Laiynas Guide: Ice/Ice Dominator I10




Laiyna’s Guide: Ice/Ice Dominator I10

If you want to put your problems in the fridge to handle them later, this is the way to go. You do not have the firepower to easily smash through all the ranks, but you can keep a constant control/domination over the combat. At level 25 I was able to solo a spawn of 1 boss, 2 lieutenants and 6 minions (that is before Glacier) level 26 of Circle of Thorns mobs. The fight takes a while, but I got very little damage. And after that it only gets better, trust me

Also I had some comments on this guide that are true for PvP point of view. This guide focusses on Group and Solo build, but not on PvP. I will make some notes for PvP purpuse when needed. Also it needs to be noted that I like good/nice grafix, this is important for me to enjoy the game.

My judgement of powers is based on:
M = Must have (only Dumb people skip it, don’t be Dumb)
P = Primary Power, Recommended
G = Good Power, Not a bad choice
S = Situational, Think about it before you take it
B = Bad Power, Skip it

PvE = Player vs Environment
PvP = Player vs Player

Main Powers

Judge: S
It seems to be good in PvP as an extra factor of control, as a player becomes immune to each control type for 15 seconds. But for PvE I would skip it.

Block of Ice
Judge: M
Slot: 6
Prime Dominator power, max from 1 mob a boxing ball

Judge: B
Slot: unsure
It seems to work oke if you work with Masterminds to keep mobs on range in the early levels or flee if things go badly.

Arctic Air
Judge: G
Slot: 5-6
It would not be fair to call this a primary power, but it is really good. All targets in range of the Arctic Air (and it has a huge area) get slowed on they're attack cycles and run speed, besides that it got confuse and fear effect. But walking so slowly when feared they just walk away from you and can hardly walk out of the Arctic Air. Arctic Air also has some major IO options that makes this very good defensive power a rather good offensive power, more about that below the power section. This power is a huge endurance drain though, so taking this level 22+ is not a bad idea (SOs for End Redux or/and Stamina).

Judge: S
Slot: unsure
I do not like cones, and you do not need Arctic Air and Shiver. While the effects are a bit niftier it got a narrow area and can be hard to use. This does not make it a bad power at all, but in my book makes Arctic Air better.

Ice Slick
Judge: M
Slot: 2-3
One of the 3 corner stones of Ice, it pretty much immobilizes all mobs and keeps them knocked down. Only on small occasions will they be able to shoot or cast a spell. It covers a huge area and it is perfect right out of the box. Only slotting that this power needs is recharges.

Flash Freeze
Judge: S
Slot: 3-4
Makes a ranged area fall asleep, making them unable to attack anybody.... Till they wake up by damage or the time expires. This works very great solo, to sleep the whole group, then slowly take out the mobs you want. In-groups with all the area damage spells, masterminds, etc this power becomes close to worthless.

Judge: M
Slot: 6
Makes whole groups hold, unable to do anything for the duration, it works great in teams, and its pretty good solo. This is the only "Must Have" that could be skipped because you have Ice Slick, still this is not recommended and helps you and your group better to survive then Ice Slick does.

Jack Frost
Judge: M
Slot: 5-6
This power works great, its the reason you took Ice. Jack has got some major improvements in I10, so now it actually likes to melee. And performs very well as melee tank. It drastically increases your damage output. Only real draw back is that it will not protect you and has a tendency to wander off in search to kill stuff.

Secondary Powers

Ice Bolt
Judge: M
Slot: 4
Part of your ranged attack chain, and no choose in taking this. Nice little attack. Some people make this a long ranged attack (alternative to snipe) for pulling, but I think this is not needed.

Ice Sword
Judge: G
Slot: 4
You need this spell for damage output, and a hold opponent can not hurt you, so melee attacks are not bad. But if you have other forms of damage it theoretically could be skipped (Must Sand springs to mind).

Ice Sword Circle
Judge: G
Slot: 5-6
Hold opponents can not hurt you, and loads of abilities are melee ranges, so tossing in some nice area damage is a very good thing, you will dammage the mobs that are not hold and at the same time damage the mobs you are fighting. This speeds up the process a lot. In group play your AoE does nice damage but less then a Masterminds or Corrupters AoE, so you wont get the agro. Besides that, ice sword got nice graphics!

