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The game is simple, go over to and see how many tropes apply to your favorite characters (RP and/or in-game).

Since some apply to multiple characters, I'm going to list the trope first and then the characters it applies to.

Cute Bruiser: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Tectonia
Small Girl, Big Gun: Cobalt Stinger
Genki Girl: Cobalt Stinger
Action Girl: Tectonia
Dark Action Girl: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Involuntary Shape Shifting: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Cat Girl: Kathode
Robot Girl: Cobalt Stinger
Connecticut Yankee: Cobalt Stinger
Hitman with a Heart: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Naga Obscura
Wrench Wench: Cobalt Stinger
Gadgeteer Genius: Cobalt Stinger
Genius Ditz: Cobalt Stinger
Witch Species: Anna Nethema
Badass Lolita: Cobalt Stinger, Kathode
Battle Aura: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Naga Obscura, Tectonia
Artificial Human: Cobalt Stinger
Tykebomb: Kathode
Odd Friendship Cobalt Stinger and Naga Obscura
Cute Monster Girl: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Naga Obscura, Brimstone Mephit, etc...
My Suit is Also Super: Well, everyone...

Note: I intend for this to be in the RP forum. If I wanted it in the Games one I'd have put it there.



Genki Girl

[/ QUOTE ]

Now THAT'S my kind of woman!



Let's see...

I have some Good Thing You Can Heal in Psycho13... I haven't yet had him go up against the Sanguimancer, but when he does, hoo boy...

There's a little I Just Want to be Normal in Roland Grey...

Randall Grey has Magic Pants and magic shirts, magic boots, magic... You get the idea.

Nearly all of my characters are Not Wearing Tights. They've got a few rare instances where they wear something classic (like Kip's Nictus Armor, which is really armor but smacks of Power Rangers jump suits every time I get around to using it), but for the most part, my heroes work in street clothes.

All of our RPs have narrative Luckily, My powers Will Protect Me moments.

I'm going to need to peruse this list more to see how my characters match up...

My Stories

Look at that. A full-grown woman pulling off pigtails. Her crazy is off the charts.



Sir Morgant
Jarrod Crosswell
Herald of Sorrow
Disc Jackal - Desultory, Polluted, Herald of Sorrow - Desultory - Sir Morgant, Scordatura, Kobura - Sir Morgant - Polluted - Sir Morgant, Kobura - Denryuu - Virelai, Scordatura - Virelai, Sir Morgant, Scordatura, Kobura, Jarrod Crosswell - Scordatura, Kobura - Kobura - Herald of Sorrow - Sir Morgant, Virelai, Kobura - Sir Morgant, Virelai, Scordatura, Kobura - Denryuu - Kobura, Scordatura (natch) - Vinn

And that's just with a passing glance...



You gave me more ideas.

Cursed With Awesome: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Oracular Urchin: Cobalt Stinger
Badass Longcoat: Cobalt Stinger, Mindskewer
Le Parkour: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Cute Little Fangs: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Disability Superpower: Tectonia cannot even walk without her power armor.
Good Old Fisticuffs: Anna Nethema, Kathode
Artificial Limbs: Cobalt Stinger
Hyperspace Arsenal: Cobalt Stinger (Interestingly, nobody ever asks Where The Hell Did That Come From?)
Proud Warrior Race: Naga Obscura, who is also a Rebellious Princess.
Implausible Fencing Powers: Naga Obscura, because Katanas Are Just Better.
Cyber Punk: Cobalt Stinger
Quirky Miniboss Squad: Mindskewer, Menschenbrecher, Amanita, Winterkill
Perky Goth: Anna Nethema
Raised By Wolves: Cobalt Stinger
Right Red Hand: Anna Nethema
Good Scars, Evil Scars: Cobalt Stinger
Strong Flesh, Weak Steel: Everyone except Tectonia (who wears a power armor suit) and Iron Samurai (who's skin is metallic).
Impossibly Cool Clothes: Everyone, although Cobalt occasionally becomes a Rummage Sale Reject.
Hair Colors: Everyone
Good Hair, Evil Hair: Cobalt Stinger and Naga Obscura both sport twin pigtails.
Extrodinarily Empowered Girl: All of them
Tsundere: Kathode
Anti Villain: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Cobalt Stinger, Naga Obscura, Brimstone Mephit
Spikes Of Villainy: Subverted by Mindskewer, as they are part of her body and used for combat.
Villain Team Up: Subverted by Anna Nethema, Kathode, Cobalt Stinger, and Naga Obscura as they form more of a Anti Villain Team Up.



