Parting gifts (a chance for free art!)




Good new and bad news.

Bad news (well, I wish!): I'm unsubscribing from CoX. I came here for the RP and collective storytelling. After a year and a half of trying in all ways I can think of, I've found none of note. Time to cut my losses and go.

Good news: I'll make three paintings as parting gifts, one to a person. I'll keep checking this thread for a week - in the meantime, post pictures, bios, etc. of the character you'd like painted. Anything that you think might make me as excited about your character as you are. At the end of the week, I'll pick the three that most caught my interest. I'll be sure to stay subscribed until I finish the third painting, if only so I can post links in this forum.

Caveats: My style is NOT comic-booky, and may very well not be your cup of tea. See DA page in sig.

Also, there's my standard 'we are orphans ourselves and know how it feels' clause (kudos if you get the reference): I prefer to create art for people who don't have any art of their characters.

If two characters interest me equally, but one has a gallery full of commissions and gift art and the second has nothing, the painting will go to the latter. (I reserve the right to paint for someone with a gazillion existing paintings if the character really grabs me, though.)

Finally.... why three? Well, it's the fairy tale number, of course.



Pick me! Pick me! Please!


Origin story

I'm sorry to hear you are leaving. I think we have a good RP community in the Whitmoore Apartments thread. Have you tried that? We would be glad to recruit you. First page here. Almost 1000 pages so I don't recommend reading it all. Here is a website with some background info. It has info on other good threads too.

EDIT: All the art in my gallery is the stuff I did. Doesn't count as commissions or gift art!



Awww... Did you try Virtue, I hear they've got a very large and friendly RP commuinity. They even let me blunder amongst them a couple times. I'd love some art of your style. The pieces on your DA page are very nice and have a 'gothic' feel that I like. =^_^=b

My Character is Tundara.

EDIT: I have only one piece of art of my character at the moment. Or would if I'd not been a fool and had it in a folder that got deleted (with no Back Up's to boot. I hang my head in shame.) There is a short story I'd post, but it is 7 pages long... So, I'm not sure if I should post it or not. >.> ... <.<





So the first 3 people to post in the thread get evaluated for worth and have the chance for art? Its an interesting concept. I'll need to get some Reference shots together and copy down the Description of the toon for you to look at. Just give me a day and I should have it all together. >.>

And I have no previous art. Woots.



Sorry to see you go Sciuridae I think the game needs more folks
like you .

that is all




I always love different interperatations of Fallen skye

tush shot

my Wiki is in process if you are interested in more of her origin I have it in various places around my desk ask for it



*sniffle* <;.;> Hate seeing people go. But I know nothing be permanent.

As for my main... hrmm... how do I do this... >.<;; (She has so many costumes!)

I'll go with my favorite. That said, if you're curious about her other costumes (and don't mind digging through stuff >.&gt - My Photobucket

Short Bio

I'll also post the long version below - but I wanted you to have the "quick" version to glance over.

Long Version:

Yumii - *Short Narrative followed by explanation*

Throughout the casting, Yumii found herself floating in a strange twilight realm - it still looked like Perez, but shades of purple and blue intermingled with the green of the foliage, and everything blurred to where a tree and the man next to the tree seemed to be a single twisted entity.

The stars themselves appeared to move, despite it having been broad daylight. Each starpoint grew closer and closer, eventually it became clear exactly what they were. Not stars - spirits. A thousand thousand Oranbegan souls hungry for a new body to inhabit after millenia drifting the endless cosmos. She faced the same fate as all others sacrificed by the Circle.

Before her, a dark shape materialized - black as the night, and only easily visible by the fire-light in its eyes. The creature examined her with a predatory gaze. Smirking the shade moved in to devour her very soul...

In the great distance, far beyond the gathered spirits and the chanting mages - another star grew. This one a brilliant blue-white, so hot and so fast that to compare it to a comet would be a disservice. It's brilliance lit the park from end to end as it streaked to the beleagured catgirl.

By the time the blackformed spectre noticed this new presence, it had lost any opportunity to defend itself. The spirit was shattered in a blinding wave of energy coruscating out from its very center.

