Animal-inspired heroes

Ael Rhiana



I've seen some great animalistic heroes around here, ranging from lizard-men and bird-people to chicken and even pig heroes. And of course, wolves and cats.

If you've got an anthropomorphic hero, feel free to show 'em off here.



I have alot of animal themed heroes:
Motorcycle Wolf, Mademoiselle Wasp, Billy Gator, Psycho Penguin, Velvet Tiger and Tigerausorus Rex, and maybe a couple others I don't remember now (too many alts)



On Infinity, we have a full SG with animal-inspired toons. I'll try to grabg some screenies tonight, but in the meantime, here are some names of the heroic beaties:

The Screaming Skunk
The Komodo Kid
Massive Mouse
Smoked Ham



I've only got one anthro-ish character >.> the rest only have ears and/or tail hehe <,<

but here's Blazing Hellcat.

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I dont have screenies at the moment but

I had my lioness jagermadchen ( she is fullydressed so not your normal catgirl ) very proud of her should try and find some screenies later.



Check my sig if you like. All the villains on lib are animals. Guardian and Victory have a few too.

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Here is Tumblebee!

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i got three.

HemilyTiger, a tiger obviously...

The villainous clone of Hemily... Feral Tiger
Feral Tiger

and the Heroic kitten from space, Space Kitten
Space Kitten



I don't care much for anthro characters, so I've only got one:


your = Belonging to you.
you're = Contraction meaning "You are."
Ur = The name of an ancient Mesopotamian city.
ur = This is not a word.



I only have one at the moment as well. It's hard to come up with good looking animorphs.


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Here's a few screenies of many of mine - not sure if it's all of the animal ones, probably not. But here goes:

Dark's Animal Based Characters

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You stole my KittyKittyBangBang!

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Eh, nope. I made Kitty after someone posted a "Help me name my character" thread last year, and that was one name I suggested for their AR blaster. I liked it enough that I have made and deleted a few instances since then to clear space on my main server.

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Here's a character I just created, called El Encierro, which is the Spanish name for the traditional Running of the Bulls. El Encierro used to be a matador in Pamplona, Spain, until fate brought him under the mercy of a demented doctor who performed genetic experiments on him, crossing his DNA with that of a bull.

El Encierro was thusly born.

He currently has a War Mace, but I decided that doen't really make any sense at all, I was simply trying to avoid making another SS/Inv Tank. I think when Issue 11 goes live I'll re-roll him with Dual Blades.




Ulfvarr (he's a werewolf, so he kinda counts)

Valen Greyfox

Wolf of the Sea (another werewolf )

Arjan Mahr'Am

....And all of them are on one server.....


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