ILL/RAD or COLD issue 19 help please?




So all this time i have been playing scrappers because I love the feel of taking on the hardest of content all by myself when i start hearing about how ill/rad or cold controllers can take avs/gms out faster and more efficiently than pretty much anything else sooooo i did my research and I believe that Ill/cold is the way to go, it has much more -RES and if i enhance correctly i will have -500%regen up permanently!

Can someone please help me build an ULTIMATE av/gm/tf build to only SOLO the hardest of content by myself?? I dont want anyone on my team ever, i just want this character to be my soloer Money is no object, just help me with a build please

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my current ill/cold/ice build can solo stuff fairly easy, hes still missing a few IOs but can solo AVs and has solo deathsurge GM, i been running lady winter mish with her as an AV because i can lol

the basic with either build is to try to get perma PA which usually involves a very high amount of rech



We have had a plethora of "Money is no object. Make me a build" posts lately. I suggest you (a) look back on the boards, as there have been a few Ill/Cold threads recently, and (b) try to make a build yourself, post it and then folks will more likely comment.

And how come nobody seems to want to level characters up anymore? . . . All we seem to get are "I want an uber build with unlimited money" requests.

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Maybe people are dreaming big, or farming so much they have billions to spread around. The ability to e-mail influence hasn't helped either.

OP, download Mids, make yourself a build and post it here. No one is going to do all the leg work for you.

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its a long road to 50 anyway. by the time you're 40 you'll already have an idea of how you want your controller to improve. at that point, for me, its "i want phantom army back faster". after that, its just a question of the interesting ways to get it. i know a lot take combat jumping to drop a lotg into. and other defensive toggles work for that too, including hover. sadly for me, money "is" an object.