The new spirit stood before Yumii as she floated helplessly in the twilight realm. Yumii stared in terror - the ghost had a face so incredibly similar to her own, different only in its spectral palor and hard-edge.

"Do you want to live?" It asked.

"Y-yes! Help!" Yumii could barely make her mouth move for all the fear she felt.

"You have one choice then - after I free you, you must do the same for me."

"Anything! Just help!"

The spirit smiled. Not the malicious smile of the Circle's malignant possessor souls - but a genuine smile that any could recognize. Then it vanished, the spirit disappeared entirely.

Before she could think about it, the twilight realm began to crack apart, long cracks of azure and cyan forced their way across the dark sky before it crumbled like glass. Yumii fell down into the restored green grass, landing on her feet.

The mages, oblivious to the events in the spirit world looked at her in horror. How had an ordinary person broken their spell?

Seconds passed, both Yumii and the mages stared at eachother - sizing their opponents up.

Without a thought Yumii broke the silence, rushing toward the first magician and severing him in half with a sword she had not even realized she was holding. Her mind began to catch up to her body - but too late. Another mage lost his head to the silver arc, and a third found himself impaled on the steel.

The forth began to run as quickly as he could, but Yumii chased him. She was fast, incredibly so. The forest offered the Thorn no protection, and after scaling a tree Yumii dove atop him, splitting his head in two.

Long minutes passed with Yumii staring down at her handiwork. She was back in control again but she could not believe what had happened. She felt sick, and vomitted in the bushes. Before today - she'd been an ordinary highschool girl... now she'd killed people. It hardly mattered that they'd been attempting to do the same - she was revolted at herself.

The silver-white spirit, still looking every bit her twin, returned abruptly - re-forming itself next to her.

"It's never easy."

"I... you... why?!"

"Be quiet. You're alive aren't you?"


"I don't have time to explain everything - suffice to say you are safe, and they are not. Now for your end of the bargain, free me."

"Free you? From what? You seem..."

"Take this." The spirit stretched its hand forward, and hovering gently in front of her, the sword re-appeared, this time with an ivory scabbard covering its long curved blade.

"I... no... I can't hurt anyone else..."

"You don't have to. It's for me."



Yumii sat in her bedroom, the lights off.

Three days had passed. The police had already ruled Yumii's actions self defense, but it hadn't relieved the tension in the pit of her stomach. It didn't help even when the neighborhoods patrol-hero had stopped by to explain the truth of the Circle. It was good to know they hadn't been 'real' people any longer... but how did one cope with having split a man's skull in half, staring into the destroyed remains of a human brain? What was one supposed to feel at having taken four lives, even if it had been someone else controlling you?

Perhaps thats what made it worse - that she hadn't even been in control. That no matter how much she'd wanted to stop she could not. True it was though, that she was still breathing, and they were not.

She had failed in her debt as well - the spirit asked for freedom, and all she could do was stare at it, terrified. It had vanished after a short time, the spirit's face staring at her accusingly. How to forgive yourself for that? What exactly had it need freed from she still did not understand, but it could not have been good.

Too late for regrets - and yet there they were.

A tiny spark lit the dark room. Yumii lept up from her bed staring at the tiny shape. It grew and grew until it had formed the very ghost she had been thinking of.

"Have you decided yet?" It asked without waiting for her to recognize it.

The spirit looked different this time - the same face, the same palor. But her intensity had dimmed, and her clothes; simple but fine as they had been - now hung in tatters. She was completely transparent in several places.

"Have you?" She repeated.

"I... I didn't think I'd get another chance. Yes... I'll do it. But first... can I ask you something?"

"I have little time - ask quickly."

"I don't want to hurt people... not like back in the park; but I don't want anyone else to end up where I was either. If you hadn't come..." Yumii looked to the floor. "I want to know how to fight back - I've already done something wrong; but there are alot more people who won't have the chance I did. Can you teach me?"

"I can't."

"I see..."

"I don't need to. When the time comes - you'll remember everything you need to."

