The JimBobLugar Conundrum




I know this one guy named JimBobLugar. JimBobLugar plays CoH/V and has played it since launch. JimBobLugar has left the game two or three times and has come back and is currently active. I know...sounds familiar, right?

A few weeks ago JimBobLugar became privy to a mission that made leveling advancement extremely easy and efficient. He took advantage of this and leveled 3 or 4 of his characters by 10 or so levels and even got to 50 with one of his characters who was level 45 beforehand. Now that said mission has been fixed, Bob has explained to me that he's finding it very difficult to login and play. JimBobLugar told me he's trying to rationalize how he can spend all this time playing a game where advancement now seems so slow and is now perceiving playing the game as a waste of his time and money.

I've explained to JimBobLugar that he seems to enjoy leveling his characters, soloing, teaming, etc. - this is his favorite aspect of the game, in fact. Furthermore, because JimBobLugar used that mission to hurry his advancement that his poor decision to overplay that mission has now ruined the very reason he plays the game.

So the reason for my post is to convince you to send words of encouragement and support to JimBobLugar to change his name because I'm so effing tired of typing out "JimBobLugar".

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all.



Hmmm, I am a little confused but....

I will say that he just needs to get on a good team(s) to experience the fun of teaming/leveling again.

I always like teaming and doing things rather than sit in a door and gaining xp (although yes I have done that because hey it is fast xp and I can do it while I do other things ).

Teaming with good people/friends/sgmates > anything else in game (except maybe teaming with devs....but I haven't had that so... ).

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That is either a really sad friend or the best joke I have seen in awhile lol

At any rate, I always play for the experience... not XP.

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My first thought is to say that anyone who would name their toon in such a way, without any spaces deserves what they get. But, my first thoughts are generally rude, so I do my best to suppress them.

My second thought is to tell JBL that it is horrificly easy to level up in this game, teamed or solo. I level so fast, that I am now sometimes turning xp off because I'm tired of crafting IOs for my toons. (I craft the highest IO I can, usually, as I want my toons to have the best chance possible given that all I do is mash through an attack chain without much thought to any other sneaky tactics like invis and tp ally.)

*thinks to self, "That's got to be a run-on sentence or something. Eh, who cares?" *

I remember a time when leveling was pretty hard to do. I would swear that xp has increased since 2007. Sure seems that way to me. Besides, JBL, you now have a level 50. The pressure is now off. You can coast with your other toons.

Oh, JBL, you should really try to team with guys like -horus and Fitzsnickered and their many alts. Those guys are comic geniuses. Fast typers also. They'll keep ya laughing, for sure.

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I would first ask that JimBobLugar change his name because the one he is using is just terrible!

After that, he should try teaming, if he hasn't. Really, I solo a lot because, funny as it may sound, I like to read the story arcs. And why else would you play an MMO then to team?

Finally, if all JBL wants to do is level up characters, he should keep rolling up new ones. Those first 7 levels go by so fast.

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He could always change his name to Fan_Mail. GET IT!??! I SURE DO!

Oi vey what's wrong with you people!?!?!?

I enjoy getting to 50 as fast as possible with builds already planned out. If it's at the expense of a monkey or two so be it.

To each their own, that's what I say!



Getting to 50 is all fine and good, you just need a regular group of people to play them with

You should join a apex with us sometime, Fan

/gignore @username is the best feature of this game. It's also probably the least used feature.
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Originally Posted by FitzSimmons View Post
He could always change his name to Fan_Mail. GET IT!??! I SURE DO!

Oi vey what's wrong with you people!?!?!?

I enjoy getting to 50 as fast as possible with builds already planned out. If it's at the expense of a monkey or two so be it.

To each their own, that's what I say!
What you do with your monkey is completely up to you Fitz, but trying to use them as a form of currency may not be the best bet.

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