which 4 teleporter beacons?




I have a small base, and I'm finally expanding out to add teleporters, seeing as how we now have a unified train system, which 4 beacons do you think would be the most useful? My first two thoughts are PI (lack of direct rail system) and Steel Canyon (teleporter exits close to north train), but what others?



Pocket D and RWZ?



I liked to use my first on Hazard zones since they are harder to get to. With the train and Oro you can get to most city zones fairly easily. Which four depends on the level of the toons you play. If high level RWZ, Crey's, Dark Astoria (or Boomtown), Eden. If lower Perez Park, Hollows, Stirga Island, Terra Volta.




Pocket D if you don't have the Pocket D VIP Teleporter.

Then hazard zones
--perez for numina/manti tfs.
--eden for hami raids.
--Creys Folly gets used frequently.

Ouroboros will take you to peregrine faster.



It somewhat depends on (a) other teleporters you may have, and (b) where do you spend a lot of time?

For example, if you have the teleporter from the Good vs. Evil pack that sends you to the Tiki Room in Pocket D, you probably don't need a base teleporter to Pocket D . . . unless you go there a lot. Rikti War Zone is a good choice if you go there often enough, because to get to the main part of the zone, you have to go through several stages (Train to Founders, In Vangard building, to Vangard base, out of base to zone.)

I agree that PI and Steel are good choices. RWZ is good if you go there with any frequency. Talos is good because it is the hub of most things, and the base teleporter lets out near the entrance to Pocket D and a few stores. Brickstown is another good one, since it lets out right outside of Crey's Folly. King's Row lets out right near Pocket D and a train, and there are vendors in the train station to unload your junk recipes and salvage.

I think the most frequently used 'porters in my base are PI and Talos. After those two, I use a number of others with about the same frequency. I probably use the O-portal more often than the base teleporters, though.

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First off remember that I19 brought us the new feature that all trains, ferry's, and helicopters go to every stop. So any zone with a train in it will get you to every other zone with a train.

So first pick a favorite zone with a train. Then for the next three pick zones that don't have quick access via train.



I usually do major Zones such that hold many uses. Atlas for recruitment, Steel for Tailor, Talos for PI ferry, etc.



When my wife and I were building up our SG on Protector and had 2 teleporters we chose:
1) King's Row to be near the Yellow line (this one was frequently switched out)
2) Steel Canyon to be near the Green Line, Tailor, and Boomtown
3) Brickstown to be near Crey's Folley
4) Dark Astoria because it is just so far out of the way

If we didn't have the GvE Pocket D porter we would have done that instead of KR.

Between those, Pocket D and the Ouroboros portal we could get almost anywhere without too much trouble. We also both had permission to change the base so we would frequently change out King's Row to be Faultline, Striga, Talos or wherever we happen to be rampaging at the time.

With the train merger I'd definitely switch out KR to be Perez Park or Striga with the understanding that changing them out on the fly is not that difficult.

And chin up, we now have 7 teleporters going to 13 locations and never have a problem going anywhere we like. If we can do that in a 2-person SG in less than a year of sporadic play anyone can.



Assuming no other teleporters (wentworth's, pocket D, etc.)

Atlas Park. Reasons:
Access to Wentworth's
Location to pay base rent
Access to high level PVP zone
Access to the RWZ

Steel canyon:
"Hub zone"
Access to the Midnighter club
Access to Wentworths
Zone events (Fires)
Access to tailor
Access to the University for some crafting.
Access to mid-level PVP zone

Again, a "hub" zone (generally a lot of activity)
Pocket D access
Vault Reserve access
Dark Astoria access (since it seems it and Crey's get a good bit of traffic)

High level zone of choice -
Either PI (no train directly there) or the RWZ (plenty to do,) I'd imagine.



Note also that you can sell back the Beacons for the same price you paid for them. So in a pinch, you can always swap out different Beacons as you need them.

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Talos is by far my most used beacon. It's convenient to the train, Wentworth's, and the base portal entrance if you happened to misclick Talos on your way out of base.



Depending on if you have Pocket D and Oro connections already or not, the solution would be to fill in places you can't get as quickly. RWZ and PI are always more than one step away even with the train connections, so I'd start there.

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