How long does it take YOU to get to 50?

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Hiya people, how ya doing? I'm bored, so Imma do something that is not boredifying.

How long does it take you to get to 50? For me, my first i0 started 50 took 3 years. Only problem was, by the time he was level 8, it was i2. (It took THAT long) So I got some Hollows action and got to 10 and- yeah, you know the rest. However, 6 years later, I don't have this problem anymore. Much easier today. So, how long did it take one of your toons to get to 50? Might need to be a little clear on it though, so here is a pretty explanatory way of putting it:

Toon Name.
Yes, No, Or a Little if they were farmed.
When they were made and when they hit 50.
If you could remember, how long it took.

Sorry if there is already a thread on this, Search says no, but I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed either way. Also, let this thread be a lesson to all you complaining how long it takes to get to the big 5-0. Here's mine:

Lunar Tempest
3 Years



Well, I started a character in i0 named "Kinetic Tut" on Pinnacle. In i15, I finished the push to 50 thanks to the AE farms, then promptly deleted the character because I lost all my interest in him. Funny how racing through levels does that to me.

Before he was deleted, however, I rolled a warshade. That warshade hit 50 in a matter of months. Log in, play 'shade, start TFs, have good time, start more TFs... gah he was so much fun. I couldn't stop playing him. I still can't.

To this day I only have three 50s. My tank got 50 in about the same time as the 'shade. My mastermind took two years.

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@#$%ing months, dude. Here.

Nalrok Ath'Zim
August '06
Hit 50 in August '07

September '06
Hit 50 in December '07

Der Wahnsinn
August '06
Hit 50 March '09

Braden Miller
July '08
Hit 50 January '09

Altitis is a progress-crippling condition, as you can see. I have about 27 level 35+ characters.

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My first 50 took around 3 months - from early October of 2005 to late December 2005 or maybe early January 2006. Give or take a week or two either way. That was from playing almost every night (after the first couple of weeks) with a solid team: we called ourselves the Veggie Pals, because of one guy had a humanoid carrot character.

Since then it's been much slower getting a character to 50 - some have taken years to get there - in no small part due to rampant altitis. Frequent stalling points for me are the mid 30s and the low 40s. By the time I get one to 50 I'm pretty much ready to move on to another alt (which is why the Incarnate system isn't making me do the Dance of Joy).



1st 50:
bluecollarman: GRAV/EMP 'TROLLER.
no farmy.
Has celebrant badge, so rolled in May '06?
1001 hrs to fifty.



Hmm, looks like back in those days, 50'ing wasn't just a pain for me. Amazing how today it takes about say, 3 months?



Originally Posted by that 1 guy View Post
Hmm, looks like back in those days, 50'ing wasn't just a pain for me. Amazing how today it takes about say, 3 months?
My first 50 was my Dark Melee/Dark Armor Brute.

This was before the endurance reduction in DA. Before the happy fun changes to Siphon Life and Midnight Grasp. But the hardship was totally worth it.

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1st 50...
David Pryons: Fire/Emp controller
No farming (started EU Launch)
732 hours....

Note: Around this time, i was hearing people say that they could get some scrappers to 50 in around 100 hours play time....



I'm pretty much a one toon player, but thanks to several rerolls over the years, I have made the trip to 50 a few times. It has never taken me more than 3 months to reach lvl 50, and my leveling process mostly consists of street sweeping, with a few missions sprinkled in.



<-- what's my register date? then
Hit 50 in December '09 - about 1.5 years

Justice Fencer
Fall of '09
Hit 50 this past September - about 1 year

Jiao Tianlong
early Spring of '10
Hit 50 this month - approximately 8-9 months and fastest so far

[Edit to Add] On the other hand Golden Avariel was made a few days before Shadowguardinal and only hit 33 a couple of weeks ago. 2.5 years and still counting for that one.



My very first toon was Pink Lioness, born October 2nd '08. She was never powerleveled and made it to 50 mostly soloing. It took about three months to get her there.