"Ahh." Yumii didn't quite understand, but the spirit began to fade again right before her, and that cut off any further speculation. "Give me the sword."

The spirit reached her hand out, trembling this time - the sword appeared again, once again a vivid arc of silvered steel, the scabbard laying across the blade in an X pattern.

"Yumii - so you know; this isn't an end for me." The spirit spoke. She waited for Yumii to heft the sword, then nodded.

The blade felt heavy. Not like a concrete block or too many shopping bags - heavy with an unearthly weight. She raised the blade, and with a last look into her doppleganger's eyes, brought it down mercifully quick, eyes closed.

The spirit formed fully, solidifying in every place, its clothing knitting itself back together and for a brief half-moment Yumii believed somehow she had brought her to life. Then she faded as suddenly as she'd healed. Gone completely.

The sword remained however, and at the back of her mind it whispered. Words of duty, honor, and compassion; words to turn an ordinary girl into a fighter. Words to make a hero.

Finally - My DA So you can stop by and say Hi even after you're gone from the boards hehe <^_^> Also tons more Yumii pics there <'x'> all but a couple done by me <,<

*yeah I'm not very good <;_;> I try!*

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I'll be sorry to see you go as well Hopefully you'll continue to post things on DA



I am sorry to see any long time player go. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next.



I think three is a great number.

Sorry to see anyone go, but I can understand about not getting what you need and seeking it elsewhere. With that said I pray tou find it.

As for the parting gifts, I'd love to have one done of my new favorite character "The Peregrine Falcon."

The character is one of the legendary heroes. He's been around since the 20s and 30s and has persevered through the times. He'll sometimes seem to dissappear for a several years only to re-emerge when he's needed most. The great thing about him is that it's never been one man.

The Peregrine Falcon started with a young man named David Falconne. He spent a few years in France in the early part of the 1900s where he became a pilot. Luckily he outlived the curse of most pilots who went over to war in that era. He came back with the moniker "The Peregrine Falcon." He had flown as the Falcon during World War 1 and had the emblem emblazoned on the side of his airplane.

When David came back state side he was dismayed to see that the Prohibition era had turned his beloved King's Row into nothing more than a maffia ridden slum. He knew that something had to be done so he donned his flight jacket and his uniform and a mask. He hit the streets fighting crime along side some of the great classics. He trained hard and studied a lot to become better than those he'd face. In the end he had an array of gadgets to help him. The most famous of all was a large barreled handgun that fired hard rubber pellets.

After several years of fighting crime in the Row the prohibition was lifted and the depression set in. David turned to taking care of his now growing family and with that the Pergrine Falcon dropped into nothing more than legend and myth.

In the mid 1940s the United States joined the war. With the foxus of a most of the heroes on our biggest enemies, the Axis powers, the Row and most of Paragon City was left to fend for itself. In 1947 the man that was merely legend emerged again. The whispers went out throughout Paragon City.....the Peregrine Falcon was back, and he was looking to clean up the streets.

David Falconne had officially retired the title of the Peregrine Falcon and after years of teaching and training he thought that the newest incarnation of the Peregrine Falcon was ready to fight crime. This time it was David's son, George.

George donned a different costume, but with the same emblem. This time instead of the outfit of the airmen he went with the trenchcoat, fedora and dress slacks that most of the mafia and crime syndicates were used to wearing.

Like his father before him he had an array of different gadgets and a great mind for deducing and crime solving. The pellet gun was replaced with more lethal means. This Falcon was the first and only Falcon to ever use a gun. He did so only when no other option was left and always prefered to use hand to hand combat to subdue the criminals. However, as times changed and the criminals became more lethal, he knew he had to change as well.

Once again the city felt it was safe again thanks to the efforts of the returning heroes and those that stayed state side to help on the home front.

The Peregrine Falcon's status grew and soon there were radio shows and even a small, but action packed, comic book. The name of the Falcon stayed on the lips and hearts of the citizens until the later part of the 1950s and then, once again, the Falcon faded into nothing more than a whisper and a thought.

