Favorite Arts! <o.O> (For Fun!)

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So I had this idea yesterday &gt;.&lt; and its manifold in its reasoning.

First and foremost, it just seems like something that'd be darn fun to do. Way back when, we used to have threads where we'd all pick a few of our favorite pieces of artwork and post em up &lt;@_@&gt; But I haven't seen anything like that since I got back. Granted I've not been back so very long &lt;,&lt; so maybe that's why. But still!

Second - This forum seriously needs a friggin hug. &lt;-.-&gt; Yes I'm saying this in my 'grumpy old squirrel' voice. I've been around here for quite some time - yes, even longer than my registration date. (If you're curious just *how* long - look at the account labeled "Squirrel_MK1" - that's my original).

I use that as a preface because frankly, I like this place, and I like the posters. Yes, even you Suichiro &lt;&gt;.&lt;&gt;m And frankly I just want my happy fun-loving goofy group of nutcases of an artistic bent back.

So I came up with this thread &lt;o.O&gt;

Instructions (Please read closely!)

None of these have to be CoH related, though given the location I expect a great many heroic works &lt;^.~&gt; I would add that obviously forum guidelines apply &lt;'x'&gt; (Not that I think anyone WOULD post anything of such a nature &lt;,&lt; but I just wanna be sure. Plus I'm in an officious mood and this lets me set out an extra 'rule' &gt;.&gt; *points to tin-star sheriff badge*)

First, you pick one piece of your own artwork and/or a screenshot you've taken and/or anything else creative you've done - preferably one you're *REALLY* fond of.

Second, pick one of someone else on these forum's pieces - anything they've done, anyone you like. This person can still be here, or someone who left us a long time ago. They can be an artist for commission, or they may be just a random artist. Any piece of theirs you choose.

Third, choose a piece of art from history - it can be famous or obscure, abstract or realistic, a photograph, sculpture or drawing. Anything. (What I mean is - choose anything from someone *not* on these forums, and is a "fine" artist)

Now you may ask "Mkay, errr, what's the point?"

Simple - once you've posted your pics; then in seperate posts as we go - post thoughts on each!

Post whatever you like - but remember the following guidelines:

1) Compliments are great - but "I love the way the eyes are shaded" is 10x better than "COOL!" - Either is acceptable, but more detail is appreciated!

2) Criticism should be constructive and without judgment. Basically, if you see something out of proportion, make note of it, but don't feel the need to add "You idiot" or the like ok? &lt;,&lt; I don't think anyone would, but its one of those things its best to just out and out say 'just in case'.

3) Finally - understand that you won't agree with others 100% of the time. Such is life &lt;,&lt; Disagreement is fine, and a good discussion is *exactly* what we're after here! However - be respectful, polite, and remember, everything discussed is subjective to a degree. So yah &lt;@.@&gt; Basically play nice!

I'll post below with my set of pictures so you can see what I'm talking about &lt;^_^&gt;m

My hope is we can all share thoughts and ideas, as well as find some things we've never seen before from artists we may have never known existed &lt;^.^&gt;m

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Here's the format we're looking for &lt;^,^&gt;

My Art - Tear Up

Even though I never finished, its one of my favorite pieces of art I've ever done. &gt;.&lt; It just captures the feel Yumii is supposed to have in combat - brutal, dangerous, and yet retaining a degree of femininity in it all. &lt;@_@&gt; At least thats how I intended it &lt;,&lt;

Other's Art -
Juggertha's Sword Girl Sketch

Do I really have to explain why I love this piece? I think its gorgeous frankly; and I'm especially fond of the grey tones. I think its better than if it were to be color honestly!

Fine Art - Raphael's Transfiguration

I really like alot of the Old Master's works. Particularly Raphael. I'm especially fond of the clothing folds on the robes &gt;.&lt; and Christ's slight gut. He looks more realistic than sometimes portrayed, and I frankly think thats important. Just has a nice feel to it I guess is the best way I can say it &gt;.&lt;

A Warrior's Friend: ID 335212 - Help Infernal save Valkyrie from Battle Maiden.
Above Mars Part 1: The Wellington: ID 159769 - Save Mars by destroying a monstrous battleship from the inside!
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My Art -
My portrait of Mr. Wrong I think it's one of the best things I've ever drawn.

Other's Art
Gamma.Girl by Battlewraith. This is just amazing, when I play Gamma and think of her face, this is what I see.



Okay, I'm game:

My work: Felis non Grata, my kin/elec. My most recent picture, and my favorite.

Someone else...Liz, whose work I've always loved. This is one of my favorites of hers. It's soft and peaceful

Classic...Not a painting, but still one of my favorite historical pieces of art. The statue of David by Michelangelo.

Art (NSFW)



1. My favorite original sketch is Larissa and my favorite coloring work is Massacre Melanie.

2. Tea with Turbo-Ski by FuzzyWuzzyWombat remains one of my all time favorite pieces. Such an amazing piece came from someone I had never met before and they liked my character enough to surprise me with this piece. That really made me feel special.

3. I like old Roman sculptures mostly...



Hehehe &lt;,&lt; That tea pic is great! Love the way Turboski's holding the cookie &gt;.&gt; Just 'dainty' somehow &lt;,&lt;

And Darque &lt;@.@&gt; I'm not sure how, but I didn't have you watched on Deviant, now I do! &gt;.&lt; I sees kitties, I love kitties! &lt;O.O&gt;m

&lt;^,^&gt; Hehe, Gamma already knows what I think of Mr. Wrong &lt;,&lt; suffice to say I'm happy to see people putting stuff up &lt;^.^&gt;!

