Your other superpowers?




I meant to post this question a while ago-- and I'm not sure I didn't, but can't find it if I did.

What is there about your character that sets him apart from ordinary men ASIDE from the game-powers as they are, strictly described, in the game manual? IOW:

1) How do you *really* explain what each of your character's powers, or whole power sets, do, if it's at all at variance with the simplest understanding to be taken from the book?

2) What powers does your character have that just aren't directly found on a toggle, click or auto, in the game at all?

For example. My natural MC/Empath has hasten in the form of highly disciplined breathing and mental state, for being extremely efficient. His primary set is entirely oriented to psychoanalyzing and talking people into or out of things. Some elements of his secondary are words of encouragement, tactical advice, and breathing technique he teaches teammates on the fly.

For that matter, my magic Ice/Energy blaster's powers are supposed to be jets of water, and in addition, I'm sure he has an empathic communion with all forms of sea life ^_^

And my magic Inv/SS tank has the power to "read" what lies beneath the ground in various places by setting out roots, to split stones with ease, and to heal unusually rapidly in sunlight. Oh-- and he's also somewhat larger than babbage. Don't tell his animation or mission doors.

I imagine there are some folks out there, for example, who are unaging.

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Electric Blue got doused with biomutagenic chemicals illegally stored by Crey just shortly before an Outcast Shocker pasted her with a lightning bolt. The end result is that her mitochondria became supercharged & self-regenerating. This allows her access to similar powers utilized by those same Shockers. She has mastered the use of self-generated static repulsion to hover about, and is trying to figure out a way to increase the amperage in such a way that would allow her to *really* fly, and not just create a massive localized spark. She also can change the channel on her television (as well as turn it on or off) from across the room; additionally, she has discovered a tendency to destroy a random electrical appliance in her apartment whenever she has a really violent sneeze. Her power grows daily, but her metaphysician remains assured that her cellular walls (to say nothing of her other organelles) will keep pace, so she needn't worry about her own internal current consuming her.

The one thing her metaphysician hasn't mentioned to her is the possibility--a remote one, granted--that the increased voltage on her cerebrum might change some basic psychological characteristics, i.e., overall emotional stability, clarity of thought, sexual orientation, etc....



We were reading through the Times this afternoon and saw your request for some clarification in the City's Hero's Backgrounds. Since we have a day job, and don't know you from any one of the numerous Crey spies in the media, we have sent this from the local library to avoid exposure. We do feel it important though to let others know that being different from the average population does not make them alone.
Our history began with an abusive home, the standard story for Crey employee's families. Lower paid and always very tense from work, our father was a man prone to physical outbursts. Our births only exacerbated the situation according to the rare times our mother would speak of it. We do remember nights of shouts and crying. Born identical Paternal Twins, supposedly impossible, only made us that much easier a target.
By the age of ten, we could already sense other's thoughts, and never spoke to one another, there was no need. Our parents had trouble telling Cliff from Angela, which would lead to some pranks. By twelve, our father had decided that he would mark one of us to make it easier to tell.
That part of our story will not be told here, but the result is certainly part of your "Other Super-powers" article. We apologize for the lead-in, but that is important to understanding.
We, Angela and Cliff, were two people that during the incident fused into one body. So, if you see Sibling on the street, seeming to carry on a conversation with no one, we are simply conversing. Angela was always empathic, feeling another's pain or joy, and that continues. She could also say the right thing at the right time, voicing another's feelings or reassuring a worried friend. She has the ability to heal wounds and soothe distraught civilians and heroes.
Cliff was always the aggressive one, and has very strong telekinesis, which can enhance his physical strength. He can add incredible power to a punch or kick, and even encase us in an impenetrable field when another tries to touch Angela. He is athletic, to Olympic proportions in running and jumping.
Being two minds in one body has also increased our capacity for honesty about who and what we are. Everyone lives a unique life, and prejudices are not part of ours. We currently are counselors for a "Hero Support Group" catering to heroes with problem pasts or terrible incidents that were caused by, or resulted from, demonstrations of emerging powers.
We hope this can somehow help our fellow heroes, and civilians alike.



