Am I "doing it right?"




I am currently putting together some mid-level, mid-range (i.e., not trash but not expensive) sets for a character in the mid-30s. Using Mid's, of course.

This is...taking a while. Mostly for two reasons:

  • Set IOs in denominations lower than 50 don't seem to be marketed very often. Usually for whole long ranges of levels there won't be any for sale for days or weeks, and then there's one at, say, 27. But I am trying to hit a specific level target for the most bang for my buck at a certain exemplar level -- the IOs will work a little better if they're ALL, say, 30, than if one of them is that 27.
  • I do not habitually pay the "buy it nao" price. Partly it's a point of pride for me to try not to get too manhandled in the market; partly it's fun to get a deal; and partly it's that I often sell off stuff at "must move now" low prices to clear out inventory as I play, and although I do have some money and could pay high prices for low-to-medium end stuff, I just don't think it's a long-term formula for success to buy high and sell low.

And so I wait. It's taken me about a week of serious planning and bid-placing to get almost all of the recipes for three six-slotted powers. I'm still a few IOs short. And soon I will be putting the damned things together, bidding in the middle of the ranges for salvage and/or burning AE tickets. And then, after 2 weeks or so of fiddling, I will have my mid-level IOs in those three powers and can start working toward the rest of the build on this one character.

It feels like it takes a long time.

Is there a better way I should be doing this?

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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
It feels like it takes a long time.

Is there a better way I should be doing this?
That seems generally like what I do, except that I care less about having things at an exact level. A level or two in either direction for 1-3 of the IOs in a set is, to me, decimal dust in terms of performance impact.

I remember when inventions came out and I saw screenies of folks' beta builds that included IOs from 27-50 in one power, and thinking, "Man, they're giving up so much!" Except that, in the end, you're not. I have level 50s that I play regularly who still rock off-level IOs from the low 30s in "mixed bag" kinds of sets.

But, to answer your question - I don't think you're doing anything wrong. With patience, you can get exactly what you want. With a little less patience, you can get close enough that you probably won't be able to tell the difference.

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I usually give myself at least a couple of weeks to lowball mid-level recipe sets. For higher demand stuff, especially if it caps at <50 like Kinetic Combat, I'll wait 4-6 weeks, no worries. I put in the bids on a character I'm not playing much, and go back to check once or twice a week.

One thing I always do is make sure I'm covering as many recipes I need at each level I'm bidding on. So, if I was bidding for Kinetic Combat triples across levels 28-34, and I wanted three sets total, then I'd bid for three recipes at each level. Any excess I get will turn a profit selling the crafted IOs, anyway.

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I slot a lot right around level 30, and your experience seems pretty normal to me. I usually start slotting IOs when the character gets around level 27 or so, and sometimes I am not done until I am up in my upper 30s or 40s. It just takes awhile.

I also do what Grouchy suggested and bid for a bit more than I need across my level range, so I can grab absolutely every recipe I have a shot at. It speeds things up, and if I get a few extra I can turn around and sell them at a profit.



It feels like it takes a long time.
Yep. That's pretty much how it works with mid-level frankenslotting.

Typically, for my toons, I usually start putting in bids for those things when
I turn L15 (using about half of my slots). I'm mostly a solo player so I probably
level my toons slower than most, so that timing typically works well enough.

That said, a couple thoughts I'll add.

While I typically put out bargain low ball bids for those items, I also don't
worry too much about the buy it nao prices for the odd item or two if need be.

This is mostly, because even those prices are usually cheaper than the L50
price, and once bought in the mid levels, you don't have to worry about it
again. Overspending a little bit in this range is nbd comparatively.

The other thing is that my toons typically look for L28 IOs (for exemp to
L25), but I'm ok with an L26 - L30 because the difference is usually only
a few tenths of a percent which makes little noticeable, practical difference
in the context of a fully slotted power.