Ice Blast
Judge: M
Slot: 4
This will be a major damage power for a long time. Not taking this would seriously hurt your performance, it’s also needed for your ranged attack chain.

Power Boost
Judge: S
Slot: 3
This helps a lot to create very long holds, but the holds already cycle fast enough to keep a boss hold, and we have domination what already increases the duration of holds. It does not help with your damage output, nor does it increase the Ice Slick duration. Still it is a nice power to have when domination is down and you need an edge. It needs to be noted that in PvP it helps a lot against the high defense players, and some claim it is very needed there.
So in short for PvE you better skip it or for PvP it is a good power, what makes it very situational.

Frost Breath
Judge: B
Slot: unsure
As told before I do not like cone attacks, and this one is even iffy for a cone attack. If you took the damage powers of lower levels you wont need this power.

Chilling Embrace
Judge: S
Slot: 5
This power is not as good as Arctic Air, but it has a few nice uses. It stacks with Arctic Air, so people within the radius reach the slow cap (max movement reduction). Together this is a huge endurance hog.

Greater Ice Sword
Judge: S
Slot: 4
This power is not very good, it does 20% more damage for 20% more endurance, got a greater chance to hit, and a 60% chance to drop. Sounds nice but, its a level 35 Power, the 60% toggle drop is for 1 random toggle, the remote chance that it will drop one good toggle from your opponent is small. Also by this time you have already more then enough descent attacks, but this attack is not very much more better (in some cases even worse) then all other attacks you have. And do not forget your next power is Bitter Ice Blast, what is much better. It is also a very, very ugly power.

Bitter Ice Blast
Judge: M
Slot: 6
This is the crown jewel of your secondary Ice, it is also your 3rd ranged attack, and by that it is even a very good attack, with great damage.

Power Pools

I will only describe power pools that are remotely useful. If it is not mentioned it better can be skipped.

I like Stealth for two reasons. First I love to skip needles parts of missions, just saves time. Second part is I love to have a defensive power so I can slot: "karma: knockback protection" and "Luck of the Gambler Global Recharge 7.5%". This makes it very much worth it to take it, and do not forget that stealth also gives a nice defense bonus, not worth enough to slot it up, but still very nice.
All other powers within concealment are skippable.

Ice is very endurance heavy, and you really should have stamina at level 20, it makes running Arctic Air much easier and really helps in big fights.

I find this the best travel power for a Dominator. Early on you can use the attack: Air Superiority, and later on this stays a perfect attack for some damage mitigation (what is down on the floor can not attack you), worth 2 slots accuracy and take it as soon as possible, it compliments Ice Sword perfectly. Fly is the most easy travel power there is. Maybe not the fastest but for sure reliable. Group fly can be skipped, hover is maybe a nice power for slotting IOs in.

The leadership pool is pretty heavy on power consumption, and that makes it to expensive to take this, while I need to confess that I love to have Tactics.

Combat Jumping is nice and gives a nice boost in defense, also increase your jump height. But the travel power is not to good, it is very hard to reach some high places because some walls/fortifications are build very high. Also jumping through water makes me kind a..... Acrobatics is not that useful for a Dominator, all your dangerous targets should be hold.

With inspirations it defeats the purpose for me to take this, I already have powers to few, and I seldom to never have the time to heal besides the crowd control I do, watching the mobs closely while doing some damage, and besides that also staying close to group members and watch they're health is a little to much for me.

Hasten is a must have if you want Perma Dom (this is a state in witch you always are under the effect of domination). But besides that this pool has little to offer, super speed is too bad with all the walls and fortresses in the way.

This is a good travel power, but I find it hard to use Teleportation without Levitate (I always fall down without it). And losing so many powers to be able to travel (levitate and recall friend) is a bit to expensive for me if I can get a very good attack and a travel form for only two powers what with this pool would take me four powers.

