New Artist on zeh block!




Hey everyone! I have been on the boards for a long time (Obviously), and have been drawing for a long time, but recently I have been hitting a road block in character ideas and such. So I come to yall to ask if you want a new sketch of your character so I can get some more practice in using references?!

If so, just do me this-

Post your character images in your favorite costume, with multiple angles shown.

Post your characters bio so I can get the feel for how he/she/it would look during some fights or just chillin' around town.

Thanx! I look forward to doing some work for yall! =D




I will post here just as soon as I can. Consider this a space saver for your generous offer!

Thank you very muchly!



Hiya! Hope you get around this road block quickly!
but in the meantime, here is my favorite demon girl!
Jala - She's a fiesty demon that likes to have fun. A hero to many but she likes to cause a bit of trouble when he feels the need for it. A Claw/Invulnerable scrapper, she doesnt hesitate to throw herself in a fight.
Other angles:
Angle 1
Angle 2
Angle 3



Heres the basic beginning of my character, Ulfvarr's bio.

He is a Norse-man who was born in the mid 800's. He had been to wed the love of his life within the next week, and their child was to be born within the next few months.

Well, two days before the wedding ceremony was to take place, the village was attacked while Ulfvarr was out hunting elk for the feast. When he returned, he found the village almost completely destroyed, many houses smashed and the great Feast Hall in flames.

And all around the ruined building were massive boot prints, the imprints of boots much too large for any normal man to wear. They were the markings of Giants, the Jotun nomads who dwelled in ice caves far to the north, in the winter-like wasteland of Útgarðar.

Ulfvarr set it upon himself to avenge his fallen family and friends, and fight back against the creatures that had killed them.

So he set off to the north to face the Giants, and earn his passage into Valhalla.

I'd rather not post much more (as I'm planning to post a story about Ulfvarr's bio eventually ) But if more is needed, I'll post it.

Edit: Screenies here!

Ulfvarr front

Ulfvarr side

Ulfvarr back

Ulfvarr battle ready!

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Wheee! Arts! Here is my main and favourite character Tundara! She is an Ice/Ice/Arctic tanker who is a rather reluctant hero. She fights because she is forced to by the dark and nefarious forces that seek to use her powers for their own not nice things. >_>

Tundara is the host to the energies of Frost, one of the Lay Lines that is wrapped around the world. During the fall of rome Legate Marcus Terincus abandoned his roman duty and instead sided with a druid circle. To protect his new people from attack by scorcerers from the East Marcus used the lay lines and bound a portion of their essence into eight Gems. He who held a gem would in turn receive the powers of the Lay Line until their death. However the Lay Stones were lost during the dark ages of man and were discounted to be no more then a fanciful myth.

Tundara and her sister Burning Lupus are the first to wield the powers of a Lay Stone in over 15 centuries. Neither sister wanted the power or were even aware of what they had found when they dug a small worn box out of the garden of their private school, an ancient converted monastery. Both sisters rejected the powers at first, frightened by what they suddenly were cappable of and the scorn and suspection of their hard and cold father. Lupus in a fit after being rejected by a suitor burnt part of the families ancestral home down and in a panic fled with Tundara south to the United States where for a time they hid.

It came to an end though when Crey Agents uncovered the sisters and their potential. Under the guise of Project Solstice Crey agents were sent to capture the sisters so that the nature of their powers could be studied, and perhaps replicated. In a terrible explosion out side the sisters appartment it seemed that Lupus was killed, though in reality she was captured and spirited deep into a Crey Lab. Tundara escaped with the help of a local Hero, but her recovery was long and slow plagued by the guilt and misery of her sisters supposed death.

Eventually Tundara learned that her sister had survived while fighting Crey, but had been curropted by a powerful demon. Tundara fights not because she wants too or believes that it is her duty because she has been gifted with her powers, but rather, she fights out of neccesity. Tundara has to fight Crey and the other evils of the world to save her sister.

That is Tundara's Biography in a nutshell, edited to fit into CoX's world.




I would love to see your take on my main Kilotonnage the iron-jawed Troll.




There are 2 versions of Kilo, the first is a Stone Melee/Stone Armor Brute

Bio: Kilotonnage was once a Paragon City Troll, one of their junior members, an Ogre to be exact. He recieved his rather unorthodox name from his Troll brethren for two reasons, one was they joked that he must have taken a Kilo of Superadine to get so strong so fast. And two, the fact that his stone hammers and mallets hit with the kilotonnage of a small nuke. They were right about his taking an overdose of Superadine. It happened when he was a new member attempting to gain acceptance into the tribe. He underwent the “Test of Tolerance” where he was given an enormous dose of Superadine, and had to simply remain conscious. It didn't matter to the Trolls if he acted improperly or lost his sense of judgment – in fact, such wild activity was encouraged – as long as he remained awake. It was his drug induced madness that made him think he could take on Atta, leader of the Trolls for his rank. The fight was brutal but over quickly and Kilotonnage was easily defeated. Atta being in a rare merciful mood, tore off Kilo's lower jaw and left him for dead in the Hollows. When the Paragon City Police found Kilo he was near death. They rushed him to the hospital where he was fitted with a prosthetic jaw. When he was well enough he was sent to the Zigguat and remained their till the fateful night Arachnos troops broke everyone out. Finding himself free from the Zig, Kilo fled to Skyway City where he tried to return to the Trolls. They laughed at him and called him "Junkjaw" and cast him out of the gang. Kilotonnage, having no where else to go, wandered till he ended up in the Rogue Isles. He has been there ever since His goal is simple: to create mayhem, and to further his personal power in an attempt to redeem himself. If he is sucessful then maybe the Trolls will except him back into their ranks.

