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Oh. Umm. I need a sanity check. I guess I'm just an old man. But, it seems that my 17 y/o nephew seems to think that his Apple Ipod and Apple iPad is a PC. When I attempted to correct him



I wouldn't call the iPod a PC, nor the iPad.

A mac, yes.

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The iPad is a Tablet Computer, but not a PC.

The iPod on the other hand is just a portable media player.

PC stands for “personal computer,” but has become interchangeable / synonymous with “Computer that comes with Microsoft Windows.” It just depends on the way you are using the term I guess.



iPod is a music player, iPad is a tablet computer, Mac is a Mac, and anything that looks like a Mac but isn't one is a PC.

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Originally Posted by JohnX View Post
Oh. Umm. I need a sanity check. I guess I'm just an old man. But, it seems that my 17 y/o nephew seems to think that his Apple Ipod and Apple iPad is a PC. When I attempted to correct him
Technically... they are actually PC's.

PC in and of itself simply means personal computer... and both the Ipod and the Ipad are personal computer devices.

Technically... they are not actually PC's.

The term Personal Computer was generally used to refer to those computers that are IBM PC compatible, even though the term had been used nearly a decade earlier with the Xerox PARC. The IBM-PC's were based on the x86 Architecture. Ultimately the largest consumer supporter of x86 processors was the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation used the PC term in their marketing materials, thus creating the PC versus Mac meme that still continues today.

Since the processors used in the Ipod and Ipad systems are based on ARM, the Ipod and Ipad devices are not IBM-PC compatible... and thus they are not PC's.



I agree with je_saist. PC means Personal Computer and since the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone can run user installable applications, they are personal computers in my book. Same goes with Android devices. Heck I considered my Visor (Palm clone) back in the late 90's a computer. It was as powerful as my first 80286 desktop from a decade earlier.

That said there is still a huge difference between those and a proper laptop or desktop.

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Originally Posted by Father Xmas View Post
I agree with je_saist.


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What Father said. Frankly, I find it infinitely simpler and easier to tell my parents that my OG Droid, iPod, and etc. are "small computers that are really good at specific things, like organizing tasks, or playing music."

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At one time, all Personal Computers (PCs) were *desk top* Personal Computers. Thus the confusion that a PC is a desk top computer.

But then came portable PCs and lap top PCs and netbook PCs.

But they're all PCs because they're all computers owned by a particular person.

And the same for hand held devices which are computers with an OS and user defined applications and personally owned.

Thus, I agree with the above. As does Wikipedia.

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