Steelclaw's First Annual Christmas Album!

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Yes, I've been back in the recording studio much to the chagrin of the poor slobs who wear the headphones. This time my parodies are all Holiday tunes.

Once again, keep in mind that I am recording these songs with a pair of cheap headphones/mic combination and only able to select the songs offered for Free on the karaoke web site I use.

Also, we here at Steelclaw Studios are not responsible for hearing loss, sanity loss or any night terrors caused by listening to this album.

Track One: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Blue Side Version)

This is the heroic version of the song. Er... perhaps "heroic" should be in quotes... yeah... definitely in quotes.

Track Two: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Red Version)

Due to his popularity on the first album we have brought back Grandville's own Westin Phipps to sing this old Holiday classic! You have been warned.

Track Three: Jingle Bells

I personally liked this one, especially the writing of it. This one actually had me upset there weren't more choruses since I had WAY more material to fill it up for at least another six stanzas or so.

Track Four: Frosty the Snowman

Oh come on, with killer snowmen jumping out of randomly dropped gift boxes everywhere how could I possibly NOT make this song?

Track Five: The First Noel

I was nervous about actually posting this one as I have no desire to offend any of our forumites who are deeply religious about Christmas. If you suspect this concern applies to you, you should likely skip ahead to the next track.

Track Six: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I have taken the liberty of speaking for all the forumites with this song. It is intended to be playful but still very serious. It is my hope that at least one or two of the Devs listen to it since it was written for them. I hope all my fellow forumites believe it sums up our feelings for our beloved game's development team.

Considering my utter lack of anything resembling singing ability, if anyone who CAN sing would like to re-record this song and post it in the thread... please do.

Thank you all for listening. Thank you for all the laughs. I sincerely wish all the Forumites and Developers a very happy holidays and a fantastic new year.


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Poor Frosty... only worth 2 merits.

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OMG - he has found another "creative outlet" besides the lists and the infernal spreadsheets.

Thanks for the laughs, but I now need some of that bleach from the first track to clean my ears, LOL. Where did I put that mental floss?

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Wow. Steelclaw... that was awesome.



Bravo! Bravo! Very very well done!


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I'm impressed...

.... and somewhat traumatized.



Perfectly timed delivery as I needed to wrap some Christmas gifts this morning (instead of logging in, yes... sigh...)!

Everyone one a winner, here.



These made me grin. Especially the lines: "Heroes take me away / I just want to play City the whole of Christmas day." A guilty smile, but still.

Thanks for sharing.