Bugged: Bomb Trigger Hero Mission




Doing the Hero Alignment Mission of Destroy the Bomb Triggers for the second time. After I fight the first boss (5th Column Oberist or something like that) You have to find Maelstrom. Well I go looking for him and then all of a sudden out of nowhere a message in my message box pops up saying that you have Defeated Maelstrom and his minions but he got away, but I haven't touched or even seen him, and the bomb trigger box pops up to destroy it. I would have thought is was just a glitch, but this has happened to me twice.

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-Spiritchaser speaking on Dom Revamp



I guess that better than the one I've just experienced with this mission. I go into the mission defeat the Oberst... Now the objective tells me to "Find Maelstrom" however, after searching the entire map 4x, he and the malta with him are NOT on the map at all! I have even totally reset the mission to the very same effect.



Last time I ran it he was invisible in a spawn of Council, and there were no Malta at all. After beating the Council (who said something about capturing Maelstrom) I could click on him to begin his text and all that.



Yeah, they changed the mission yet again. Now you have to find the group of council he's hiding in. It's not too hard, there's NPC chatter when you get close to the group. Then Maelstrom will run up to you and you talk to him before you fight him.

Dunno bout your bug, though.



Yeah, just find a Vampyr with a bad German accent. Defeat him and his guards, and then Maelstrom will reveal himself to you (he's actually right there, just invisible).



And check out how uber I am, based on the mission complete text:

You have defeated Uranium Bomb Trigger Shipment Container
You have prevented Lord Caernoz from returning through the portal... For now.
You've destroyed the container holding all of the uranium-filled bomb triggers. Longbow can return to mop up any of the Fifth Column stragglers left in the base.
I destroyed the bomb triggers AND stopped Lord Caernoz! Pretty smooth, eh?

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