George had gone a long way to changing the Falcon from vigilante hero to an actual crime solving hero. He introduced the idea of using science to help unravel the mystery of most of the cases he was working on. He was also more publicly seen than his father, often doing photo shoots and giving public speeches. His father didn't think highly of this, but he also knew that this would go a long way to helping the cause of the Peregrine Falcon.

The next time that the Peregrine Falcon appeared there was a new war, new criminals and a whole different sort of fight. Andrew Falconne was the third Peregrine Falcon. He emerged in the mid to late 70s and his whole campaign from then until the time he retired was the war on drugs. He made a ton of public appearances and was in the political ring as often as he could be to help make the laws against illegal drugs more stringent in order to help keep them off the streets. He knew that passing laws alone would not keep drugs off the streets, but it helped. Andy was the first of the Falcons to don a real "costume" complete with cape and cowl. He was also the first one to use Martial Arts in his fighting style. He incorporate the need to fight crime physically as well as solve crimes mentally, and he passed this down to his son, the current Peregrine Falcon.

Kelly Falconne took over the mantle of the Peregrine Falcon upon his fathers death from cancer. At times Kelly used the Falcon to help hide the fact that the loss of his father hurt him to the core. While Kelly incorporates and embodies the ideals that his father passed on to him he's upped the ante by creating an advanced suit and other items that help him fight against the super powered criminals of today. Just as the previous versions fought against the current issues of their times, Kelly fights against the growing problem of super powered and high tech criminals. He's ever vigilant and he's doing his best to keep up the name of the Peregrine Falcon.

((Screenshots for reference. ))
Peregrine Falcon
Close Up
From the back w/cape



I have plenty of art so I would not qualify. I just wanted to say that Virtue seems to have a fairly good role playing community.



Well, since a couple of other people have posted stories, I guess it will be okay to post mine as well. So here it is:


Part Twenty-Two:

People were screaming. Through the dim mist Stacey could sense them around her, a dozen fragile forms trying to hide in the haze. It was not her that had sparked the fear, though they had cause fear her. A thick stream of muddy water flowed from the cracks in the cement. A plume of pure water jetted like a geyser from the mangled remains of a hydrant to fall on the side of an overturned bus. From inside the wreck more people moaned. Stacey couldn’t worry about them at the moment.

From the mist the more pressing concern emerged. A pair of talons covered in deep purple fire flew at Stacey’s throat. Adrenaline coursing in her veins had so far been the only thing that had saved her against the relentless onslaught of the demon. Stacey was falling and deeper into a trance of pure instinct and reaction. Sweeping her hands in front of her she brushed one, then both talons aside, stepped inside the demon’s reach and struck it on the throat with a quick cross chop. For a moment it looked like the demon would fall, but the lunge had been nothing more then a feint to lure Stacey in close. The demon’s barb tail fell from the mist slashing Stacey across the cheek and chest. Stifling a cry Stacey jumped back.

Bringing her hands up in front of her Stacey could only wait in the thick mist for the demon’s next attack.

Since the demon had leapt with her from the tower Stacey had found herself on the loosing end of the fight. Laughing the whole way down the demon had released her moments from landing. A small crash had broken the calm of the busy street when she had slammed into the middle of the crowds. The demon had managed to in the scant second before crashing to twist into a roll and land on his feet. It would have been a perfect landing; if not for the bus.

Speeding down the street the bus had careened into the demon. It had been like the bus had struck a rooted tree. The front of the bus curled around the demon as if it was an angry claw. In a rage the demon threw the bus away, the shrill shriek of twisting metal mingling with a bestial howl. Stacey had stared as fifteen tons metal came crashing down behind the demon. From inside the moans and screams of the passengers began to filter out in a wrenching cacophony.

Cars screeched to halts on either side of Stacey and the demon as confused pedestrians had tried to scramble out of the way.

Come now, little thing of flesh, bone, blood and tears, let us see what you are truly capable of doing. The demon flexed its shoulders, bones in its neck popping and creaking.