*dance* &lt;.&lt;

A Warrior's Friend: ID 335212 - Help Infernal save Valkyrie from Battle Maiden.
Above Mars Part 1: The Wellington: ID 159769 - Save Mars by destroying a monstrous battleship from the inside!
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Is this like the artists from infinity thread? :P

Favorite of mine is this fairy statuette that was made for gardens but had that old look to it. I took some art supplies and I painted it and gave it so much more color. Too bad I couldn't show you but I dont'have a digital camera.

A Favorite done of my characters is the Mini I have for an avatar right now.

Favorite classical piece, hmm dont' know I haven't reall looked at the old art that much. Let's go with Mona Lisa till I do more research inthe subject.



One of my favorite pieces isEvil Donchad it was the first one I actually sat down and worked on seriously, in a long time. I drew it for him for winning my kiriban a while back. There are some things wrong with it, but I felt that I did a really good job considering I had always sucked at drawing men before.

My favorite out of another artist is by Darque Her gallery has such feeling in it. When I look at her stuff it pulls at my heartstrings, a feeling I love.

My favorite classical piece Starry Night by Van Gough All those lovely colors and just the fantasy of it. I loved looking at the night sky (still do) and this brings back fond memories of childhood for me.



Favorite of mine - well, I'm no artist in that sense of the word. What I can do somewhat is take some pictures. Here is one of my favorites that I took one evening while at work (I worked on the bridge shown, and was there for the demolition fo the old one that evening I took the pic): Sunset - River Bridge

My favorite that I've commissioned - wow, so many good ones. But I have to say that this one of Ms Frost by Doug Shuler is way up there. He's awesome!

As for others ... hmmm.... so many there. But I have to mand it to Ansel Adams who was a great photographer with a wonderful eye. Here's a good sample: Tetons and Snake River

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Lesse, first my favorite picture I've done that's CoX related is definitely "Loveless." It was one of the few that I was happy with and it helped to show a different side of my favorite character. Something that's usually hidden.

Secondly, my favorite pic that someone else did is actually Turbo-Ski by HugoHugo. Turbo and Mel have a friendly rivalry of sorts it seems, but in all honesty this pic is what turned me onto HugoHugo in the first place. The colors, the line quality, the attention to details, hte dynamic pose, all make for a wonderful piece. One that made me want art from him as well.

Third? As for my favorite piece of fine art? Well I was always fond of "The Garden of Earthly Delights."

http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Massacre_Melanie -the original Fire/Dark Corruptor -
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You know whats really funny about the Garden of Earthly Delights? &lt;,&lt;

In both my Art History II *and* my Renaissance Lit classes we studied the painting. I dunno &gt;_&lt; Its very cool to see someone else who likes that piece &lt;,&lt; (Rather surprised it showed up honestly!)

A Warrior's Friend: ID 335212 - Help Infernal save Valkyrie from Battle Maiden.
Above Mars Part 1: The Wellington: ID 159769 - Save Mars by destroying a monstrous battleship from the inside!
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My favorite piece of my own artwork is Roxstar Roxy was one of the people I really wanted to do sketch for. All of the other sketches I had done to that point were helping me sharpen my skills. Once I had the confidence I did this piece of Roxstar. I am happy with the results.

When I first read this thread I thought, “Wow the first and last part is easy but the middle is going to be murder to pick!” And boy was I right. I have soooo many favorite pieces of art that others have done. After long hard thought I broke it down to my favorites that someone else on these forum's have done. So I am going to go a little out of order and start with that.
Raging Fury by Grave Enigma,
Kilotonnage by Images by Alex,
Kilotonnage by Zanamura, colors by Gollum88,
Kilotonnage by Syrus B, Liz

But the winner is:Kilo classic comic cover by Lady Judgement This piece just blew me away when I first saw it! I love the action and LJ’s take on the various forms of my character. The group picture in the corner by Images by Alex is just icing on the cake.

The piece I chose for classic art is Van Gogh’s A Starry Night I have always loved this painting. I can stare at it for a few minutes and it relaxes me.



Well, I'm not an artist, colorist, inker, or photographer, so I've got nothing to offer in that department. Although I did once have a picture of a sunset I took from the back patio of a tiny little hole in wall bar on Grand Turk island that was beyond spectacular. It had two kids kicking a soccer ball on the beach with a golden/red sunset reflecting off the perfect blue water of the Caribbean behind them. Even if I could find it, I don't have a scanner though, so...sorry.

As a Harry Potter geek, I love finding little gems like this one. This picture really captures the feeling I get when I read the series. It's a fantastic combination of fantasy and reality, magic and mundane. It's a very personal look into the character of Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One and a kid who still has to worry about homework and Quidditch practice. There's a definite sense of it being a calm before a storm. Peaceful, with a hurricane stirring just off camera.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of all time. It's dark and foreboding and hints at a great evil, though I find myself mesmerized by all the little details. Snow on the dead trees. Crooked tombstones. The sheer vastness of a cathedral's rubble, and a line of priests making a pilgrimage. Spooky.

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My own personal fave would be this piece I've done of Psyko Circus, based on a Dale Keown Hulk pose.

From other artists, there are really tons I really like, but if I really have to pick only one, it would have to be a piece from Graver, maybe Dragonberry, this one has so much melancholy in it.

Now, in all the art history, I have to pick one ? That a really tough rule...
Let's see if we narrow it to the comics history...still really tough.

I would choose a full comic page instead of a single piece, I can't show it here because I don't have it at disposal, but I'd say that the spiderman page where Gwen Stacy fall from the bridge and dies is certainly one that is really engraved in my reader's memories.