This is a rough guide for Slotting up Powers that can not be wrong, maybe better for personal taste though, but for sure not wrong:
1) Control powers should have 2 ACC, 3 Duration 1 Recharge
2) Single Target Damage powers should have 1 ACC and 3 DAM
3) Area Damage Powers should have 2 ACC, 3 DAM and 1 Recharge

Tricks of the Trade:

1) Perma Domination can be achieved at level 50 with an Ice/Ice Dominator. Not going to explain how in this guide, but it should easily be possible.
2) Arctic Air can be slotted with IOs that give Chance on Damage (in total 4 available for this power) for some very good AoE damage, and a nice bonus for 1 on 1.
3) Try to get 5 attacks by level 10 (2 ranged, 2 close combat 1 area) and you will level very fast with your Hold to boot so you get Ice Slick at level 12. The whole road you can solo very well and function in teams perfectly. No need to worry about control early in the game, there is not much what needs more or can not be handled with your single target hold if it is slotted up.
4) You can skip your travel power till your late 20s, you can find 3 fly packs and 1 super jump pack as temp power, and enough for a total of 7 hours of travel power.


I could post here my complete build, but positing it till level 22 will tell you all enough, after that it all becomes very personal preference any way, I myself invest heavily in Ice Control and takes the new abilities as soon as they come. You can take Hasten instead of Stealth, what is a VERY good choice, but I dislike the glowing hands, and will take it very late for Perma Domination, but not before that.

1) Block of Ice, Ice Bolt
2) Ice Sword
4) Ice Sword Circle
6) Air Superiority
8) Stealth
10) Ice Blast
12) Ice Slick
14) Fly
16) Hurdle
18) Health
20) Stamina
22) Arctic Air

I did take Flash Freeze for example and Glacier, but really after level 22, there is little that really can go wrong if you have a plan or keep in mind what it all does.

Hope this helps some people out there.

If there are comments feel free to post them, and I'll see what I do with it.




Extra Post here for some room. Also to add some comments if needed.



To be honest, I have an Ice/Ice dom at level 18 so far, and some of the advice you are giving I'll disagree with. Telling people to opt for Ice Sword Circle, sure, nothing can hurt you when it is held, but who's to say when those mobs come out of those holds very angry at you? You don't want agro. Especially at early levels.

Also, Greater Ice Sword is not something to be passed up if you're not afraid to go into melee range, at all. Doesn't get any better than that if you're headed into melee.

Also: Power Boost should -not- be listed as 'S' for any reason. That is a must-get, especially with all of the secondary effects the two ice sets have in terms of -speed and -rech. That's huge.

@Kalen on Virtue



To be honest, I have an Ice/Ice dom at level 18 so far, and some of the advice you are giving I'll disagree with. Telling people to opt for Ice Sword Circle, sure, nothing can hurt you when it is held, but who's to say when those mobs come out of those holds very angry at you? You don't want agro. Especially at early levels.

Also, Greater Ice Sword is not something to be passed up if you're not afraid to go into melee range, at all. Doesn't get any better than that if you're headed into melee.

Also: Power Boost should -not- be listed as 'S' for any reason. That is a must-get, especially with all of the secondary effects the two ice sets have in terms of -speed and -rech. That's huge.

[/ QUOTE ]

1) Ice Sword Circle
See your point, not fully agre, but indeed should be explained better when its best used. The agro you get is minimal, all thats bigger then a minion should be held, or in a group any other AoE ability of a brute/corrupter/pet of master mind does more damage and in this agro. But the ability really shines solo and early on when you are fighting minions, keeping them continuously damaged. You hold 1 mob, fight the 2nd/3rd mobs and your AoE damages the hold one also. By the time the 2 mobs you are fighting will be dead and your hold mob with a lot of health lost. It speeds up the process a lot. If your hold is 6 slotted with DOs then you easily can hold 2 mobs, and fighting the 3rd. Just use your hold always on an unheld mob or reapply to the one that is going to break free. But indeed maybe to highly rated

2) Greater Ice Sword
The only good reports I have heard are from PvP players, PvE it is very skippable, running Tactics or Assault does more good for your attacks then GIS ever will do. And then I even take the endurance into account, do not forget you have 2-3 melee attacks already and 2 (soon 3!) ranged attacks. And the next power is much better then GIS.

