Short Attention Span Theatre




Does anyone else have this problem? I've developed three characters to level 18+ so far. The first was a complete botch job, but I've just kind of...drifted away from the other two. It seems that Level 18 is my "attention span" point, where I begin getting ideas for new characters.

I think my problem is that, at Level 18, the character's identity seems pretty well set. I've worked out their personality, and their core power set seems to have taken fairly firm shape. Or maybe I've just gotten tired of their costumes. I don't know. Either way, the characters always seem to have become who they're going to be around Level 18.

Now I'm on my fourth character, who's currently level 10. Has anyone else experienced this?



I have 6 going right now. I often lose interest in one and will switch to another for awhile. None are as high as yours yet, so I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up.



ohh yes...happens to me all the time...getting beyond 14 is my problem... In my experience you just need to find a really good char concept that can last a while



I love Fox WAY too much to EVER get tired of him

But I am tired of some of the missions I keep getting, either hunts (kill 30!!) or timed missions... it seems like such a hassle...

So I finally created a new character, and I love him too.

But I haven't lost my love for Fox... heh... don't think I ever will!!



Well, I came back to playing Totally Awesome today -- I think, out of all the characters I've created, she's the real keeper. I think I just needed a couple of days of not being a Valley Girl.

I am tired of her costume, though. I can't wait until the first big update is published.



It doesn't help that around the high teens early 20's is the "holy crap it takes a long time to get anywhere" point. Unless some good friends are on, it's more fun to experiment with a new character than to spend pretty much an entire day's worth of play trying to hit the next level.

I think the bigger question is, do you automatically transfer all your new characters to your old super group, or do you try an entirely fresh start, blank friends list and all?



Play only one character?!! But if you did that, think of all the great characters you AREN'T playing!



Goodness! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one. ^_^

I’ve tried (with great difficulty) to never let myself make more than 5 at any one time, and that means I’m always dropping one that didn’t work out before I make another.

Since I’ve found a wonderful little roleplaying group, almost all of my characters have kept in that one, but so far only two have withstood the test of time beyond level 10. Both have developed they’re own very different personalities, and even have different relationships with the various members of my super-team, but I’m always coming up with new names and ideas for costumes…

The “but what if” factor is what keeps sucking me in. “Ooh, but what if I tried making this one as a scrapper?” “But what if this name isn’t taken?” “Ooh, I haven’t played this character for years, I wonder how she would work out in Paragon City?”

I finally made an alt who joined a *gasp* different roleplay super-group, and then found out two of my home groups members had alts in the group! You never know who’s playing who where, I guess! It’s nice to have a change of pace, and new faces to meet.

As for myself, I’m still struggling to only play one of each arch-type (balaster, controller, defender, scraper), but the grass sure looks greener… when… er… the green … grass… the Green Grass…

I gotta go, I just thought of a new character! ^^;




My problem is that I have only once character that I like, Intel Inside, and I'm never happy with how I build him. I think I've tried about every possible Blaster combination with him up to level 10. I figure that had I just kept playing his first incarnation, he'd be 40 by now. Still, the character never grows old to me, but I look forward to when I can transfer him to a newer chassis. I think I'm really happy with the eng/eng blaster idea. Finally.



I love your posts, by the way, Intel...

And for some reason when Fox interacts with Robots, hilarity ensues!

Look forward to having your CPU shut down when faced with Fox's "Confusing Queries"

~The Sly Fox~

P.S. Calculate: can Jesus make a burrito so hot, not even he himself could eat it...




P.S. Calculate: can Jesus make a burrito so hot, not even he himself could eat it...

[/ QUOTE ]

Short answer: no

Long answer: Jesus himself claims no exceptional powers of his own, save as a conduit for heavenly ascension ("No one comes to the Father but through me"). Therefore it's unlikely that, as a very specific cosmological entity, he has access to true omnipotence.

So in CoH terms, Jesus is not the high-level fire tanker with super strength, but someone with a lot of recharge SO's slotted in teleport friend.

P.S.- I hate insomnia



Wow, I have trouble keeping characters past level 6. I usually make, level a tad, then delete two-three characters every couple days. My forum name-sake is only level 5.
I have a couple character looks burned into my memory that I just can't figure out an angle for. That's when it gets really irritating.
I need to start finding some super groups or something not only for the grouped missions, but so my characters have something to latch onto.



An attention span that gets you to 18th? Wow, you're better than me.

I've made dozens of characters, across most of the servers, and I get bored around 8th. I've been here since the last 2 months of beta and LadyMage is my highest level character ever at 16th, and I'm already thinking of creating an Alt on Triumph......



Galactic Jack has been rerolled every single time I have logged in over the past month... booyah shahkalaka! I will say it's not because of the short attention span: it is actually because I love teh character so much. I love this character so much that the only power that eh has to have is super speed. I don't care what the rest fo his powers are, I could fit it into his story. The important thing is that his damn costume matches/fits every single one of the powers I take... that he looks good running down the street... and that his hair, skin and tail remain. Yes... I have been rerolling Jack because his outfit didn't match his accessories... yes, I was the creepy kid on the block that played with My Little Pony.