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Hey Everyone,

I have started to pull together and compile some of our community and outside resources to help make our community events and organizing more available.

Please see this list for the first step so far in pulling together a resource index.

DJ's and Radio Stations.

The reason for this listing is many people are often looking for better ways to promote their events, one of the common things for them to do is create an HTML flier which they email to us and we post on the forum. Many people interested in doing this often do not have the skills to make this happen, so we wanted to find those of you that are willing to promote your work, better your skills, or make some influence on the side.

Please post to this thread or PM, or email with a brief outline of your services, contact information, websites or other necessary tidbits.

Also we are looking for any outside websites that are art based but also tied to support or promotion of City of Heroes & City of Villains.

If you have any questions respond to this thread or contact me.


Ex Libris



Eep! Placed in correct Thread. Thanks for pointing that out Jack.



Suburb, I think Ex is asking for artist information here. Her DJ and Radio station thread is under Player Events.



Back in March I started up the City of Artists community over on deviantart. We've got a couple hundred members now, with new folks joining almost every day. We have contests, art jams, and a good time. There's also a page with links to some of the folks who are accepting commissions, and our favorites section is a great look at the work of many of the excellent CoX artists who post on dA.



Cool idea, Ex! Thanks for putting this together.

Let's see. Using the DJ/Radio list as a template...

TheDart (Global: @TheDart Email:
Website: On DeviantArt or my homepage.
YIM: emptysketchbook
Services: I'm available for character drawings and portraits on a commissioned basis. My skills with making fliers are a little lacking - but the only way to improve on it is to do it. If you want to be a guinea pig, I'd be delighted to work something out with you.

If you need anything else, hollar!



Swanky. I'll throw in.

Su_Lin Global: @Su-Lin
Website: My portolio website.
Services: I do character illustration, and I'm trained in professional design through my degree, so I can do flyer designs, etcetera.
Notes: I do this sort of thing professionally, as well, so my availability for non-paying/influence-paid work is subject to how much is already in my queue. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it has to work.



Posting for a user who emailed the information to us.

Frank King

Follow this link to my art
Here is my
DeviantArt Page site
My gallery on that site

And a couple pieces

I am always accepting commissions.

Frank King

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Looking for artists hm? Well I'm making myself available for commish work and such. <--DA gallery <--FA gallery (adult) <--Email
Mastahsplintah <--AIM
@Froderick <-- Global
Believe me, its well worth visiting. I do commish on the line of pencils, inks, full color and digital/traditional portrait. Prices scale on complexity and time consumed. Don't be afraid to drop on by and bug, I like making new friends.

Example! :
That there is what you could consider a pencil commish if I hadn't done it for my own fun. Would be around 25 dollars. I ask for payment ahead of time, and don't do things for free.



I have a question, and I figured since this thread is stickied and labeled "Artists and Resources" it would be a good place to ask.

I see that all the artist have their own preference for the programs that they use: PhotoShop Pro, Illustrator, GIMP, ZBrush, etc.

Q: Why do you prefer a particular program and/or version? ( I know my sister prefers PSP 7.something over 10.)

My big question is: Where are some good resources for using these programs? Is there a particularly good resource for working/learning said program? Is "Graphics Program X for Dummies" really a good book for beginning?

Perhaps all you graphics guru's can help some of us beginners out and point us in the right direction.



If you are looking for an artist, the best place to start is here:

The Network - Thanks goes to Thors_Assassin for setting this up.

As a start for resources, I've been scouring the art forums and came across a couple of guides and tutorials.


Juggertha's Art Guide on Creating an Image - PhotoShop
As Juggertha told me, it's a few years old, but I found it interesting in that he goes through the stages of creating an image.

Amanda's Lineart Tutorial - PhotoShop 7

Amanda's Cell Shading Tutorial - PhotoShop 7
(For whatever reason the images are squished, but expands out when you click on it.)

Coloring Line Art Tutorial by John Becaro

Coloring Tutorial by SplashColors - An amusing and quite hilarious take on coloring a pencil sketch.



My girlfriend is looking for commission work.

Style: Anime/Manga
Medium: copic marker/pencil/watercolor
Portfolio and Price list

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