Leaping forward Stacey launched a right hook followed by a quick kick. Stacey did not know exactly what the trouble was, but she could not land a single hit on the demon as she continued to press forward. It ducked, weaved, and brushed aside every single punch Stacey attempted. Frustrated Stacey overextended and was rebuffed by the demon’s tail for the mistake. The beast shook its head while crossing its arms looking down on Stacey as she picked herself back up.

If this is your best, then perhaps my master is wasting his time with you.

A moment passed as Stacey glared at the demon clearing her head. Taking a slow breath Stacey decided it was time to try a new tactic.

Clapping her hands together Stacey sent a shivering blast of frigid air at the demon. Like water rolling across seaside rocks a rolling wave of frost swept from Stacey along the cracked surface of the road. Ice curled up lamp posts the brittle crackling drowning for a moment the sirens and hoarse screams. Flicking a thin smile the demon vanished. It was as if the deepening shadows reached up and consumed him. Jaw falling open Stacey stood rooted. Windows shook into their frames networks of fractures dancing from the shock of the cold breaking against them.

Better, that is better. Show me more. A deep throaty chuckle swirled around Stacey, the demon keeping his location hidden. Let us see what you do when blinded.

Again the ripping of metal sounded, this time accompanied by demonic laughter. Turning Stacey saw the demon beside a fountain of water bursting from a fire hydrant ripped open as if it had been made up clay. Purple flame covering his hand, the demon thrust it into the fountain. A slow droning chant came from the demon. Stacey could feel a change in the air, like it carried a hunger that was insatiable. Her gorge rose and a quiet wave of panic fluttered through her heart when those chanted words passed Stacey’s ear.

Jets of steam exploded out of the geyser in torrents so thick Stacey found herself almost immediately was enclosed in a thick fetid mist. Whistling like a dozen boiling kettles for several moments the steam filled the steel canyons of the city core, then stopped with a clap of silence. Red eyes glowed deep in the mist, than vanished leaving only a rising cackle. Slowly at first, then at more frequent intervals the demon struck at Stacey, a quick exchange of blows, before slinking back into the mists.

Are you ready yet to surrender?

“Go to Hell,” Stacey shouted into the mist.

Ah, it saddens me that you would say that.

A gasp exploded from Stacey propelled by a hit to her back that sent her flying through the mist. She burst into the open air to the shuddering snap of cameras from tourists, common citizens, and a few reporters that had rushed to the tower when the first reports of a disturbance had come across police radios. Twisting in the air Stacey shielded her face before smashing into the side, then through, the ruined bus. Bent and shredded metal skipping across the open road Stacey hit the ground, bounced once and rolled to a stop at the feet of the gathering crowd. A collective gasp came from the crowd as Stacey picked herself back up. As one the crowd began to back away. More camera flashes flickered, and then they stopped as the demon walked through the gap Stacey had made in the bus.

You have been betrayed, Tundara. The Demon opened his arms, fanged smile a ragged dark line. Orca is moments away from his revenge, and you will be denied the answer you seek.

“The only thing I want is to bring them down and see all of them rot in prison.”

Stacey wasn’t certain if she was going to be able to stop the demon. Worse, with the crowd of bystanders so close she was afraid to use her powers. It was too likely that one of them could be caught by accident. Attempting to use just her fists had proved fruitless so far. If she bought time though, then Orca would come and help her.

But he should have been with her long ago. Why hadn’t he come to help her? What was taking him so long? The security of the Cartel could not have been a difficulty for him. The Cartel had so far proven to be helpless against Orca and Stacey directly. It was only when their friends and family was attacked that the Cartel struck any victories. So, where was Orca?

He will not come. Hearthgrave will die, and then he will be done with you. All you ever have been is a tool to him to bring him closer to this moment. Avenging his slain children. That has been all Orca has ever cared for. The demon let out a quick smirk and pointed up at the building.

Against her better judgement Stacey turned her eyes up to see where the demon pointed. It was the broken window of Hearthgrave’s office, and then a small spec fell out the window. Stacey covered her mouth and the crowd pulled farther back as the screams began. Rooted to the ground Stacey could not take her eyes from the falling form. Growing louder they ended with a sudden wet crunch. It ended just like that, a life snuffed out in an instant. Shock taking over Stacey staggered up to the body and rolled it over.