3) Power Boost
Again a good PvP power I did hear, but for PvE very skippable. The few sec of hold extra only really help you if you need to hold a Boss and are afraid you miss him (he needs two applications) and you just used Domination. It wont increase the chance you hit the boss (at least if you got 2 SOs in your hold) but it would let the hold last a bit longer so if you miss 1 hold you get a 2nd chance..
For secondary powers, well it could help in PvP for a few sec, but they last prity short, and you apply them any way again with your attacks over and over. Ad Arctic Air on top of this you most likely reach the cap any way for -recharge, the few more seconds wont matter that much.

Maybe I should note that I seldom PvP and for that factor not take all these considerations into account that help in PvP.... Sounds like a good idea, I'll work that into the guide tomorrow.

Please keep comments comming, even if you disagree then give me the reason why.



Good guide. I love Doms but Ice/Ice is just my least favorite combo so far. The Endurance issues just make me want to pull my hair out. It's a perfectly good Dom though, and I do plan to level an Ice/Ice up to at least 32, but it's the last one on my play schedule.

So Ice/Ice I'll see you in...2009? lol

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I've been tweaking my build that I've posted on here (Purrmafrost), and so far I like most of what you've posted.

Virtue H&V: CatSquid of Justice-Lvl 37 TriForm PB, Tundra Tigress-Lvl 50 Claws/SR Scrapper, Mistress Khaos-Lvl 50 Dark/Fire Brute, D'Vine Death-Lvl 50 Plant/Thorn Dom, Phrozen Purrgatory-Lvl 50 Ice/Cold Corr, Prowling Pantheress-Lvl 50 Claws/Nin Stalker, Robo Mynx 3.0-Lvl 50 Bots/Traps MM, ArachniBlast-Lvl 50+3 Perma Hasten/Perma Pets/High Recharge Crabspider, Devil's Wrath-Lvl 50 Bane Spider. SG: The 912 Project, VG: Progressively Evil.




Chillblain: this is a 1 sec activation or so, ranged damage is about equal to Ice Blast... with this and 3 other Blast attacks plus your ranged Hold, you will have 5 ranged attacks, all of which give -Slow/-Recharge. I would certainly take it once you have End issues under control, as it allows you to kite mobs you don't want to face in melee, and kiting with a character who does strong -Slow is also good in PvP.

Shiver: this is good for PvP... again, stacking Slows is a killer.

GIS: I agree to skip this... you have lots of attacks. You have lots of fast attacks. With all the attacks that you have, how can you take and slot this power also? I mean, it's not a bad power per se, but what are you going to drop? Ranged blasts? I wouldn't drop ranged blasts for a Dominator, I dislike dropping AoEs for a ST attack, so in the end, it's a fine attack that will pull slots from other fine attacks.

Frost Breath & Shiver: Very good combination. I do like the idea of skipping or taking both, rather than taking only one. And I also like the Chilling Embrace/Ice Sword Circle combination... I would go with one of the two combos, depending on whether you prefer cones to PBAoEs or not. If you go all-ranged (blasts and Chillblain), I would suggest FB&Shiver.



artic air is a set defining power

skipping ice sword is dumb

chilling embrace is worthless for an ice/ice

flash freeze is awesome for eating alpha's and soloing.



= Powerboost does so much more than extend your holds.

It increases the power of your slows (huge for ice), boosts heal and defense based powers. Paired with Vengeance, you just granted the entire team an "elude" type buff. Paired with medicine pool you can completely heal yourself and others.

I would never skip power boost on a dom..absolutely never.

Otherwise a decent guide IMHO.

My level 50 Dominators:
Madame Mindbender 50 Mind/Energy
Fly Agaric 50 Plant/Thorn
Nate Nitro 50 Fire/Psi



*Sorry about the necro posting, but as this pertains to this particular build, I was all about consolidating.*

In slotting Arctic Air going for procs (I have 3 of the damages), I have the following:

Cacophony: Chance for Damage and End/Confuse, Malaise Illusion: Chance for Damage and End/Confuse, Glimpse of the Abyss: Chance for Damage, and a single endurance reducer IO.

This gives me a significant end reduction on the cost (essentially two slotting endurances), an extra confusion bonus that I wouldn't normally have going with procs, extra recovery (2 slotting malaise gives 2.5% and Cocophony 1%), and of course, 3 of the damage procs (two Psionic, one energy).

