How many of you actually play the content, and by that I mean run missions from contacts. I know, the older ones send you all over, bit of a pain, but manageable. The defeats, see this guy and that, again, manageable. Aside from that, there are some good arcs. One I enjoyed was fighting Dr. Vazhilok outside of Posi, in a Vazhilok arc. One is the Hollows, I am really starting to appreciate that one which ends with the Caverns of Transcendence. Faultline is another good arc. As is the um Raiders one, which details their origin. These all give merits, which is a bonus, and there are some good ones. Anybody else have favorites or like this type of content?



As oppose to what exactly? Farm a single mission? Live inside AE? Always run other player's missions?

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Here. Ever since the noXP option was implemented, I make it a point to run the content. All of it.



I always prefer to run missions from a contact over farming or even just running radio/newspaper missions over and over. Although certain contacts and/or story arcs can be very annoying, and if I notice them I may try to avoid them. Still, for the most part, I switch off running different zones on different characters, especially if it's been a while since I last ran contacts in that zone.

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On almost all my chars, I try to develop a full set of contacts at each level range (1-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc). That means get all the contacts I can in that range, do enough missions to at least get their cell # and full store access.

I then try to cherry-pick the best missions to finish before levelling to the next range. And yes, thank heavens for the No XP option. So I want to get Bocors Loa Bone before levelling to 10, and the various safeguards, and the missions that grant specific powers etc.

Once that is done, there is so MUCH content that I try a bit here and there before I get impatient and level up to the next range. So I still end up missing a lot of content on each char.

Why not play it all? Well, with 60+ alts, at least 20 of them "favourites", each char can't play it all. Not in any reasonable time anyway.

I imagine it has been covered before, but has anyone done a "Best Content To Go through at Each Level Range" guide? I really don't mind missing the "Hunt 20 Tsoo" missions, but yes I also enjoyed the Dr. Vahzilok arc and Frostfire (always a fave) and Faultine arcs, or getting Warwolf whistles and Scrolls of Ruin for popping off some missions.

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Originally Posted by Father Xmas View Post
As oppose to what exactly? Farm a single mission? Live inside AE? Always run other player's missions?

I try to run a mix, but it's probably 98% "content" (my arcs or a friend's,) 2% "Other" (street sweep for a bit, or venture into AE or what have you.)



I run very little content these days (although I have run all of it already).

Lvl 12-37 is done almost completely on TFs blue side, I tend not to level anything red side any more. Until there is more powerset proliferation, I can't think of any more toons I want to make at the moment.

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