DEVS: Crimson's Malta arc causes client crashes




Short description:

Whenever I click on the Clues menu in the navigation bar, the CoH client immediately freezes up, then eventually crashes to the desktop.


I have contacted official CoH support and am working with them, but I strongly suspect this is related specifically to Crimson's Malta arc, and not a driver issue.


This bug only occurs with one of my characters -- my others can read their clues just fine -- and it only started happening after a recent mission in the level 45+ Malta arc. I did not have this problem at anytime earlier in the arc.

Detailed description:

Whenever my character hits the Clues menu in the navigation bar, the client immediately locks up (i.e. the clues dropdown doesn't occur) and eventually crashes to the desktop.

Now, I've found an interesting way to work around this: If I click on the Mission menu first and change the Mission/Player tab to the Mission/Team tab; I can click on the Clues menu ok.

The Clues dropdown appears properly, and because I had previously selected Mission/Team, the dropdown appears on the Clues/Souvenir tab. Now I can tab over to Clues/Clue without crashing.

At this point, if I click on the Clues menu to close the dropdown, the client will crash again. I cannot click on any of the other menus either, such as Map, Mission, etc. I must switch back to Clues/Souvenir before I can safely close the Clues dropdown or select a different menu on the nav window.


Again, this bug only occurs with one of my characters, and it only started happening recently after a specific Malta mission in the arc. I checked my clues regularly prior to this mission, with no problems at all.

SPOILERS: The last mission I did with this character was the "visit the Wildflower lab" mission. After completing/exiting the mission, Kronos ambushed us and we defeated it.

I've talked to my contact, so that mission has been cleared off, but of course the story arc Clue still remains. (Next mission is to arrest Director 17.) Since this point, whenever I click on the Clues menu -- except as described above in the detailed description -- the CoH client locks up & crashes.

Again, I do not have this problem with any of my other characters, and this never happened before prior to that particular mission.

Thank you.



Thank you for this wonderfully written bug report!

I actually found this yesterday and it has been logged as a bug to be fixed.

I just wanted to say that I truely appreciate how well written and indepth this post was!

Thank you,



Is there a place where the devs would prefer us to write up bugs such as this ? As a forum post would provide for more room to detail a problem, than the small room provided when bugging an ingame problem. Ex: the technical forums or maybe a forum section for players just to file bugs.



Just in case you are still reading this, the arc entitled World Wide Red doesn't give out a souviner. It has the continous clue but at the end of the final mission (very nice map...the way PP would be if I had my way) you get no souviner, xp, or SO.

Would be nice if we got these retro (the souviner at least) since I know you can datamine this like you did with the mission badges.



So that's what was causing those crashes! I knew it had something to do with the 'Clues' tab, but had no way of knowing why. Luckily, I'm done with Crimson now, but at least that little mystery has been solved.

Good post, thanks.



Hm. I have the same bug, but didn't realize it was related to the Crimson arc. Thank you OP, for figuring it out.



Personally i liked the alliteration in the title.

/Crimson causes client crashes.



This happened to me on a Nemisis Story Arc just the way you described it. I had been under the impression that it was clue related untill it happened to me today while standing at the store trying to buy enhancements.

I hope it's fixed soon.



Exact same problem, Carnie story arc. It happened about 3 or 4 times in one night. Put a note in the error box that appeard and /bugged it each time. Hasn't happened since (been a week or two now)




What a great bug report!

"You'll never defeat SetTargetHealth 0. "-Castle
"Oh, and we�ll probably nerf Regen again�just for fun."-BaB
"so we are looking into the possiblity of maybe someday thinking about maybe implementing something similar to this, in the future" -Positron






Vyv did, I believe, leave us. This is just Citric performing thread necromancy.