Broken Mids - What to DO?




Greetings! When i click on any build i receive the Update pending notice that a recently downloaded update pack has not yet been applied. It states it needs to restart Mids to apply the previous update. It states it needs to exit. Then a new window pops up with MHDLoader.exe and my computer warns me that the publisher is unknown. I accept and then it opens Mids to the last build i viewed.

So far so good, right? Well then i click a different build i was working on and it does the same thing (update notice, etc) and again opens to the same build as the first. The only way i can get a build opened is to click file, then open and the select from the browsing window. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. I am inquiring if any of you have had the same problems with mids and what you did to fix it. Please help, as i have several toons to respec and have been fighting with this since the new mids came out (btw, this is the version from the forums). Thanks in advance!



Go right to the horse's mouth and tell the Mid's team.

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edit: As I understand it, there is (unless it's been fixed) s at least one known issue with slots for inherent fitness. Are these builds that slotted Inherent Fitness powers (usually Stamina)?

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Turn off the auto-updater feature of Mid's. And make sure that you download the one from the correct site.

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As long as you have the I18 version of Mids', then the Auto Updater is fixed and working again.
Not for Vista users. I had the same problem. The usual download page only had the update, so I couldn't even download the program itself. I went to the Titan forums and found a link HERE to download the entire program again. I SAVED it first, then ran it from my computer as an Administrator. Then once the Icon was on my desktop, I right-clicked into Properties on it and said for it to run as an Administrator.

That fixed it. Had to do that on two computers, both still running Vista.

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I had this problem. The way I fixed the problem was to uninstall; do a reinstall but add a 1 to the end of the file path to install to.



Thank you, thank you, thank YOU Transhade! Adding a 1 to the filename made everything work just as it used to!

Thank ALL of you, Sailboat, Aett, Kheldarn and Local for your comments, advice and direction. Putting it all together, i now have the correct file, correctly installed and working correctly!