so long and thanks for all the fish...




I am not on to be on the forums. I haven't spent more than a a few hours since launch even looking at pretty costumes. that being said this will be my first, last, and I think ONLY real post on the forums.

I love this game. It will always hold a special place in my heart. I first heard of it in I want to say '02 when it was merely in beginning stages or some such. I continued to keep tabs on it until beta's started going out. I got in, I was ecstatic. I am still playing this game. I count this game at a decade for me. and through it all I never switched servers, never switched super groups, never left a channel or ignored a single person. from arguing with KOIS and blaming xfunk, to talking with lady dee and WW and hawkeyed and everyone else for hours while I just stood under atlas. From pinnacle badges to pinnbadges. I will miss and cherish every moment. when soups dinged 50, my first 50, and all the food jokes that came my way.

from katie tf's, the death of statesman, all the in game content. but more importantly all of you, on my server on every server and in the studio. this was and always will be a game by the players for the players. when BABS argued we'd have to sacrifice an issue to get power customization we said do it... and they did. always coming out with more and more content always listening and talking to the players. no one does that. only this game. they even hired players.

this isn't a goodbye. I refuse to say goodbye. I always played as soups and he always stands his ground. I will fight for everyone until my hair falls out, my eyes stop working, I have to breathe through a straw and pee in a bucket. it's not over, it'll never be over. I have already added a lot of you on facebook and I'm sure there will be more coming later. I will be there when they shut off the power as I was there when they turned on the lights.

making fun of zwill's hat, naming every nemesis plot, taxibots, rikti, reveal power, ultra mode, footstomp, clever girl..., trials, tf's, badges, friends, fortunes, good times... as it has always been... this game will go down swinging...

in all walks of life, good, bad and otherwise... soups is there for anyone reading this, send me a tell, or maybe I'll find you...

and always remember...

go. hunt. kill skulls...

-this inane rambling brought to you by a distraught soups...



It's been an honor serving with you

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you too vox, forever our fearless leader



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...clever girl...

Mostly Pinnacle, with scattered alts on Liberty, Freedom, and Justice.

I had a great time playing with you!



It was a pleasure seeing you herd the entirety of Monster Island. Wish I could've stayed to see how it ended.



Well said my friend. I wasn't here for nearly that long, but rest assured that if/when the time comes Heat Guard will be standing tall fire sword in hand when they come to turn out the lights.

Thanks to everyone that helped make me a welcomed part of the community, and for giving me over 3 years of some of the best gaming I've been able to take part in. May the next game bring many friendships and maybe reconnect to some old CoH friends.



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