My other 50, Youma Sachiko, was made around the time Pink hit 50. It took MUCH longer to get her to 50 , about a year and some change I believe to get Sachiko to the top of the mountain. It took so long because I was suffering from bad alt-oholism (which is now being controlled with the "Play the damn characters you already have!" program)



My first 50 was Carbon Flame, Fire/Eng Blaster. Took about 4 months after the Global Defense Nerf. In those days the Hollows as well as Boomtown were filled with large packs of minion/Lt mixes, and there was no cap of targets. Aim, Build Up, Fire Breath, Fireball, finish whatever was left with Fire Blast. Refill insps if needed, next group. It was faster to street sweep like that than team. The hardest levels for him were 35+ before the Devs smoothed out the XP curve. No Defiance. No debt cap.

I have several 50s now: Blasters, Stalker, Bane, Dom. Never got a Defender above 45 or a Tank over 20. My current project is a Corruptor at 32 after about 2 weeks.

Now though, I'd say it takes about a month or so of no farming, just teaming to hit 50. Depends on the toon, of course, but if you get on teams that do TFs or even Radios efficiently you can zoom up levels. Freedom is filled with good players that don't waste time.

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Last month I got Organica to level 50. Started sometime in May 2004.

I also got Bubble Girl Six to level 50. Started last January or February 2010. I did PL her to 20, I've done that to a lot of toons in the last year or so, then played the rest of the way.

I also got another character to 50 in only a couple of weeks of play. But that did involve some PLing beyond just getting to 20. /shrug. Hunter's Kiss.

I think I might have hit 50 on only one other character all year though. I know I leveled Squiddy Kitty up to 50 in July so that I could claim to have a fully purpled Warshade, but I'm not sure I have any other 50s in 2010. (And Squiddy Kitty is a toon from 2006 or 2007 at the latest.)

I currently have a level 44 dual pistol blaster that I started in October as part of a "static team" that plays 2 hours a night, 3 nights a week. Sable Lance is the name -- no PLing at all, I forget if we even did a sewer run, but we've done story arcs and TFs nearly the full way. That will almost certainly be my next 50.

I do have about 6-8 other toons that are between level 42 and 47.

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Originally Posted by that 1 guy View Post
Hmm, looks like back in those days, 50'ing wasn't just a pain for me. Amazing how today it takes about say, 3 months?
depends on if you alt and how you play. tips and radios are nice, they stay in zone. honestly if you belong to a open minded group, msr's and pick up itfs can get you even high levels fast, if people are willing to bring you along. so yeah, it can go fast,that said, i tend to take a long time to get to 50 because i screw around, play my 50s and alt like a hyperactive loony, so in 6 years i have 3, and they all took a good bit of time. i have a bunch on the cusp, and might get around to finishing them, but with shards now adding to the stuff to do with my characters that i am heavily invested in, who knows?



Silver Sledge
Yes, we farmed everything.
~750 hours (Didn't say I was good at farming. Apparently wasn't doing much else those months either. Although on several occasions we herded the grey con inhabitants of Crey's Folly into a dumpster and torched 'em for laughs.)
First day of I4 to a few weeks before I6

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Here's my list... 13 level fifties out of 113 characters, since Issue 2. I don't really farm... even if I go to a farm mission with some friends I tend to leave after two runs at most because I get bored.

Explomadoza (Empathy/Electrical/Power Defender)
Created July 1, 2005. (Issue 4)
Hit 50 January 2, 2006. (Issue 6)
Six months, two issues.

Patteroast (Claws/Invulnerability/Body Scrapper)
Created November 20, 2004. (Issue 2) [My very first character!]
Hit 50 December 16, 2006. (Issue 8)
Twenty-five months, six issues.

Professor Orange (Mercenaries/Poison/Mace Mastermind)
Created October 14, 2005. (CoV Beta/Issue 6)
Hit 50 March 13, 2007. (Issue 8)
Seventeen months, two issues.

