Cameos for You?!




Hey, everybody! I've started working on a little project and thought I'd extend the opportunity for all you lovely art forum people to be in it, just because you guys are so awesome.

I've decided, to get some good comic writing practice in, to make a CoH themed ten-or-so page ashcan! If the project is successful enough, I'll probably do more and maybe, maaaybe, sell some custom ones for commishs.

Anyway! The ashcan I'm doing now will open up with a big superhero/giant monster fight, and what I need is volunteers for cameos! I need characters to draw in as the superheroes fighting the big monster. =D

There are only two I know for sure that I want, which is some kind of sexy female hero and at least one big, tough guy. The rest are open and can be any kind of superhero you want! So, just post any character you would like to make a cameo in the story. This will most likely be first come, first serve, so post soon if you want in. =) If I decide to do more ashcans in the future, I'll probably be open for more cameos.

EDIT: Almost forgot! It would probably be good if you posted what their power capabilities are too! Also, whether they can fly or use super speed or what not.



ooh, great idea Lex. I've done a bit of comic writing too, it's great fun

Could i put forward my latest character, The Sub Zero Man. He's an earth/ice Dom (hero), but earth is coloured as ice so he's an all ice character really. Here's a ref pic, a screenie of his powers and an un-iced pic. Hope you like him and can use him

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Feel free to click my sig and use any you see there. If you like one or two let me know and I can give more info or better screenies! Good luck! Sounds like fun!



Hiya Lexxx! Here is my dual pistols heroine SiLVER KiMBER. She'd love a cameo in your project!


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You can use anyone in my sig if you want... But also feel free to skip them in place of others who have less art already.



Feel free to use Sapphic Neko if you fancy



just a character with some costumes that i think would look good drawn

traps/sonic character, supposed to have a real classy style to the costumes

hard to tell in the screenshots but the first costume has white gloves, while the second is just bare hands



Here's my Elec/Elec Dom, Maid Of Metal! So yeah, lots of electricity flying around her. As for travel powers, she just ninja-runs everywhere, so...

So nice of you to offer up this opportunity.



Pretty cool idea, would love to see one of my alts make an appearance.

Cazcayde - Mental Corrupter that uses her mind like a red dot, linking with another's brain in order to manipulate them. Have a go!



Hi, Miss Lexxx!

If you're looking for a sexy heroine, you need look no farther than ... ME!

That's right! Amerikatt -- the Imp of Impervium, the Felony-Foiling Feline Fury, the Kitty Krusader -- is here to save the day!

I kan haz kameo ... pleez?!

[Amerikatt is a Russian Blue cat -- *not* a cat-girl. Although she can think in English, she cannot speak it.]

[She has most of the non-shapeshifting powers of a Level 50 Peacebringer, but is most proud of her single Heal Other power.]

[If you do use her in your comic, I hope that you'll show her flying around healing people (and will have a green glow around her paws when she's doing a 'Laying of Paws' to heal them).]

[If you have any questions about her costume or abilities, please feel free to PM me. Thanks!]

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I have the references in my sig.
Echo is preferable, but feel free to use both/either!
Epic battles FTW.

EDIT: Echo is a Willpower/Super Strength Tank, Punkicide is an Energy/Shield Brute.

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Feel free to use Mariner. Super strength and a magical trident sure sounds like monster bashing to me!



If there's still room, I'd love for Battleguard to get in the action!

He's a Broadsword/Regen Vigilante, for the record.

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Minaret, Shield/War Mace tank. No special powers such as fly or speed, his superhero-ness derives from a cursed ring that doesn't allow him to permanently die.



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You can use anyone in my sig if you want... But also feel free to skip them in place of others who have less art already.
I'm with him.

But if it strikes your fancy



Cameos! I'd love to see art of my characters.
My two main ones are the following:

Stryke of Lightning, an Electric Melee /Ninjitsu Stalker with Teleportation and Mu Mastery.

Pallid Report, a Duel Pistols /Mental Manipulation Blaster with Superspeed and Ice Mastery. She's also a werewolf...

Also, I apparently have a thing for armored/powersuit girls.



Ok, I'll bite...I'd love to see one or all of these toons make it in.

Oryo Ryou, lvl 50 fire/SR scrapper (can manifest a fire katana, use pyrokinetic blasts, and fly...)

Mellissandria, lvl 35 emp/psi defender (uses a hightech toolkit to heal ic.)

Mystic Paladin, lvl 35 broadsword scrapper

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Can I e-mail you the pic?
I have an unlucky history with image hosting websites :P
Yeah, yeah! Just send it to Stupid e-mail, I know, but I've been using it since like middle school.

Also, holy smokes guys, wasn't expecting this many volunteers so quick! I think that should be good enough for now, at least for this ashcan. But feel free to keep posting some offers, just in case I make any more of these in the future.

So many great designs in these, it will be hard to choose which ones to include in the fight scene! Don't worry, I will try to fit most if not all in there. =D




This is my 'main', archery/energy blaster, no travel power, just jumps around with ninja run, but oh so fun.