Fire Tank and S/L Resist




I had planned on picking up the damage Alpha for my Fire/Energy/Fire tank.

Then, I found out about the Uncommon Endurance Alpha that helps DR also.


So, long story short, picked that up instead. S/L went from 70.55% to 74.48%. Not bad, also eliminated the last traces of end problems.

That led me to thinking about respeccing, as I think I can free up about 4 slots.

That led to me realizing that there is a PvP melee set that with 5 slotted, adds to S/L resist.

Hmm again.

So, what I'm wondering is, can a Fire Tank actually cap S/L Resist at 90%. Not debating if it makes sense for build reasons, or if capping defense would be better.

Just curious if it can be done at all. Thanks!



it may be possible but you'd have to try gimping yourself to get it .

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Go to Mids'. Click Window -> Set Bonus Finder. You can then look up all the sets with S/L resist.

There are only four sets. They are ranged AoE, pet recharge, accurate defense debuff, and the PvP melee single target. For the first three, your build could only fit those in epic pools. That means you have to rely on 5 bonuses from the PvP set at 1.89% each, which is 9.45%. That would leave you at 6.07% away from the cap, which you could not fill with epic pool set bonuses due to a lack of slots for the 47 and 49 powers. The most bonuses you could get would be 3 sets, leaving you just shy of the cap no matter which set bonuses you pick.

However, let's look at the potential for when you get to the final tier of the Alpha boost because 2/3 of that 20% resistance enhancement will bypass EDR. So, 70.55% * (1 + 2/3 * 20%) = 79.96% resistance, minimum. That only accounts for the portion that bypasses EDR. It will likely hit 80%, giving you the opportunity to push yourself to the cap with the PvP set bonuses and one epic pool set bonus.



Kinetic Crash for KB powers does 2.5% Smashing res (and a host of other awesome bonuses for Fiery Aura like recharge and KB protection). By 'a host' I mean those two. I also wish it would slot into RotP, because if one power deserves KB slotting it's the explosive rez!

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my fire tanks first build is at 84% right now it could be 86% by replacing a purple set for my glad strike set.but i really dont wanna .i dont know its its totally possible to cap. but i know i can get to around 87% s/l resistance. my ulimate goal is to make him capped in s/l resistance like he was before. im close to my goal. 6 % to go!

certain sets like:

kinectic crash (2.5% smashing resistance)which you can slot into kick

shield wall 3% resistance can go into weave or manevers or combat jumping

analyze weakness( 1.575% s/l resistance) can go into melt armor

airburst ( .63% s/l resistance) can go into fireball.

gladiator strike( 1.89% s/l resistance) can go into any melee power

edict of the master (2.5% lethal resistance)can go into a pet if you grab a ppp

hibernation ( 1.25% smashing resistance)can go into salt crystals if you grab the earth mastery

the bestway to cap is to take all the single target powers like bof and fs and gfs and incinerate( no fsc or combustion..kinda be almost like a pvp build.) then grab the earth mastery.i bet itll be like 88/89 % it would be REAL close..i just a quicky mids build and it does look possible.but it would totally make your fire tank way off from the aoe damage machine its suppose to be.




Thanks for the information!



I worked a quick Mids build for it as well... based it on Leviathan Mastery, which is the best APP for getting resistance bonuses.

It's... possible to do, but it would be very, very expensive. To paraphrase Arcanaville: One PVP IO is reasonable. Twenty-six is possible, but ridiculous.

That's a lot of Gladiator's Strike - five sets of five, plus the Shield Wall +Res. Though... I just checked the market price on the Gladiator's Strike, and it's nowhere near as ridiculous as I thought. Still... the Shield Wall is a 2 billion inf IO, so start running those tip missions. Twenty-six PVP IOs will give you about 12% more S/L resist.

With the Alpha slot, you can cap it. EM is great, with all those single-target attacks that can take Glad Strikes.

Edit: Make no mistake, you're still looking at a six billion inf. build.

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Yup, I skipped the proc in the one set I've bought/have buy orders up on, so that helps the cost.

I'll have to make a call on whether I want two more sets. Recharge or S/L resist....Decisions, decisions. I would basically be going from 145% recharge to 135% (with hasten up), for that extra 3.7% of S/L. I would also be giving up about +14% accuracy bonuses, but I would still have around +70% - (thank you purples), so not worried about that.

Interesting choices that the Alpha slot has opened up.



Eh, I'm honestly wondering how necessary it's really going to be to push a Fiery Aura Tanker's S/L resists beyond what regular shields, Tough, and the Cardiac Boost can do for you. I just have the Uncommon slotted in Grey Pilgrim, and he really doesn't notice much. Sometimes I would notice when a lot of damage was going his way on the LGTF, for instance, and now it's... kind of a cakewalk, even in the crowded rooms when he's basically soloing. It also makes a dramatic difference when he's soloed Arachnos, who could sometimes be a pain with their defense debuffs.

Might still help to go higher on the ITF, as I haven't tried soloing on the wall and other areas much just yet. Defense debuffs are actually the biggest issue for the Wall of Fire build in my signature, but having a bit more defense from Maneuvers and more resist might have done the ticket for Cimerorans. Worked for Arachnos.

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The only place I would want more resists is in the ITF, really. And you can easily craft a +5% Lethal Resistance base empowerment buff that should last you the entire TF.

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