My character is a ninja (shoot me now ;P) but I use mostly naruto anime as his background. For anyone who's familiar with naruto, he's very similar to Rock, but not quite the same. I've done some tweaks. He was a science experiment, had his blood replaced with some black ooze, which has now become sentient due to a recent soul bind. His main abilities include his katana (grows out of his hand formed by the black ooze, very very manga-esque) and super-reflexes from all his mad taijutsu training. I'm working on getting elude and haste to emulate that thing rock lee does against the fight with garra (non perma) and then teleport to work with the replacement techniqe. only beef i have is i can't throw shiruken or replicate...then i'd be golden



The first one is rather bizarre - I have a storm/elec defender who cant control the weather - he is strictly a portal creator.

He hails from an alternate dimension where Paragon City has been swallowed up by a great superstorm. His portal powers activated when the storm first struck, pulling him to safety through a glowing door that brought him to this reality. He cannot return to his dimension (why would he - the storm would kill him), but he CAN bring small chunks of the storm in through portals, and use them as weapons. (obviously, he can also use the portals to transport himself across town...teleport)

My second has an additional power - he is an immortal, who lived on the land long before the first buildings of Paragon City were so much as an idea. There are three unusual characteristics of his race - boney claws, fast healing, and a charismatic aura (guess which one cant be made with a power set) that pleases all the senses of most living things. He's very easy to get along with because of this.



Calash is a cyborg...this explains his supirior strength.

When he was built a Rikti Plasma Generator was installed in his system. Over time he learned to generate fire fields for protection as well as use the fire to attack.

During his battles he stumbled upon a small device that used nano-tech to pass various chemicals to a target. While not able to be deadly he was able to alter the device to alter a targets mind, sending them into a blind rage to attack him. Used with his plasma generator he can gather enemies and then set them on fire, quickly arresting many.

Stuff that is not a power:
Calash has a split personality. One part is the computer systems that run his robotic body parts including his targetting aray. The other is what is left of his human side, struggling to exsist in this new forum. The computer side makes him the ideal hero for tasks that will involve computers. The human side liks to hang out and the dance club and try to remember what it was like to be organic.



One of my characters is an ex-demon, and very very old, though now she is mortal and will begin aging normally. She is still in touch with many of her demonic powers though, and some that arent' included in the CoH powersets are her ability to change her appearance to almost any human female. However, it does take concentration and when i have her doing portal missions to other dimensions she always reverts to her "natural" form, which is quite ugly indeed. She says it takes too much concentration to change her appearance when she travels outside her home dimension.

I have another character who gets most of her powers covered nicely by the existing powers, if not the actuall effects. her flight is really from a rocket pack that she built, and her energy blasts are really from dual ray-guns, which she also built. Stuff that's NOT covered are some nice things that her costume provides. For one thing, it's sealed and she can survive in space. The helmet converts cosmic rays into brethable air and also food and water (don't you love comic book science?). She can also see in several wavelengths well beyond human vision thanks to that fancy helmet.

Be nice when they give us jetpacks then she'll look closer to how she should, but until then..that's what our imaginations are for.

I play on Virtue and have all 12 slots full and I'm tired of listing them all here so NYAH!



Mystic Inferno can control flame in various ways. He can also make things fire resistent, though not enough to overcome mutant powers or other spells directly TRYING to burn them.

He can also teleport tiny objects around and move very small things with his mind. One day, he'll likely be able to move large stones around with nothing but his mental strength. Who knows what secrets lie in that book he's been reading.



The Iron Falcon comes from a long line of military men. His father trained him routinely in 3 differnt froms of hand to hand combat before he was old enough to drive.
It was his ambission to follow in his dad's footsteps and join the civilian armed forced, which he did. however three years into his first tour, during a recon mission, his metahuman ability to channel energy through his body manifested. There was an enourmous explosion and his entire unit was wiped out (as well as a signifigant chunk of the enemy)
for six months after he was treated for post traumatic stress and violent siezures.

