Happy New Year, Guardian!




To all the good folks here in the Guardian server, I want to extend to each and every one of you all the best in 2011. May 2011 bring you good health, happiness and health for yourselves and your family and friends. May you all be blessed.

If you are going out tonight, please be extra careful on the roads. Be safe and enjoy kicking 2010 out to the curb and bringing in 2011 with a bang!!

Happy New Year 2011, Guardian!!

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Happy New Year Guardian!!

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All the best for 2011, guys and gals. May your drops be purple and your cookies fresh.

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Happy New Years All!

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Happy New Year, everyone! I'm looking forward to teaming with you all in 2011!

May your bacon stay crispy as we await the unlocking of more Incarnate Slots!

-- Vivian



HNY dear Guardianites!!

I love you all!!!

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happy new year guardians!

seems like a year has passed since i was last online.

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please excuse the small print. arthritis makes it difficult to use the shift keys.



Gott nytt år!!


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