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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
This is...taking a while. Mostly for two reasons:
  • Set IOs in denominations lower than 50 don't seem to be marketed very often.
  • I do not habitually pay the "buy it nao" price.
These two points explain why mid-level frankenslotting takes so long.

On the supply side, there tend not to be as many recipes/IOs available at mid-levels versus max-levels. This is of course because rolling random ticket rolls/merit rolls/purple rolls gives you a recipe that is the minimum of the recipe level cap and your character level. If you want a lvl 25 Impervium Armor recipe, it needs to come from a lvl 25 character rolling, or from a lvl 25 mob defeat.

Also, there are few if any outstanding bids for mid-level recipes/IOs, so potential sellers are put off by the amount of time it would take to sell their goods (no real SELL IT NAO opportunities).

And then when you only get bargain shoppers looking to lowball any offers, it is really no surprise that the supply side dries up. the way I see it, lower supply means I should ask for HIGHER prices on the ones I sell. It's not a store -- for someone to be willing to post something for sale, it needs to be worth his or her time.

I have a bunch of characters parked at various levels (mostly multiples of 5) that do nothing but supply mid-level IOs (mostly through bronze ticket rolls and alignment merit rolls) to the marketplace. But I charge out the nose for them. I don't make a ton of sales, and my profit margin would be much higher if I were working max levels instead, but I figure I'm helping out frankenslotters. I'm just not going to do it on the cheap.

If I were you, don't worry so much about the specific levels of the sets you want. Fill them where you can, but put in bids for the levels you want which will probably fill eventually. I tend to put in bids for things like sets of lvl 37 Positron's blast in sets of 3-5 and log in 3 months later to see my bids filled.

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Two points:

The first point is that "not expensive" means entirely different things to different people. I'm a flagship example of expanding standard of living. I used to be economical and proud in my frankenslotting- I'd slot an entire character for 15 million, way more effective than they used to be. Now I just shovel money at the perceived problems. When you can buy Pangaen Soils at 1.2 million each and sell them at 3 million each*, it seems silly to worry about five million. When you can do 11 missions and get a Kinetic Combat recipe that sells for 150 million, it seems silly to worry about a hundred million.

The second point is that people have to actually put in effort to create the things you want. I made a couple hundred level-locked Pool C recipes. It is a lot of work. I went for the levels that seemed to sell well and even then, I could have made a lot more with max levels, with straight buys, with nearly anything else.

OK, I can't shut up, there's a third point. If you play hard, you end up at 50 very fast. If you don't play hard, you don't generate a lot of stuff. The market's been very hollow for a very long time. There was a moment of joy at Halloween when everyone got a Pool C, no matter what level, but it went away pretty fast.

* this worked yesterday. No guarantees today.

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It took me two weeks in order to get all L30 enhancements for my Dark/Shield and Archery/Energy characters for each one lol.

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With the advent of gleemail I use 4 characters to place all the long term bids Im comfortable with and canvas two or three levels in the process. Ill let that sit a week and log back on. What hasnt hit in a week Ill see if there are any "buy now" options and buy that way. I have no problems buying something with A-Merits to get the exact level I want if neccessary if none seem to be available

I also print out the recipe finder page from Mids (sans the components.) and annotate which character is making the purchase. I start with the recipes going into earlier powers minus the purples and pvp ios I have scheduled to buy. That was I dont have to store those I can email them off and slot them in my new character as he levels

In other words....yup




I spent the last 2 years lowball bidding on and accumulating the recipes of the mid-30s stuff that I've finally crafted over the past couple of months for the new characters that I might make next year to use.

In the meantime, for active characters, I usually expect to spend a month to get what they need via 3-6 retired characters bidding over bracketed levels.

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Pretty much.

I have a solo base with 9 IO tables mostly filled with level 30-33 IOs. I hoard them, and I typically have lowball bids out on level 30-33 Oblits, Kinetic Combats, etc. Whatever seems hard to come by.

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