I like it so far, and it wasn't terribly expensive, little over 3 mill overall.

*Numbers are based off of memory, and may not be exact*

While I know it's a huge suck on my endurance, I am tempted to take Chilling embrace and slot that with the slow damage proc as well. I'm all about putting procs in toggles lately.

Personally, on my level 50 Plant/Ice, I took GIS simply because I liked the big shiny ice sword of DOOM. I'm not sure if I'm going to grab it with my Ice/Ice yet (Who just got Jack at 32).



I like your sytem of rating powers. I don't agree 100%, but its decent.

I think you ought to talk about the fact that there are different types of Ice Dominators. Its completely valid to play only distance attacks. You can also take mostly the melee attacks and be fine. Either way, Ice Assault attacks recharge very quickly.

I disagree with you on Power Pools

Medicine. I think it makes for a very good set for dominators. Solo, it lets me go faster and rest less. I don't have enough Heals to keep going with just inspirations. Its funny that with domination, you get a great recharge to endurance, Medicine lets you use some of it to recharge life. On a team and later, maybe its less helpful as you probably have more controls and take less damage.

Hasten is great for a Dominator even without Perma-domination. You will want your powers up often, it helps get your holds up more often. Ice Slick more often, Power Boost more often. Even lets you take less attacks... its solid.

Last and separately what do people think of Frost Breath... Most people don't like it, but it seems like a lot of damage.

From City of Data:

Dominator Assault > Icy Assault > Frost Breath
Close (Cone), Moderate DoT(Cold), Foe -Recharge, -SPD
Unleashes a cone of frosty breath that can Slow your opponents' movement and attacks. Very accurate and very deadly at medium range. Damage: Moderate(DoT), Recharge: Slow

Type Click, Ranged Prerequisites None
Accuracy 1.2 Modes Required None
Range 40 feet Modes Disallowed Disable_All
Interrupt Time - Cast Time 2.67 seconds
Recharge Time 16 seconds Activate Period -
Endurance Cost 15.18
Attack Types AOE Attack, Cold Attack
Effect Area Cone
Radius 40 feet
Arc 30 degrees
Max Targets Hit 10
Target Foe Target Visibility Line of Sight
Notify Mobs Always
Enhancements Allowed


Level 50 Dominator Effects
2 * 25.3 Cold Damage over 0.60 seconds
-20% JumpHeight Enhancement to Target for 10 seconds [Ignores Enhancements & Buffs]
-20% SpeedJumping to Target for 10 seconds
-20% RechargeTime Enhancement to Target for 10 seconds [Ignores Enhancements & Buffs]
-20% RunSpeed to Target for 10 seconds
-20% FlySpeed to Target for 10 seconds
8 Rage to Self if (target = player)
Effect does not stack from same caster

Compare to Bitter Ice Blast:

Dominator Assault > Icy Assault > Bitter Ice Blast
Ranged, Superior DMG(Cold/Smash), Foe -Recharge, -SPD, -ACC
A slower yet more powerful version of Ice Blast, Bitter Ice Blast deals much more damage and can also reduce your enemy's Accuracy. Like other Ice Blast powers, Bitter Ice Blast can Slow a target's movement and attack speed. Damage: Superior, Recharge: Sl

Type Click, Ranged Prerequisites None
Accuracy 1 Modes Required None
Range 50 feet Modes Disallowed Disable_All
Interrupt Time - Cast Time 1.07 seconds
Recharge Time 12 seconds Activate Period -
Endurance Cost 13
Attack Types Ranged Attack, Smashing Attack, Cold Attack
Effect Area Character
Target Foe Target Visibility Line of Sight
Notify Mobs Always
Enhancements Allowed


Level 50 Dominator Effects
36.15 Smashing Damage
46.27 Cold Damage
-7.5% ToHit to Target for 6 seconds
-20% JumpHeight Enhancement to Target for 12 seconds [Ignores Enhancements & Buffs]
-20% SpeedJumping to Target for 12 seconds
-20% RechargeTime Enhancement to Target for 12 seconds [Ignores Enhancements & Buffs]
-20% RunSpeed to Target for 12 seconds
-20% FlySpeed to Target for 12 seconds
8 Rage to Self if (target = player)
Effect does not stack from same caster