Hardly anything remained of Hearthgrave, her body a sac of fractured bone. Blood ran deep into the pavement. Stacey was becoming familiar with death, but the wounds Hearthgrave had suffered were so extreme. Ground beef, it was all Stacey could think of looking at what little remained. A small amount of blood boiled from Hearthgrave’s mouth in a last quivering sigh. Stacey stood slowly clenching her fists and looking back to the window. Surrounded by a white silhouette was a large bulky shape. It looked at Stacey for a moment, than left the window.

Just as I predicted, he has had his revenge and now abandons you to me. It is rather ironic that he left Patricia to the Cartel while releasing my master and now he lets me be while abandoning you.

Stacey whipped back around facing the demon.

“What did you say?”

Orca abandoned your sister, the fair and gentle Patricia, to the Cartel.

Clenching her fists so hard the leather gloves began to creak Stacey screamed, “She is dead! I saw her body! I buried her!”

Laughing the demon began to pace away from the crowd. Its long tongue rolled around dark lips relishing every moment of rage and pain that was caused by its words.

Did you really? Or did the Cartel replace her with a burnt corpse from a house fire. The demon stopped, its tail flicking. Think of it. She is a vessel for a piece of the primal essence of Fire. A mere explosion would be to her what a snowstorm is to you, a trifling annoyance. For months now they have had her, using her as a lab rat, performing unspeakable experiments. Slowly stripping away her sanity and soul to uncover how to replicate her powers. The only person who could have lead you to her is now nothing but a shattered sack of meat.

He is trying to bewitch you. Lies and half-truths coat his tongue like venom.

Her screams were like nectar to my master seeping through the walls. The demon’s smile grew as he said, and Orca left her there all alone and cold in the dark As soon you are going to be. Betrayed by those you thought you could trust.

“I can’t trust you anymore than I can the Cartel,” Stacey growled leaping forward.

The world began to slow as Stacey rushed at the demon. Its smile slowly vanished as twisting in a spin it began to dodge again Stacey’s attack. In her ears all she heard was the quick rhythmic thumping of her heart. To Stacey it was as if a tunnel had sprung up and the only things in it were her and the demon. She could see how he was moving and began bringing another fist forward shrouding it in the most intense cold she could manage. A hundred cameras flashed and the image of Stacey and the demon played on televisions across the world captured by a traffic helicopter. On those televisions the demon avoided the leading punch only to be caught in the side by the other.

Cold leaping into the demon’s body it flew away from Stacey crashing along the street. Even before it had come to a stop Stacey was chasing after it gathering more of the bitter cold around her. A block, and another hit sent the demon skidding further. The laughter and amusement was gone from its vile eyes. Purple flames burning around its hands the demon countered with a vicious uppercut. It was moving sluggishly, slowed from the draining effect of the penetrating cold that surrounded Stacey and lashed out from every punch and kick. Stacey wasn’t able to avoid the uppercut completely catching the force of the hit on her side. Beautiful sparks of energy danced around Stacey as she jumped up into the air and landed back close to the crowd of bystanders.

Yes Tundara, finally your true measure is let loose. Howled the demon flying at Stacey.

Grabbing the reaching fist Stacey pirouetted launching the demon at a distant building with all her might. Not waiting to watch the impact Stacey leaped after it pleased to be able to get away from the crowd. For a moment as the wind whistled past her ear Stacey wondered if anyone had heard the demon shout her pseudonym, or if they’d be making one up for her. Then she wondered how the demon had known it. But the demon seemed to know a lot even if half of what it said could be trusted. Stacey understood that at least part of what it said had to be true, it would be all too easy if it only spoke lies like in the movies.

