Who & what was your 1st character?




Mine was Demoness Phire
lv30+ Fire/Fire Blaster
eventually moved on to a Fire/Ice Tank after she couldnt survive the aggro & drop the mobs after an Aim+Fireball+FireSwordCircle lol

eventually changed global to PHlRE, though those two are the only fire toons i had....



Oh geez, I don't remember. They've been deleted, regardless. I know I was messing around with a million variations on different elemental powered catgirls to no success until I wound up with a Rad/Sonic fender that I still have (and recently hit 50 on).



Cog the Pirate - Broadsword/Super Reflexes

Second edit - No, I haven't deleted'im. Oh, he wasn't my first 50 either. That would be my namesake, which became my global shortly thereafter.

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My 1st character and my favorite is Jake Doom a Thug/poison mm, he's also my 1st 50.

Jake Doom - lvl 50 thug/poison - mastermind
Rock Hitman - lvl 50 stone/super strength - tanker
on Freedom and Protector



grav/storm troller, it sounded cool

long since gone



1st ever character was Jetsinator Fire/Fire Blaster, was my first global too..

1st 50 was Fanged Knight Invuln/Ice Tank, which is my global now.



Airhammer Nrg/Nrg Blaster/

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The very first I ever created was Crimson Dynamo, on my brother's account way back when. Only played him to level 5 though. When I bought my own copy I made Demobot (Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster) pretty early on. He wound up being my first 50.


Also on Steam



My first toon was a kat/sr scrapper named 'Master Assassin1' deleted at like lvl 4 cause I hated the 1 at the end of his name.
My 2nd toon was an energy/energy blaster named 'Power Overload' who became my 4th toon to lvl 50, long since deleted.
My 3rd toon was an emp/dark defender named 'Dryad' who got deleted around lvl 35.
My 4th toon was a ninja/dark MM named 'Dread Shinobi' and first lvl 50, became my namesake.
my 5th toon was a em/elec Brute named pantheon swat, became my 2nd lvl 50, and first pvp toon. Won my first pvp league on this toon with X's ice/storm by beating Neo's mind/ice dom and a fire/em blaster in a 2v2. Regretfully deleted.
my 6th toon was a fire/therm corr named 'Sage Overload' and 3rd 50. Became my main TFing toon and did daily RSFs with Dark Revolution over and over and over Deleted.
my 7th toon was a sonic/kin corr that I can't remember the name on, became my 5th toon to lvl 50. Deleted.

Yes, I actually remember all that from so long ago, and I don't have it written down anywhere. Yes, my toon names were HORRIBLE back then, lol. Oh, and none of them were PL'd back then, well maybe a few farms, and the 46-50 midding, but not really PL'd lol.



First character and first 50: Exodus Force - Fire/Fire tank

He was cut from the roster about a year ago.

Space reserved for a super awesome Signature, someday...



Derrick Hall - fire/em tank - never played him right away... then got him to 50 after a while

Frickin' Nator - emp/psy def - first 50... did a MSTF on invince and got it on first try

Frickin Flamin Nator - fire/em blaster... first IO'd toon

Radinator - rad/rad corrupter... first villian to 50



Placta - elec/elec blaster, also my first 50 and still my main.
Second character was Plactina - nin/ff mastermind, deleted and rerolled as the nin/ta who's my villain main, to the extent such exists.
I created eight more characters that first day, giving me one of each AT. I rerolled a couple, but otherwise still have them all; the heroes are all 50, the villains... well, one is level 14.



1st Character in game.

Flux - Engery blaster on Guardian. Play until level 12. I'm afraid to delete since name is now an NPC.

1st Champion Character

December - Ice Blaster



First character, first 50, favourite character: Banana McJammyPants WP/WM Tank.

Thank you, Champion.



My first character I (tried) to make was a Stone/Stone tank on a different server, but I had a weird screen glitch while trying to play him in the tutorial, and for some reason creating a different character got rid of it, so White Hot Flash (Energy/Elec blaster) was actually my first character that I played, and played almost exclusively to 50 before I made another.

So by chance I ended up playing on Champion instead of whatever server I made the tank the first time. I eventually rerolled him on Champ, but I don't play him much cause A)tanks are the most fun for me, and b) stone/stone is even worse, but I keep him for nostalgia as much as anything.

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Orgo was my first character ever made. The name and idea came as soon as I saw the instruction manual and saw they had radiation powers. This also became my first level 50.

Coolbreese was the first toon made on the account by my youngest brother when I didn't realize that it would be a) the global name and b) he had spelled it wrong. Nostalgia prevents me from changing it.

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My 1st was Lightning Beetle on Infinity, an elec/invuln Brute.

After logging out that day and logging in the next day, I clicked on a random server thinking that they were connected, and was like "WTF?! Where's that guy I made yesterday?", and then I decided to create Gold LightningDragon (elec/elec blaster) on Champion, who eventually became my 1st 50, and name changed to Golden Destroyer. (Run-on sentence! )

Eventually, I wound up back at Infinity and found my character. XD

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My first character was a BS/Regen Scrapper on Champion named SovereignSavior. I chose BS/Regen because I wanted something survivable and contribute enough to a team. For a long time my concept was a support- toon scrapper. Which the medicine Pool had helped me a lot over the years until I finally got the healing badge via arena. Then I took different directions with Sov to keep him a little more streamlined for balancing PVE and PVP. It wasn't until Issue 18 that I finally respec'd and picked up Instant healing and Mog after 6 years.

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First Blue side and 50 -

Assault / Fire Blaster (Fairmaiden) who still exists on Champion but with a different name now.

First Red Side and 50-

Fire/ Dark Brute (Milliondollar Brute) Who is on Virtue

I realized that there is such a thing as endurance after these 2 and really started enjoying the game.

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First was my Gravity/Empathy Controller - Deep Reach - made this as a support character. I thought heals and buffs would be a good thing. Turns out most people play scrappers and tanks so it worked out well.

Second was Felecia Divine. My boyfriend had played a Dark Defender (William Alexander) when i made Deep and it worked really well, seemed very well balanced, so i gave it a try. I joined SF and ended up playing with a fantastic player called Captain Scotland (who still plays) who had an alt called Darklin Wizard which was a Dark Defender, whom i consider my mentor.

Sidenote: OMG! @Coolbreese is Orgo? I so miss playing with you. To bad your in the opposite timezone. I know Orgo and Wiz are in Fighting 838 (a great bunch of guys).

You want to know why SF was so successful, it had a great group of ppl working together - Orgo, Power Mad, Dycedarg, Kiana Marie, Taker, Frostyblue, Doctor Hunter W, Captain Scotland, Girlbot, Katy Kick Sass, Solar Fire Sr., SOLAR, DeeDee, Skye Swift (the person who allowed me to join SF), Sin Screamer, Steam Punch, Frikin NATOR, Inoshita, Toxic Striker, Lord Stryker and so many more!



My first was my Rad/Rad Defender -Gender Poison- I naively thought that I'd be one of the few females playing and wondered if I'd be treated differently for being so. Thanks to the guys in Time Patrol for showing me the ropes and making this game exciting. Would've stopped playing if not for that SG. After the SG faded, I put GP into the Pingus. I should dust her off and play her more.

Global @Gender Poison
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1st was Exxcalibler DB/SR also my 1st 50 and still very acrive with 1161 badges



Ameliarate- Emp/Psi Defender. Changed her name to Amily once she dinged. I didn't like how the proper spelling of Ameliorate looked and the improper spelling nagged at me.