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Mako skimmed the oceans along the beach. He had become withdrawn, the hunt not as appealing to him anymore. A public appearance became something to be seen like a rare bird in the sky, something to gaze upon in wonder and happiness. The fear of his prey had been taken from him, with this Shark Frenzy rooting itself in the minds of the denizens of the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.

The man who was once Gideon Ray swam far and wide, attacking ships, sticking to the shadows, anything to be seen as a threat. He had re-doubled his efforts once more to cause havoc and destruction, to show the primal bloodlust that had earned him his place in the highest of Echelons of Arachnos.

Every night, his actions of destruction and vile harm were replaced with cutesy clips from websites, even a viral image of him attacking a DJ with a speaker entitled “Captain Mako drops the bass!” was circulating the internet. Shark based cartoons, documentaries, songs, all with that same bubblegum and rainbow image glued right on top of it, and he had been tacked on as the poster boy for all this nonsense.

He looked over at the beach, an entire brigade of Luddites marching, preaching their propaganda against the evils of technology. Mako grinned; they wouldn’t have anything other than the most basic defenses, knives and clubs. It would be a massacre. He felt his heart pump, the adrenaline rush of a real drag out fight, exploding from the water towards them.

They screamed in panic.

Mako laughed and then stopped short. These people were still afraid of him; he could taste it on the air. He ran, claws flexed and ready to strike. He saw them scatter, and went after one of the slower members, grabbing him and laughing.

“You there, you fear me? I thought everyone LIKED sharks, thought us to be bouncing little bunnies on a sea of marshmallows.” He leans in close, snapping his jaws inches from the terrified man’s neck.

“What are you talking about, you’re a SHARK! Why wouldn’t we fear, we know your reputation, we’ve seen the aftermaths of your attacks. You’re a bloodthirsty killer!”

The man quivered and felt the sand hit his feet, being let down. His legs weakened from the experience gave way under him, and he fell on his rump.

Mako loomed over him.

“You remind the others of that.”

3 Hours Later

“I just told you everything I know!” said the Luddite to Barracuda, shaken from his experiences with Mako and now his protégé.

“Let me get this straight, he attacked you, you RAN in fear, he caught you and released you.” She scoffed; this couldn’t possibly be the best lead she had at solving what was causing this Shark Frenzy. The man nodded; explaining the whole sequence of events once more. She dropped him and shook her head.

“Am I free to go? I swear I’ll do anything you want. I’ll stop protesting the PTS, stop fighting you Arachnos and those Destined Ones. Anything you want! Heck I’d even watch television if you told me to, and trust me when I say that there is nothing good among about that, we swear there’s a demon behind that screen, whispering lies.”

Barracuda blinked and dropped the man. “Yes, go.” She said quietly as she looked out over the ocean. She grinned and watched the choppiness of the waves, looking to the Luddite. “I’ll give you a 2 minute head start for your assistance.” He went pale and turned, running along the beach, until his lungs breathed acid from the strain. He just had to jump past what little tide pool and he would be home free.

His last thoughts were that he never expected to feel hands grabbing him from the water.

Barracuda laughed as the Coralax claimed another victim. Now she had all the pieces in place. It all made sense now, but it would take her some time to collect her thoughts and approach the source of all this.


In a back alley, a group of people huddled around the screen, known members of various rivaling gangs stared in slack jawed unison at the screen. Television was on, and it was time for their favorite show. It was ALWAYS time for their favorite show. Lately it seemed their favorite show was about sharks. So many sharks: swimming in the ocean, swimming in their minds. The sharks would gobble up the fish; the sharks would gobble up their attention.

Those gathered there never even noticed when a figure came up from behind them, so engrossed were they in the broadcast featuring Captain Mako.

“We need to talk.” Barracuda said, looking at the image on the screen. “But I can tell you’ve been expecting me.”

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Boy, I sure wonder how this ends...

*kicks himself over a grammar error though, forgive me*

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Did you suddenly swap from past to present tense in the paragraph where Mako first speaks, Fab?

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GG, I would tell you that "I am killing you with my mind", but I couldn't find an emoticon to properly express my sentiment.
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...now you're just teasing... c'mon with it, willyas!

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Another enjoyably chap. Waiting to see the next!

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Loving it it but... "nothing good among about"? What does that even mean?

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Loving it it but... "nothing good among about"? What does that even mean?
You might want to look at the author's post immediately following the big story.

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Boy, I sure wonder how this ends...

*kicks himself over a grammar error though, forgive me*

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You know this storyline is great but I wish the event had been more than killing hordes of mobs.

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This might be a strange request, but is there any possible way we can get these stories told to us ingame? Its awesome and all that, but ide much rather be jumping around and chatting with people from time to time while reading it.

Any chance we will ever see those news stands get a revamp and perhaps use those to bring us this awesome fluff?

Not demanding or anything. just asking.



I think ever since Praetoria was evacuated, Television has been losing ratings share to HD, and this is his strategy to recoup those losses.