Leaping in through a hole slammed into the side of a skyscraper Stacey found the demon waiting for her. Behind her on the other side of the hole helicopters circled. The demon stood alone surrounded by scattered desks and cubicles dark rage filling its eyes. No longer sparing with words at all both sides leapt at the other. At once it became evident to Stacey that at last she had hurt the demon. Its movements were becoming slower and slower, and it’s strength lessoning. Stacey could feel her own endurance beginning to wane as they spun and danced the deadly dance. Ice met the purple demonic flames scouring the walls. Around them the skyscraper’s interior crumbled like paper, the fight carrying them up through the building until they stood on its roof.

Blood dripped and ran from dozens of cuts on both Stacey and the demon. For a moment both stood there beneath the stars taking long laboured breaths. Breaking the pause the demon snatched a long radio mast breaking it off at the base. Hurling the radio mast like a javelin the demon tried to charge Stacey. Using backhand the mast was slapped aside then Stacey jumped into the air punching the demon on the side of the head. The whole skyscraper trembled from the hit of the demon crashing at Stacey’s feet. Picking the demon up by the throat Stacey struck it again and again brushing aside a futile attempt to break her grip. Stacey could sense that the end was at hand. Somehow she had won. Using a snap-kick she forced the demon to the skyscraper’s edge.

Again picking the demon up by the neck she said, “Something tells me that you won’t survive another fall of this height.”

Tail drooping the demon just smiled, thick brackish blood bubbly around it's teethe.

Even if you kill me, I can be brought back.

Growling Stacey brought her fist back for the last attack. Ice crusted her entire arm crackling in the air like an iceberg. Stacey could feel it like a bitter drink in the air that something momentous was happening. A crossroads had been reached and there was no returning. Hesitating for a moment Stacey stopped. The demon smiled wider and watched something over her shoulder. Instincts screaming that the demon was trying a last bluff Stacey threw her fist forward. Before she had even covered half the space Stacey felt her feet kicked out from beneath her.

Rolling onto her stomach Stacey thought at first perhaps the demon had used its tail to trip her, but it was just laying on the roof grinning and coughing up blood. Looking up Stacey saw that it had been the woman the demon had been using as a puppet. Hair snarled in the wind she glared at Stacey.

“I will not let you touch my daughter,” she said advancing towards Stacey.

“You don’t understand, that is not your daughter,” Stacey protested standing up slowly. “The demon is tricking you!”

“No, I will have none of your lies. I’ve already seen it all, it is you who has been tricked.”

Not wanting to hurt the woman Stacey tried to carefully subdue her. Immediately it was obvious that Stacey was not going to have to worry about trying to not hurt the crazed woman. When the demon had been blocking and dodging Stacey it had felt like it was more from its superior strength and speed. The woman though acted like she knew what Stacey was going to do before Stacey did. It was like trying to hit a shadow; every punch, kick or blast of cold was avoided before Stacey finished the manoeuvre. Each time Stacey failed, the woman landed a stinging hit. The hits hardly hurt Stacey, but they were annoying. Whoever the woman was she moved with a grace so fluid that it was almost hypnotizing. But Stacey did not have the time or patience for a long drawn out fight.

Even the most agile human could do nothing without touching the ground. Dropping to her knees Stacey placed both hands on the roof and forced into gravel a wave of cold. Crystal spread across the surface of the entire building in a web-work that grew into a thick sheet of glassy ice. For whatever reason Stacey powers let her move across the slick surface without any fear of slipping. The woman was not so lucky. She started to slip, corrected in a cartwheel, but could not continue the dance. As it had affected the demon, the cold surrounding Stacey took its toll on the woman. Numb fingers slipped on the ice and the woman fell on her back.

Not wasting a moment of the reprieve Stacey turned back to the demon and again lifted it by its throat holding it out over the edge.

“Tundara, what are you doing?”

The voice was Orca’s. The demon gurgling in her hand Stacey looked over her shoulder at Orca. He stood holding onto a flagstaff to prevent falling on the ice. Blood covered his costume. A cold impassive look covered his eyes behind his mask.

“I’m finishing what we started Orca.”

“Stop this! We need it alive!” Orca tried to take a step forward.

