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Normally, when I design a character, I have a concept for its look, and a backstory to go with it. When I created Grave Hand, my main on Justice, I didn't have a real concept or back story in mind. I wanted something that would suite my personality and be a homage to one of my favorite comic book characters, The Crow.

I created a dm / invuln scrapper. I wanted his origin to be that he had died, and was sent back to be avenge those who had wrongly died. So, I wanted to incorporate more comic book heroes that had died or were spirits of vengeance as part of their origin.

What I came up with was The Crow (of course), Rai, Ghost Rider, Spawn, and The Specter. I ended up throwing in a homage to one of my favorite wresting characters, The Undertaker as well, since he seemed to fit the theme in a way. Each costume slot has a primary homage character, that is then altered using themes from each of the other characters. Most have similar themes that work well with each other. Some do not, the stand outs are Rai, and the Specter. So these two characters' themes tend to be more subtle than others.

So now, I'm wondering if there are other characters that have returning from the dead or are the spirit of vengeance as part of their origin that I could incorporate into the costumes I've created. I've discounted characters such as Dead Man since he technically never returned from the dead. So, if there are any other ideas that you thing might work well with this character, please post away, and thanks!



ummmmmmm, you're talking about comics characters? just about all of them have died and come back......... really, you could choose whoever you wanted and i'd wager money someone would find an obscure issue where they died.

but, in the vein you're looking for, i do believe Tombstone died and came back, that may have been retconned, never really followed him or anything, just remember what i think was his first appearance (well his first stint in someone elses book).

Oh yeah, that was the time that girl got her whatchamacallit stuck in that guys dooblickitz and then what his name did that thing with the lizards and it cleared right up.

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I'm not looking for characters that have died at some point in their story and then come back. I know that would include far too many charactes. I'm specifically looking for characters that have gained their abilities by coming back from the dead as part of their origin story, that or are now considered a vengeance spirit of some sort a la ghost rider or specter.

With regards to Tombsone, he didn't get his powers by returning from the dead as his moniker would imply, but thanks.

Now, I realize that there might not be any other characters that fit the criteria I'm looking for as I've been reading comics for several decades now. But I haven't read every comic, nor have I really read any manga, and I may have very well completely forgotten about a character or two. Which is why I came here and made this thread.



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Vampires sorta fit your criteria. Lots of ways to do a vampire costume in-game.



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That's a perfect example. The female version of the character which fits the vengeance part of the criteria doesn't really add any new elements to the costume that aren't already there, unless I have a female dedicated costume slot. Which could be kind of interesting making Grave Hand more or less sexless being whose nature is to be a spirit of vengeance and therefore assumes the sex of the person that has died...which meshes well with the Crow type character storyline for a background which is going to be part 2 when I'm ready.



Jonah Hex, sorta.

My Inv/DM tanker is based on the vengeful spirit idea, although he didn't so much die and come back, as foolishly ask for 'justice' when confronting his ancestor's spirits. Welcome to an eternity of fun, junior.

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I can't believe that I had completely forgotten about Moon Knight. I had always remembered the werewolf story that was used to explain his origin. He's gone through several changes over the years and its hard for me to recall which were just story adaptions, retcons, or evolutions.

There is certainly some potential for his costume theme to mesh with Specters. That gives me something to think about, I'll probably be in the the costume creator tinkering with things forever now.