Ink Dyne: Cute Bruiser, Big Girl, Small Gun (Technically doesn't use the guns much, but she has them).

Dragonistic (I count her and Khel as different people, for the purposes of this game): Cute Monster Girl, Cute Little Fangs

Kheldragon: Energy Absorption, Fate Worse Than Death

I'll have to look for more...


Unless I'm quoting someone, EVERY SINGLE post above is QR.
Dragonistic, Kheldragon, Ink Dyne, KheIdragon, Squiddy Attack

Total level is about 149.





I am somewhat confused as how to navigate that site to find what I'm looking for. Do I just randomly wander through and pick out thing that apply to my characters?

EDIT: Might as well add a few I got from looking at what's already been found.

My Suit is Also Super: Everyone except Archlich.

Clothes Make the Superman: Archlich, to some extent.

Glowing Eyes of Doom: Archlich, Lord Netharak

Power Glows: Toy Dispenser, Solid Shot

Take Over the World: Archlich

Utopia Justifies the Means: Archlich

Kill All Humans: Progenitor Runtime 2, Lord Netharak (though he wants to kill EVERYTHING)

Ridiculously Human Robots: Toy Dispenser, Solid Shot, Toy's bots (to a lesser degree)

Instant AI Just Add Water: Toy Dispenser, Solid Shot, Progenitor Runtime 2, Toy's bots

Lightning Can Do Anything: Mini Bot (Yes, Mini Bot gained his sentience by being hit by lightning. Took Toy forever to get it right, too.)

The Undead: Archlich

Hitman With a Heart: Toy Dispenser (to an extent)

Healing Factor: Balsk

One Winged Angel: Brutish Ghoul (involuntary)

The Cape: Solid Shot, Balsk

The Gunslinger: Solid Shot

Card Carrying Villain: Archlich (So hard with friends like Toy, though)

Color Coded for Your Convenience: Archlich, Lord Netharak, Progenitor Runtime 2, Brutish Ghoul. Subverted by Toy Dispenser (he's bright everything) and Solid Shot (he's grey).

Ok.... Maybe I DO kind of know how to do this. <_<

Statesman said let there be heroes, and there were heroes.

Lord Recluse said let there be villains, and there were villains.

NCsoft said let there be nothing, and there was nothing.



Cloudcuckoolander: Cobalt Stinger
Applied Phlebotinum: Cobalt Stinger
Clothes Make The Superman: Tectonia
Glowing Eyes Of Doom: Anna Nethema
Healing Factor: Anna Nethema
Death Is Cheap: Anna Nethema
Beware The Nice Ones: Cobalt Stinger
Spy Catsuit: Anna Nethema, Kathode, Cobalt Stinger, Naga Obscura
Magic Pants: Anna Nethema (No matter what she is wearing when she "Flames On", it never burns.)
Unstoppable Rage: Anna Nethema, Kathode (they are Brutes, after all).
Crazy Prepared: Cobalt Stinger (crosses over with Hyperspace Arsenal).
Prophetic Names: Anna Nethema (it's as if her parents knew ahead of time).



Kheldragon: Chesire Cat Grin, Slasher Smile, (She does that sometimes when a particularly large and delicious energy meal passes in front of her)Glowing Eyes Of Doom, Power Glows, Hellish Pupils, Almost Dead Guy (sort of), Healing Factor


Unless I'm quoting someone, EVERY SINGLE post above is QR.
Dragonistic, Kheldragon, Ink Dyne, KheIdragon, Squiddy Attack

Total level is about 149.





I'm partial to An Adventurer Is You, since I came up with the idea. (Well, not really. I just put the concept into words and brought up the idea of the page.)

I actually had a huge list, but got tired of writing it halfway through. (Man, I miss WikiWord functionality.) Suffice to say that Genki Girl, Badass Lolita, Gadgeteer Genius, Love Freak, Small Girl Big Gun (or sword, or other appliance of destruction), and Deadpan Snarker are well-represented.

Also, I'd have more Meganekko if the glasses in the costume creator were more, well, Moe Moe.

Current main:
Schrodinger's Gun, Dual Pistols/Mental Blaster, Virtue

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