Dr. Fejwol (Stone/Stone/Earth Tanker)
Created February 23, 2005. (Issue 3)
Hit 50 June 7, 2007. (Issue 9)
Twenty-eight and a half months, six issues.

Asoposl (Fire/Radiation/Fire Controller)
Created April 5, 2005. (Issue 3)
Hit 50 February 10, 2008. (Issue 11)
Thirty-four months, eight issues.

Kiviuq (Ice/Ice/Ice Dominator)
Created January 4, 2006. (Issue 6)
Hit 50 March 22, 2008. (Issue 11)
Twenty-six and a half months, five issues.

Particle Accelerator (Energy/Energy/Mace Stalker)
Created November 8, 2005. (Issue 6)
Hit 50 August 4, 2008. (Issue 12)
Thirty-three months, six issues.

Captain Kalamari (Tri-form Warshade)
Created February 19, 2006. (Issue 6)
Hit 50 February 1, 2009. (Issue 13)
Thirty-six and a half months, seven issues.

Crater Jr. (Stone/Willpower/Pyre Brute)
Created May 18, 2007; rerolled January 31, 2008. (Issue 9, 11)
Hit 50 February 13, 2009. (Issue 13)
Twenty-one months, four issues; twelve and a half months, two issues from reroll.

Lord Richter (Earth/Sonic/Stone Controller)
Created January 28, 2007. (Issue 8)
Hit 50 April 22, 2009. (Issue 14)
Twenty-seven months, six issues.

Patticus (Illusion/Trick Arrow/Psionic Controller)
Created December 13, 2005. (Issue 6)
Hit 50 July 30, 2009. (Issue 15)
Forty-three and a half months, nine issues.

Setebos (Spines/Regeneration/Darkness Scrapper)
Created March 1, 2005. (Issue 3)
Hit 50 December 15, 2009. (Issue 16)
Fifty-seven and a half months, thirteen issues.

Operative Greyling (Night Widow)
Created May 21, 2008. (Issue 12)
Hit 50 March 12, 2010. (Issue 16)
Twenty-two and a half months, four issues.

So yeah... my answer? It takes me from six months to nearly five years. So far.

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It took me 50 years to get to MY first 50.



My first 50 took about 6 months and way too many hours, back in I4/I5. Now I tend to get a new level 50 about every three months, after perhaps 200-300 hours of play, although they often tend to clump up - recently went 6 months and then got two in the same weekend. (Starting a wiki page with all my 50s makes it really easy to remember... All I have to do is pull up the history page!)

Edit: On closer inspection, it seems a little more frequent that that. When I created my user page in August 2008, after 38 months of play, I had 5 level 50s. 28 months later, I have 21 level 50s... It's getting easier to crank them out without too much effort.

...I forgot what experience means.



My fastest 50 was my Fire/Emp Controller, ran her with my Fire/Shield who was already 50 for a double xp weekend. Took a total of around 60 hours to get her from 8 to 50 (so technically she took about two years due to having gotten her to 8 and then alting yet again, but really, 72 hours of play about). Some might say that she was PL'd, but I'd say not exactly. Her buffs made it so that my Fire/Shield could survive against the map set for 8 before he was fully IO'd, and her imps aided in killing.

My slowest was my Fire/Kin corruptor. Made her when CoV came out, and then remade her a month later to fix her name. That was November of 05. She hit 50 in June of 08. Not quite a full three years, but close. A few of my others took nearly that long too.

Then I have a few that took between 1 and 3 months. If I get into a character, I can focus on them for a while. Hard to focus again though, none of them have caught my interest recently.

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I'll let you know when I get there.

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My first level 50 took two years.
My second 2.5 years
My third, 3 years.
My fourth 3.5 years.
My fifth, 3.5 years
My sixth, 2.5 years
My seventh, 2 years
My eighth, 9 months,
My ninth, 7 months.

Curse you altitis. I still have characters from when I moved to this account in I6 that are under 30. The Xp smoothing has helped a lot, but there are far to many character vying for my attention...and my main still needs so many badges...