No 27 month vet reward




Hey guys and girls.

I checked my account and it says that I earned the 27 month vet reward on the 11th of December. When I log in I don't get the "vet reward earned" message on unplayed characters. Also, when I checked badges it is listed there.

However, in the costume creator I cannot see the Anime armor. grr!

Any help please?


edit: hang on... is it called "Tech Sleek"? Not the most amazing costume set but if I have what I have earned then I am happy.



Yes... "Tech Sleek" is the 27 Month Vet costume

Thank you, Champion.



Yes, Tech Sleek is the set you're looking for.

Dammit, Bram! Type slower!




Based on what I've seen, you just need to type faster

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Tech Sleek is reflective under Ultra Mode, try it with white coloring for the best effect.

On a separate note, for anyone who wanders into this thread having issues with Vet Rewards being awarded: sometimes the Vet Reward systems glitches and the reward ends up not being granted when it should. Send a petition and you should be able to get the situation resolved.

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