It was discovered that the seziures were a direct result of his body producing too much energy over time without releasing it.

As you know there are strict laws in place forbidding the inlistment of metahumans in the civilian armed forced so he was not able to return to active duty. He was however brought to the attention of the Stateman who offered to put him in contact with those who could help him come to terms with his new power and even one day rejoin the good fight on another level.

with training he was able to maintain a perpetual "aura" of energy to prevent siezures,although occasion spikes in energy production can result in a sudden and crippling tremor if not released enmass. if not a safe distance from other people Falcon with ride the tremor out as his body converts the energy to the safer kinetic form.

the afore mentioned aura also has the property of dissorienting weak will villians making them more suseptable to interrigation and concentrating the Aura in any given place can remove enough kinetic energy from a fire bullet to render it relatively harmless. it still hurts to get shot but rarely do mear bullet peirce his skin.



Sgt Riley can balance a beer bottle on his nose after drinking the contents of many, many other beer bottles.



Dancing Edge is a mutant. Her Regeneration and her Superspeed abilities are powers that come from her genes. However, those powers have been experimented on, and were almost completely burned out before coming back a little stronger than they originally were... and are still not quite 100% stable (though she doesn't tell ANYONE about this, and you'd have to be around her at one of her 'glitch' moments to tell.).

Her swordskill is simply something she's been training since she was a child, augmented by further military training.

She also has a lot of abilties that are matters of training and knowledge, not power. She was a government agent for some years, and as such has extensive training in stealth, surveillance, espionage, combat forms other than the sword, demolitions (yes, she really *can* disarm all those bombs), security systems, and the like. And she knows things about certain factions that your average hero does not know, due to her government work.



Fist Law has studied all his life to become the ultimate martial artist, a living weapon. When the best teachers in the West could teach him no more, he turned to the Far East. In Japan and China, he found more of what he was seeking, yet something was still missing. Guided by ancient scraps of parchement and vague myths and legends, he travelled to the Himalayas, finally finding a cave where lived a hermit with incredible power. The techniques he taught the man to be named Fist Law would blend magic and martial arts, in ways long forgotten by the rest of the world.

Breath (chi) is everything. It is the source of all power.

Cinnabar Palm (Temp Inv): surrouding yourself with a field of chi so strong it's visible, making him endurant to blows by the heaviest warhammer.

Having total mastery of his own body, Fist Law's blood is super oxigenated, giving him a slight blueish hue to his skin.

The years of demanding physical exercises in harsh weather have made him resistant to heat and cold (Resist Elements)

Deadly Wind: The ultimate martial technique. Having struck his foe before, gives him an intimate knowledge of their body. Extending his chi, he lashes at the retreating foe, already out of range, the blow landing, even at a distance. (explains how I can sometimes land a kick on a runner)

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My Tanker Tanner had his parents murdered by some skulls in a death ritual. This copled with an ancient book telling forgotten training techniques to make you larger and stronger than ever thought possible makes him a very powerful moody and intalectual bounty hunter.



Sgt Riley can balance a beer bottle on his nose after drinking the contents of many, many other beer bottles.

[/ QUOTE ]
Do you realize the potential in that power?!? I've been trying to learn that for years!

My main character's powers (Grav/Rad controller) come from magical control of luck and probability.
Propel is not opening a portal and throwing something for him, it is just "happening" to have a box fall on an enemy, ore a car veer out of control, etc.
His holds are actual stopping the signals from the brain to the body (what are the chances of that happening?).
Buffs (accelerate metabolism) and debuffs (radiation infection, enervating field) are luck or unluck fields.

It was hard to find a pair of power sets that fit the luck/unluck idea well. I started with Grav/Kinetics in beta and it probably would have made more sense but grav/rad works as well.

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