List of Supergroups on Champion




There used to be a list of Supergroups on Champion but I looked for the original thread and couldn't find it in hopes to revive it. At any rate post the name of the supergroup that you are a member of or that you lead, your SG's symbol and the SG colors please.

Thanks in advance!

the Watchguard

Our Code: Valor Honor Justice
Our Symbol: Shield 1
Our Colors: Dark Blue/Greyish silver




Right Boot of Justice - Minister of Whoop-*** (sanitized, for your protection).

Edit: Oh yeah...I guess it'd be nice to list the other stuff...just a few of us in the group...we're kinda rebuilding. Mostly nights and weekends (I have to share the 'puter with Mrs. Viking). Our colors are black and purple, with the wreath for a symbol.



Doggie Style



The Stupendous Steves



Sparkle Motion!

Gamma Man - Leader
Captain Utopia - Captain



Paragon City Police Department

All information is on our website -

(Nice to know there is more than one Donnie Darko fan on here ...Sparkle Motion, heh heh)



=[Omega Flight]=



SG: Fellowship of Paragon

Leader: Moncro

Type of SG: Mature, casual players who are on mostly in the evenings and on weekends.

Number of members: 75 mains in FoP (all actual people, no alts); close to 75 more characters in FoP II (some mains, mostly alts); around 15 alts in FoP III

Note: the SG is waitlisted atm, and we have a sign up sheet on our website.

Colors are black and red with a rising phoenix as an emblem. (Well, I like to think it is a rising phoenix. It could be a duck for all I know).



Champions of Valour

Burning torch as symbol, colours are black and blue.

And kudos to the "Sparkle Motion" guy, from a great film



The Sandmen.
Our colors are Red and Black with an anarchy symbol.
We are sittng with about 13 members at the moment, and are only expanding up to 15. We could use a controller,and a defender.



The Vatican

postion- Pope
group colors- red and white
symbol- chalice

were going for a theme with religious kind of names, just light hearted humor nothing serious.
Now Ill take anyone I think is fun to play with.

Send in game email or tell to Pope Peter XLII.



Brute Force

Small group trying to get our sea legs. Must like BUTTAH! Sense of adventure and sense of humor also a plus. (The name is not an ego stoke by the way it just sounds good).

Colors Black and Blue (of course) with circle of stars emblem.



Paragon Defence Force (or PDF for short, no one wants to make a character called Adobe Acrobat to lead the group though ).

Colors are Blue and Green. I cant remember what the emblem is

Champion Heroes: The Wu Jen Adept(50)/Major Madcap(50)/Panther Ice(43)/Nightshadow Dragon(42)
Champion Villains: Freezing Night(49)/Tactical Widow(44)/Umbral Servant(38)/Mister Mechanical(33)



Paragon Defence Force (or PDF for short, no one wants to make a character called Adobe Acrobat to lead the group though ).

Colors are Blue and Green. I cant remember what the emblem is

[/ QUOTE ]

LOL thats awesome!! id make adobe acrobat! :P



Storm Knights Local 23
Founded by that daring Weird Science hero from the Nile Empire cosm Malcalypse (the Youngest) and local legend Baron Rufus, the Storm Knights (local hero union 23) valiantly defends the Paragon City cosm from all threats; internal, extrernal, and transdimensional.

Players: 15+ (with many many alts)
Theme: Roleplaying Heroics from any reality. Heroes on the team have rifted in, dimensionally traveled, or are local natives to Paragon City.
Requirements for membership: Mature attitude, Role player (or willingness to learn), doesn't use d00dsp34k, likes to team-up with all kinds of heroes.
Colors: Black and Dark Green
Symbol: A series of lances pointed inwards, handles radiating out like wings
Ranks: Storm-Knight, Storm-Caller, Storm-Lord
Typical High Active times: Between 6pm and 1am weeknights, whenever possible on weekends.



Life Force

Officers: Oryan and Ground Force

Membership: 4

Colors: Gold and black

Symbol: Tree

Great idea.




