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Hello all,

I'm looking for some good duo suggestions, either side. To put this into context, I'm a vet player returning from a 6 month hiatus and I've convinced a friend to try out the game. I know the ins and outs of most of the stuff that's going on, but he's a brand new-wet behind the ears CoH player.

What I'm looking for would be some good suggestions for duos when we play together. I've played just about everything in both PvE and PvP and have most of the following at level 50: Blaster, Controller, Defender, Scrapper, PB (to a lesser extent), Dominator, Brute, VEAT.

I know that what I wind up picking is going to be based on his choice, but I was wondering what people thought would be effective and fun at the same time, so that he wants to continue playing and I don't get bored because I've played it before.

Any suggestions would be welcome, and reasons why a certain duo would work well together would be a bonus. Thanks!


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emp and any damage toon at low levels....once speed boost is available then a kin and any damage toon..

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Fire/SD or Elec/SD Scrapper with an Emp/Sonic Defender.

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2 Fire/Rad Corruptor(s) and/or Controller(s)



A dedicated pair of Empathy or Cold Defenders are just disgustingly overpowered, in part because they can boost each other's endurance to the point that one or the other can nuke (as in actual full crash nuke) every spawn. /Ice, in particular, becomes ridiculous, because its nuke hits for Blaster level damage.

Adrenalin Boost from the Empathy set is: +100% Recharge(!!!), +800% Recovery, +500% Regen. And with two of you casting it on each other, it should be easy to perma with Hasten and some IOs. And that's just one power.



Pretty much any combination of Defenders. Though if I were to get more specific, I'd say two Emp/Sonics/Darks.



Thanks for the suggestions, I'll make sure to keep them in mind.

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So if your friend is new, he might want to be the scrapper, and you play the kin/? defender or ?/kin controller.

Another good duo IMHO, have your new player friend play a Forcefield defender. It's a light intensity buff set, with some good chances to blast. Sonic is my favorite pairing with FF. You could then play a dedicated damage dealer. Blasters and kheldians love their bubblers. If you went peacebringer, that has a heal in the set for your bubbler. But, heck you could always take medicine since the new pool opened with inherent stamina.

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Dark/dark scrapper/tank and dark/dark defender
Sooo much synergy with this pair and its themed!

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My favorite combo is Faceplant/DebtCap with the TeamWipe Ancillary

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Yeah, I like Blasters too.



I must say I am very happy to see more than one reccamendation (sorta) of emp/sonic fenders. Dark by far the best choice of APP for that combo too, as perma soul drain is amazing, and the two stun auras rock.

That being said, the 2 fire/rads would work as well, but get to the "above average performance" level a lot later than the defenders would, and don't get to be quite as strong.

Depending on just how new your friend is, you might want to try 2 arachnos soldiers, because stacked leadership from them is beastly, and with some decent sets on 2 crabs, you can have 12 perma pets out, with all of them getting the leadership buffs.

Note: I gave multiple suggestions because you said it depends on what your friend found most interesting. My honest opinion is that the emp/sonic/dark fenders will be the best bet hands down, regardless of how good the others may be.