The second is a Stone Armor/Super Strength Tanker, While the two share the same name and appearence, the Heroic Kilotonnage is actually an elaborate simulacrum given life and sentience by the Hero Imagesbyalex.

Bio: One day while watching the news, Alex got his first glimpse of the Villainous Kilotonnage. The reporter was covering a Brickstown bank robbery and the carnage and mayhem that the rogue Troll had caused. Fascinated by the sheer power of the Villain made Alex think, “What if a Villain like Kilotonnage was on the side of good instead of evil?” This thought became an obsession. Knowing his ability to make his drawings come to life wasn’t enough. He knew that his creations stopped existing as soon as he stopped concentrating on them. He wanted more for this drawing; he wanted it to exist beyond his concentration, to be a free-willed creation on the side of good. To make his dream a reality Alex devised a complex plan based around the ink he would use for the drawing. He was able to secure three pieces of scientific salvage crucial to the formula he was creating. The first was a Bio Sample dropped by Trolls. This odd tissue sample had been mutated beyond recognition and was quite useful for Alex’s plan. The second was Superadine Extract, the critical component of Superadine the drug that mutates the Trolls. The third and last item was Stable Protonium, a rare element that radiates great power but is safe. Combining the salvage and mixing it to make his special ink he proceeded to draw an image of Kilotonnage doing heroic things. The image, just like all the rest Alex created, came to life. Unlike his usual illusions, this one was a solid sentient creation capable of free thought, will and existence. On that day the heroic Kilotonnage joined the ranks of the costumed crime fighters of Paragon City. He was a new force on the side of good, battling evil exactly as he was created to do.



What an opportunity!

Boy, this is a hard decision... Tell you what. See if any of the characters on my DeviantArt page (link in my sig) inspire you, and if you have questions then, I'll be happy to answer them.



I'd love a drawing of my character if you don't already have enough CoH/V characters.

My character is FallenDarkness. He's a Dark/Dark Corrupter His source of his magic is through his jewel in his belt.


Back Side

Front Side


Not much is known about this teenager who goes by the name FallenDarkness(or Teenage Assassin for a while.) We do know by some talk on the street, he used to train with a mentor for Karate and Self-Defense for the streets. The First time this subject was seen he was wearing baggy clothes and carried a gun in his left pocket, which he used to shoot down civilians and cops at an attempt bank robbery in Mercy Island.

Not much is known after that about his jail time or how he got out. But, he was then later seen about a month later shooting down or trying to take down Circle of Thorns. Some say he was trying to learn about a book that his mentor told him about. It is said that the book he was trying to learn about, held spells and sorcery that if used right, could give him unlimited power, and powers of Negative Energy and the undead.

^ Taken from my CoV herocorps profile in my signature




Oh, cool...if you're offering, I can't resist and must make a request.

How about Aldrazar?

There are three looks there, one good, one evil, and one either or, as well as a bio for each side.

I finally got it done. Here are some of my characters.

My Deviant art page.



You can take a look at any of my characters.

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Here's my submission: Torch Juggler!!

She's a Praetorian Carnival of Light refugee, an acrobat and pyro artist/fire-eater. She's Natural origin, which means all her fire effects are through use of 'props':
[*] Thrown torches for the Flares and Fire Blast[*] Exhaled Everclear for the Flame Breath[*] Ring of Fire, Fireball are thrown firebomb effects[*] Fire Sword is a mini-flamethrower secreted in her sleeve. Her hands are covered in flame-retardant cloth that's been colored to match her skintone and/or her costume.

Costume One: Sidekick

Costume Two: Main Event

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The Frosty Femme Gallery! Also available in my signature block!
This is her favorite costume.

Code Name: Frosty Femme
Name: Kathy Ray
Classification: Blaster
Primary Powers: Ice Blasts
Secondary Powers: Ice Control
Known Additional Powers: Flight, Regeneration, Increased Stamina
Known Relations: Flaming Femme (Sister)
Known Foes: Black Jacket

Kathy and Karin Ray were born two sides of a mutant coin. One controlling Ice and the other Fire. As late teens they worked together as crimefighters, eventually moving to Paragon City and calling themselves The Frigid Flames. Then the Rikti invaded. During the many battles to follow, the sisters were seperated. Kathy awoke in the Emergency Room of the Galaxy City hospital with no word about her sister. She has been focused entirely on locating Karin or, at the very least, locating her body.

your = Belonging to you.
you're = Contraction meaning "You are."
Ur = The name of an ancient Mesopotamian city.
ur = This is not a word.



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lol, like ravages people post their characters whenever someone's doing character drawing requests XD

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Ok... I have been trying to figure out a good way to arange all the characters on the image... went through about 9 different ideas and finally chose one! It will be a while still until it is finished... I have to make it look good =D




Hey Apple, do you have your stuff up somewhere? I'd love to have a look



Apple, can I second what the nice goat said? I'd love to see some of your stuff.

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You can give my main toon a whirl.

My lv 50 Rad/Kin Corruptor Kahlan D'Rane.

Her background and all that is in the Artist comments box. Enjoy

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