The Elements

Members: 58 (All Main Chars, No Alts)
Activity Level: High (Typical night: 2-3 teams available)

Requirements: Mature attitude, Age 18+.

Level Range: All levels welcome. Currently our group average level is about 28-35, but we have some members that are lower than that. Feature Update #2 will have reverse sidekicking which will help us team with any level.

Symbol: Lightning Bolt

Colors: Blue and White

Leader: Typhoon

We are a very active group (80% of the group is on everyday). We are very selective of new recruits, who are voted on or voted off after a 30 day trial. We only allow one char in the group, but we have 2 alt groups which we play 2 days out of the week. We organize events, contests, Task-Forces regularly and our website is

The Freedom Phalanx (contact Leader: Stateswoman, This is an RP group based on the original Freedom Phalanx) or Twilight Rogues (contact Leader: Nightcast, this is a villain group or dark-themed group)

The Elements (contact Leader: Typhoon or High Council: Arkazeus, Black Witch, Wildbull, Electro Man, Tina, Athene, or Xhyll)

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, visit our website and give us some info in the New Member Application section.



Sparkle Motion!

Gamma Man - Leader
Captain Utopia - Captain

[/ QUOTE ]

^5 brother!



The Freedom Phalanx

Theme: Roleplay of a diverse membership of new heroes that make up a division of the next generation of one of the world's greatest hero organizations, the Freedom Phalanx.
Membership: 40 (moderately active roster with alternates allowed and 20+ active at least a couple of times a week for a full session and/or for planned events)
Requirements: Mature Attitude Required, Roleplaying Encouraged and Preferred
Symbol: White Shield (Shield 2)
Colors: Blue and White

Today the Freedom Phalanx is the worldÂ’s premiere independent hero organization. They are one of the most open organizations in existence, allowing any would-be hero to volunteer for service with the esteemed group...

The Freedom Phalanx continues to rebuild and reform from the devestation of the Rikti War even as its selfless membership attempts to aid and support the rest of the world in doing so as well. Keeping with long time policy, young heroes are invited and welcomed to serve with the esteemed organization and its storied heroes throughout the world where ever there is need. In major cities around the globe, junior divisions of the world famous supergroup have formed to continue training under the supervision of senior members of the fellowship.

One such division has recently formed in Paragon City and is already acting under the supervision of the heroes known as 'the Surviving Eight', such as Positron, the Back Alley Brawler, and Numina. Led by Anna Anderson, a young hero from California also known as the Stateswoman, the burgeoning group has scored some impressive victories against the many villains who would do the great city harm.

Funding for the group's efforts is supplied in large part by the original Danger Girl, Samantha Bassinger (heiress to the Bassinger fortune and trade empire), who has recently retired to focus on the training of her mystically gifted daughter Ariel (who has recently taken on her mother's former mantle and place within the supergroup).

Further guidance and supervision to the young members of the newest division of the world's premiere supergroup is offered by Dr. Gideon McAllister, the now retired powersuit-wearing hero Patriot One (though an android hero of his creation that operates under his former moniker has recently appeared among the young group's ranks). Also acting in leadership roles are the Freedom Avenger, the Federalist, Silverstreak, and Kid America, among others.




very impressive. I also play on Champion, I;ll try to look you up...

Ground Force and Mind Leak...



The Night Watchmen

The Night Watchmen are an ACTIVE, very team orientated Supergroup, that plays mostly in the evenings.

-We are seeking very active members of any skill level and Archetype to join us in our daily fight against the evils of Paragon City.

-Click the link above for more info or email me in game (Kenobi) or for details on how to join.



The Margarita Marauders!

Perhaps you have seen Tonan (Tanker) or myself around.

Dr. Lazarus




Zorz (lvl 36 Controller)
Infernus Hades (lvl 35 Blaster)
Addie (lvl 32 blaster)

We cater to all levels and have many alts as well. I personally have 4 characters:
Infernus Hades 35
Que 27
Michal AuCluin 15
Ant Soldier 6