Vet Reward Idea




For one of the upcoming vet rewards, give us a special contact who (like the Message Man in Praetoria) doesn't actually exist in the game world, but we have their phone number and can call them. This contact wouldn't give missions, but would instead allow you to adjust your Notoriety without having to go to a 4XP or SRSLY rep in person.




Not overpowered, nice QoL item that isn't a 'must have' for gameplay... I like it. Very good idea for a vet reward.


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Honestly I'd like something like this for everyone, not just a vet reward but I'd settle for that I suppose



I think this is a very good idea.



You've got my attention...

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NOT vet reward please.

Just give it to everybody.

A game is not supposed to be some kind of... place where people enjoy themselves!



Awesome idea!

I'd also like to phone my landlord with rent payments.

total kick to the gut

This is like having Ra's Al Ghul show up at your birthday party.