flames = extreme healing. Burn/BA augments DM lack of a good fast recharge AE and with Patron/epic AE, you can chain AE's non stop.

With all the bpae you can jack Energy/Neg Def with eradication, Lethal/Smash is EZ to get with kinetic combats and Archetype 5%x2, so cap S/L/En/Neg and 90 percent fire resist you are tough as hell to boot (and most cold attack have a S/L component). What ever damage you do take you have Siphon in your attack chain and Healing flames.

So you have really nice AE & ST damage, very sold solid Def and Resist and Great healing. That is layer survivability at its best. Plus you get the Balrog Shadow and Flame style. Who can ask for more.



That's a tough one for me. I only have 2 brutes that I ever took the journey to 50 with.
The first is Copper Blades a DB/WP/MY that really plays more like a scrapper & the other is Sinister Mallet a SM/WP/MY who plays like a tank. Both are IO'd out but not fully incarnated yet. I think the SM/WP wins though because I its just nice to smash something/someone with a big stone mallet.



Grimred, ElM/SD/Mu. Lighting Rod and Shield Charge is still one of my favorite 1-2 attacks in the game. Ion, Storm Elementals incarnate powers and Mu Mastery fits thematically, Ball Lightning is a useful AoE power. Thunderstike with a Force Feedback proc works out well to get BU/LR/SD recharged at a faster rate. Against All Odds is fantastic, a great addition to Fury. Easy to softcap to all positions and some decent DDR. Several SD powers are useful with the initial, single slot, allowing more slots for attacks.



I might have just missed it, but it looks like no one has stated the obvious yet. I'll say it without shame- My favorite Brute is my SS/Fire.



TW/Bio Brute: Pine Kismet. Cause he was awesome Q_Q.

Your character does not have capped defense. Depending on your AT the cap is between 175% - 225%. Your defense is not teal in the combat window, it can go higher. STOP SAYING IT IS CAPPED! The correct term is Soft Cap.
I enjoy playing in Mids. I specialize in Melee Characters, other AT's usually bore me.



A tie between the Elec/elec brute and the TW/Regen brute.

Why? Because I enjoyed playing them the most. It never seemed like much of a grind on those two.

-Female Player-
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I might have just missed it, but it looks like no one has stated the obvious yet.
Not sure why that would be more or less obvious than anything anyone else has mentioned. If the OP asked for "The Brute with which you are most likely to farm" then I could see why that would be obvious.

Words to the wise aren't necessary- it's the stupid ones that need them.

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To non-farming brutes it is a close tie between my TW/Elec and my Staff/Elec. /Elec is such a wonderful secondary with a grab bag of utility powers that are all useful. Even the Tier-9 has value if you mind the crash. I've solo'd so many AV's with the TW/Elec, an anime-themed gal named Annie Mae. I'd have to pick her as my fave.



bar none my favorite combo of powers, eliminates almost all irritations the game has to offer...except fear, blindness and confusion...which are pretty rare.

My Best version was my last version:
The Super Centurion - basically a Roman themed electrified "Superman"

Endless endurance, immune to endurance sappers, virtually impervious to energy attacks (lots of enemy groups to play god with), strong against Psionic attacks, fast cycling Foot Stomp and KO Blow. Endurance Sapper to tame rowdy crowds. Tough Enough for almost anything and able to dish out quite a lot of damage, burst and sustained.

Laser Beam Eyes (with -Res Proc) and Flight with Afterburner rounded him out perfectly.

Made him when I heard the game was ending, well into incarnate content now, but I shelved him to try one last Brute



Elec/Shield/SoulM brute, Voltez Y, 50+3. I have tried SS/Inv, Staff/WP, Dark/Dark, TW/Bio, SS/Stone, Elec/Stone and Elec/Elec. I have an SS/Shield brute, Lady PMS Avenger, but I don't like the rage crash. For me, the shield brutes hold up well to the punishment of DA. Against Talons of Vengeance and the Banished Pantheon, the shield brutes seem to survive better.
A close runner-up is TW/Bio, Villassom. She is a runner-up, because even with Defensive adaptation, the Talons and Pantheon eventually eat thru her defenses before she can kill them all. Despite this, I recommend brute lovers to hop onto Beta and try out Bio armor.

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Grimred, ElM/SD/Mu. Lighting Rod and Shield Charge is still one of my favorite 1-2 attacks in the game.... Thunderstike with a Force Feedback proc works out well to get BU/LR/SD recharged at a faster rate.
I like BU+LR+SD too. Many dead things.
I have 2 FF procs slotted: Thunderstrike + Thunderclap. I've seen as high as 200+% rech.