She was too close to finally winning to be interrupted again. Victory was on the growing wind. It was a victory Stacey had fought for with every ounce of her strength. With it Stacey would finally do what she and Patty should have done years ago, put her abilities to good use.

“You don’t understand. I have to do this. There is no other way.”

“Kill it Tundara and you become like it, just another murderer.”

“I’m not a murderer like you are Orca, is that what you mean?”

Orca stood in stunned silence as the wind grew fiercer. Over a bullhorn one of the helicopters started to say something. Stacey ignored it, which was easy with the wind and noise of the helicopters blades cutting the air.

“I was told you would show me the path Orca, and you have.”

Bending her arm Stacey tossed the demon into the gulf. The moment it left her hands the demons form shimmered and blurred. Transfixed Stacey could not pull her eyes away as the demon changed into a small girl eyes wild with fright as she began to fall. On the wind Stacey could hear the demon’s laughter; long, dark, triumphant laughter.

“What have I done?” Stacey whispered.



I just wanted to say that Virtue seems to have a fairly good role playing community.

[/ QUOTE ]

All but one of my characters are on Virtue, actually.



Well, since a couple of other people have posted stories, I guess it will be okay to post mine as well.

[/ QUOTE ]

Please do post stories. I'm very much enjoying reading them.



Sorry to see you go! You've already done art for me and I've recently gotten, like, a whole lot of gift art =)

Good luck and I hope you find a good RP community. I was on Catskills back in UO and I have yet to find a community that really matches what they had there. But i do have to say the CoX Virtue has the best I've found since then.



Aww bye bye skoorie day!!! Keep in touch on DA!



It's because I started playing again, isn't it?! Ah, well, hope you have fun out in that big ol' world and if you get really really bored, this game still might be about

I'd beg for some art, but I already got some rocking gift art from ya, I don't wanna take that opportunity from others.



Well the CoX community losing an artist is never a fun thing, but since you are offering...

It started off as a good day. The sun was shining, the coffee was hot, and he got to work 10 minutes early. As a research assistant to Dr. Mitchell Lawerence, chief entomologist at Paragon University, he led a pretty quiet life. Then, the day got worse, a whole lot worse. The Rikti invaded, and a squad of the alien soldiers raided the campus to try and kidnap the head professors. Trying to protect his boss and friend, he jumped in front of a rikti ray bolt and was thrown into the back of the lab and knocked out. When he awoke in the hospital, he was drastically changed, but declared that even with what had happened, he liked being a hero, and would use his newfound abilities to become something else, the Oddbug

Few more pics



Here's a character I'd be interesting in having done. So if she catches your fancy...

Harlequin's Hex

No one knows the real name of the Harlequin's Hex. She was a talented circus performer known only as the Harlequin, gifted with incredible balance that allowed her to perform complicated routines on both the highwire and the trapeze without difficulty. In her time among the circus folk she also learned to manipulate fire - juggling torches, swallowing flames, and breathing fire. Until the cheapskate who owned her circus found a new way to make money. He sold the Harlequin's contract to Crey, where she became the subject of endless terrible experiments. The scientists focused on enhancing her natural abilites, giving her uncanny control over both gravity and fire. When the brutal treatment finally drove her mad, they locked her up and forgot she ever existed. No one is sure exactly how she managed to escape, only that she re-entered the world twisted and full of spite. True to her new nature, she called herself the Harlequin's Hex, and vowed to bring the same pain to the world that was forced upon her.



It's been about a week, so here are my choices...

Yumii, because the player's enthusiasm for the character is contagious - do you happen to have other costumes/reference shots? I seem to remember them from a previous thread.

Junkyard King, because I agree with his player that it's a good match for my style. Plus, it's a player new to the forums, so this might be a nice welcome.

Finally, Harlequin's Hex, because I've been looking for a chance to broaden my palette.

I'll post a notice as soon as I finish any of them.



Finally, Harlequin's Hex, because I've been looking for a chance to broaden my palette.
I'll post a notice as soon as I finish any of them.

[/ QUOTE ]

Awesome, thanks!! I can't wait to see it!