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I recently purchased a new 3D program which I plan to eventually use for all my rendering. To help me get started using the program, I would like to offer a free commission to two individuals, one from the City of heroes forums and one from DeviatArt who has the free time to waste that they actually read my journal. The commission will be for 1 character (male or female, superhero or otherwise) in a pose of their choice, full body, 3/4, head, whatever.

Here are the rules,

1. To enter simply select a number from 1 to 99 and post it here. You may only enter each drawing once and numbers can only be chosen once in each drawing. That is, no two people can have the same number and no person can have more than one number in a given drawing. You may however enter both the city of heroes and DeviantArt drawing but you will have to go through the tremendous effort and post a number in each drawing. So, for example, you could enter #12 in one drawing and enter #20 in other.

Note-While you can enter both, you can only win once. If that happens, I will take the City of Heroes Forum runner up who has not guessed higher than the winning number.

2. You may not enter for other people. No, my cousin six times removed would like number "x".

3. Number selection will be open till 9/30 or all available numbers are chosen whichever comes first.

4. Once I have gone through and sorted all the valid entries (sorting out those that chose numbers not available, changed their minds, etc), the winning number will be selected as follows:

The winning number will be determined by totalling the numbers from the California Lottery and the person who's number matches the last two digits of the number total will be the winner. For example, if the sum total of the 6 winning numbers is 195, the person who chose 95 will be the winner, if the total was 105, the person who chose 5 would be the winner and so on. The lottery drawing used to determine the winning number will be at my discretion but I will try to make it the next available drawing after I post the valid entries. So assuming, I can post the entires by 10/1, we would use the following Weds drawing. In any case, it will not be a past lottery, but a future lottery.

5. Limitations. While this is a commission of sorts, there are some limitations. First and foremost, I will be limited by my own talents on what I can and can't do so keep that in mind when you make your character decision. I'm always willing to take a bit of license but if doing so takes the image so far away from your character so it's not recognizable, you may want to make another character choice. In short, I make no gaurantee that I can make that awesome looking reflecive armor and flaming sword but I'm willing to give it a shot. Second, nudity is okay and suggestive situations are okay. No full on boom chicka bow wa though. I got no issues with it mind you, but this is something that will go on my DA page so we need to keep it somewhat clean... You know, for the kids. Third, the image may or may not include background. I would prefer to keep an open mind and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for and I will try to create it.

6. Keep in mind, this is a totally self serving act on my part. I need the practice and you will be offering up your characters as subjects. I'll be using a new program which is the point of the whole excersice so I expect a bit of a learning curve. You should be prepared to wait a little bit. In the end, We all win. Except those of course that lost....

Drawing is open to anyone whether I have previously done a work for them or not.

If you are not familiar with my work check out my DA page in my sig.
Well, I think that's it. I don't think I've forgotten anything. So enter. It free, educational and fun for the whole family.




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88 please



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30, why not?







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