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We will hold a RHW badge attempt on Sunday, 25 November, at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern.

This will be the last chance we have for a preplanned run of this. All server players are welcome. I would appreciate it if all participants would please arrive a few minutes early for invites and pre-run instructions.

I am looking for Volunteers for this now, asking that you sign up for a space in the run early if possible. Cross server participants are more than welcome. Extra damage, corruptors, and kinetics will be definitely welcomed. Please keep in mind, that even if you do not care about this badge for yourself, major damage or -resistance abilities are still useful to those who do care about gaining it and a filled team will have a better chance of victory.

The requirements for the badge are as follows:

Defeat Tyrant in the last phase/fight of Magisterium without defeating any of the Lights of the Well.

The lights of the Well can only be defeated by using the temp power: Quills of Jocas. They are one shot by this power, so I must be VERY clear to not use this power in your attack chain.

In order to win this trial, I am seeking several small things from my players. As I am very lenient, do not expect me to enforce all of them, but I do expect you to make an attempt to be ready. Remember, if for some reason, you cannot manage the recommend Incarnate Slots on time, having something is still better than having nothing.


  1. During the trial, play, don't chat. Chatting will get you killed. Chatting will confuse other players and make people less likely to see any instructions I might give.
    Chatting makes my job leading that much harder.
  2. Realizing that the above will likely not be completely respected, I will do my best to also send my instructions to the Request channel.
  3. Be a +3 lvl incarnate
  4. Have a t3 or t4 Core branch Lore pet
  5. Have Ultimate Inspirations ready to use. The more the better.
  6. Be prepared to listen and follow procedures outlined before and during the trial. I will be checking.
  7. Expect the Tyrant fight to take the whole 20 minutes. Do not get nervous and jump the gun.
Highly recommended:
  • Have either Assault or Support Hybrid
  • Assault
  • Tactics
  • Corruptors

If you wish to Volunteer for this trial, now is the time. As said above, I plan to form this run at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central time on Sunday, 25 November, 2012. Remember that space is limited, so it is on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you all for your time,

Feel free to contact myself, @Sayaki, or @Snow Globe if you have questions about your participation next week.

Team 1
  1. @Snow Globe
  2. @Dynamite Monkey
  3. @Janrith
  4. Stupid_Fanboy
  5. @Radiac
  6. @Tidnit
  7. @Fallenz
  8. @B.Samson
Team 2
  1. @Sayaki (-Michael)
  2. @Taryn
  3. @Soliton Wave
  4. Sooner
  5. @StormVyxen
  6. .
Team 3
  1. .
"Maybe" List:
  • @lady Catherine

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I'll be there as usual.

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Lady Catherine will be there. Never done it before though, so.... I guess put me wherever. She just got +3 last week.



Radiac standing by... (it'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home)
(but hopefully with more beggars this time )

As usual, I can bring my +3 Rad/rad def, my +3 Dp/dark corr or my +3 Kin/elec def. The kinetic has no Hybrid (25% on it right now, but then if anyone wants to help do something about that in the meantime, I'll probably be on a lot between now and then....).



I'd like to do some regular Magisterium runs for practice as well... I'll try for a league Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Likely around 6pm Pacific, 8 pm Central, 9 pm Eastern for those nights.

I don't think I'm feeling up to running a trial tonight.

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I will be there for sure on Sunday. I'm hoping to get my Corruptor to +3 before then (just need the rare), otherwise will be on with my brute.



Snow I will try to be around for the Saturday run. Depends on my flight coming back home. If not see you Sunday. I'm out town from Wednesday till Saturday.



In for RHW. One more time.

I won't be able to make any of the practice runs with travel and family time scheduled around Thanksgiving, though.

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Sign me up @Soliton Wave

Least I'm finally making use of server transfers

If you can squeeze in a Keyes Loves a Challenge, that would be great too xxxx

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All added to 'the list' (insert dramatic drumbeats)

Plenty of room for more. just let us know

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I'll transfer over for this, if you still have room.



I'll transfer over as well. - Global is the same as my forum name.

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@lady Catherine here. I'm going to have to miss this unless I get back from my family thing while this is still going on. I'm just sick about it :/



I'll be there to assist as well.


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Updated and inviting now

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Been on my family vacation for the last week and a half, but sign me up for next Sun, Dec 2nd! (j/k )

Great magi runs, Triumph peeps, glad to hear that we were able to finally get onto the board before the game ends. Big thanks to @Sayaki & @SnowGlobe for tirelessly organizing all these attempts for us all these months!

Cyas in game until our "world" ends on Nov. 30th (or early Sat morning for us East Coasters!)


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It has been great fun. Thanks to all the organizers and participants over the last year or so. I will miss this. Take care!



I haven't been able to get on at the appointed time the last couple weeks. I sincerely hope you were able to get the badge this last weekend.




Sorry I haven't made the last few, but thanks to all the organizers for continuing to try until we did get it at least once. We were among the first to bring down Hamidon (the level 50 version), and we were probably the last to get this one, which has a certain symmetry to it.

I've been a tiny bit busy the last several weeks. If anyone wants to see where all my time went, it went that-a-way. Otherwise, Aloha Triumph, my City of Heroes home away from home. Its been fun, and I wouldn't trade Triumph for any other server. We were small, but we had a big reach.


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Originally Posted by TriNitroToluene View Post
I haven't been able to get on at the appointed time the last couple weeks. I sincerely hope you were able to get the badge this last weekend.
Sadly, no.

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