A Guide to Mind/Fire Doms (i9)




I'm not going to really introduce the AT, because most of you know what a Dominator is. If you do no, don't worry, there are plenty of pretty awesome FAQs and Guides on these forums. Check them out. For those of you who know what Dominator's are, read on.

WHY Mind/???
Well you won't be getting tons of Hard Control out of it, but the Stacking abilities (Holds, Sleeps, Confuses, and even Fears with Presence Pool) and the Soft control is ridiculous. You'll have to wait until a little later to really see it's magic with Terrify and Total Domination, but It's a solid set.

Some of the fastest Animation times.
Some of the Highest Single Damage attacks for Dominators.
Mass Confuse is very fun to watch
Terrify is decent, huge AOE, damage with a Fear.
The Best AOE Soft Control except for maybe Ice's Ice Slick
Hard to Resist the effects (Psionic)

Some of the slowest Animation times (Confuse and Mass Confuse ARRGGG)
No Pet... D=
Late Bloomer in Power
You'll be seeing a lot of Purple and Pink colors..(maybe a con? maybe a pro?)
Agros like a *(&%^!!!

Why /Fire????

Well, fire is huge at ranged damage. As a dominator, you'll be seeing a lot of ranged combat. True, the melee attacks are more damage potential, but I've found it difficult to use as I like staying far away from those Purple Bosses. Fire has great AOE abilities tanging from a Cone, to two PbAOES (one damage and one END gain).

Fast Animation Times.
Early Bloomer (Fire Breath AHHH!!!)
Damage over time
High Damage both AOE and Single.

No Utility other than blasting
Draws Agro like a fiend.
Again, no utility.

Why Mind/Fire????

Well, here is where I'll end up confusing people because I'm horrible at trying to convey my thoughts. I will give you the pros/cons and then explain it...

Late/Early Bloomer helps along the way
Fiery Embrace + Domination = Rox0r

You will Die a lot . The Agro this build can create is enough to probably even make Tankers upset.
With a lot of soft control options, enemies won't be as locked down as much and as easy.
A few power Pool powers are needed to make the build work right.
Confuse can be detrimental to your XP gain if not careful.

Let's go into detail. First: AOE.
As a Mind/fire, you'll have access to a lot of AOE options. The Controling of Mind and the Offense of Fire is enough to help completely destroy any non-purple group of mobs. Yes, you can Spam Mass Hypnosis, Terrify, Mass Domination, and a breath of fire. Throw in a few single attacks and rinse and repeat. You can make the team go “WOW” when they realize that as the brute was killing the Boss, you has the luits, pets, underlings, their mothers, and the minions all wiped out. When in Rikti raids, spam some of the AoEs to get massive results and XP.

Second: Late/Early bloomers.
Now, i mentioned Mind was a late bloomer. But Fire is an early bloomer. You can easily slide by with only a couple attacks from mind and more from fire. Why? At the earlier levels, the enemies are pretty easy and don't require a huge amount of controlling to keep them from getting out of hand (bank farm in Mercy, anyone?) So as mind is getting powerful, you already have an arsenal of fire powers to help you out.

Third: Fiery Embrace and Domination = RoX!!
These are your “happy switches”. Add in hasten as well and you'll be smiting all the good in the world. Basically, Fiery Embrace makes you double fire damage and adds a bit to non-fire damage. Domination makes you do extra damage and the holds last longer, and Hasten makes you attack faster and allow your powers to come back faster. You flip these three on at once (which, if slotted correctly), you can have them up every fight or every other.

Cons: Red Flag 1: Agro is a problem.
Dominators have Agro problems. And Good Dominators have Debt Badges early on. (I had Deathless by 35). Don't worry, you don't suck. It's hard to manage Agro unless you have a Hero Tanking (post 35 in RWZ). My only real advice is, unless you popped a couple purples, don't be the first one in. Allow the brute to get a few pot shots in there before you do the lock down.

Soft vs Hard control:
You have a lot of both, but better Soft than Hard. So enemies can wake up, they can break fear, and they can come right after you. However, it's rare if you slot some ACC and Hold/Sleep/Fear/Confuse Duration.

Power Pools necessary:
You Need Hasten. I didn't take it until around level 30 and I was missing out on a lot. It helps you flip on Domination (which is what you can't go without, especially for this build). You also need Stamina. The build isn't End Hungry, and with Consume you can probably get by...but the AOEs, if spammed during hasten WILL drain you.

Confuse can SUCK:

If an enemy kills another and you haven't hit it...you get no XP. With the AOE abilities it won't be a problem unless you forget about it and die, or just forget about it in general.

Must Have Powers: I'm not a master of Slotting, so look at other FAQs in order to learn how to slot a Dominator. I'm just telling you the types you'll want to focus on. These are in no real order because I'm too lazy to look everything up and such, but you should probably get a good idea of what you need.

Mezmerize (I slotted Damage mainly)
Dominate (Damage, Acc)
Mass Hypnosis (Rech Red, Acc) Don't worry about sleep duration, it's long and people wake them up.
Terrify (Fear, Acc, Damage, Rech Red)
Mass Domination (Acc, and Rech Redux) a lot of Acc....
Mass Confuse (Acc and Rech Redux) a lot of both
Flares (Acc, Dam)
Fiery Embrace (Rech Red)
Fire Breath (Dam, Acc)
Combustion (Dam, Acc)
Fire Blast (Acc, Dam)
Consume (acc, Dam, and one End Mod)

Final words: YOU ARE NOT A SOLOER. It's difficult to solo because the enemies can easily wake up, break fear, and you can miss. So try to get teams whenever possible post level 20.

Have Fun!
Hope this helps.



Final words: YOU ARE NOT A SOLOER.

[/ QUOTE ]

As your "core powers" miss Blaze, Levitate and Confuse, of course you're going to have trouble soloing...

Picking those 3 up makes soloing easy



The build i meant to be AoE...

I'm sure people can pick up Blaze, Lev, and Confuse but will have to sacrifice other powers.

I picked the build for its AoE capabilities but yeah, the three other powers would help with the soloing dominator



Not to nitpick much, but I'm curious as to why AoE would be the focus of a solo dom? I can understand AoE on teams, but I'd think solo doms would favor the benefit of strong ST attacks, such as the above named three.




that was my point before, I'm all about teaming and AoE



Great Guide...

but if you really want to see deadly dominator AoE try some Fire/Psi action...much later blooming. But by level 38 with Psi Shockwave you'll be an Aoe monster..and It only gets better.

My level 50 Dominators:
Madame Mindbender 50 Mind/Energy
Fly Agaric 50 Plant/Thorn
Nate Nitro 50 Fire/Psi



indeed true, but you get much more AoE control out of mind...and more damage our of fire. but thanks for the imput. =D



errr... i straight up disagree wth you statement that this build is not a solo-er.

my 50 mind/fire has been ripping through ruthless missions since he got to 26.

i have a list of the eb's i've killed on him in my id. it's damn crowded.

you are straight up wrong.



and wow..
not taking blaze.

[censored] man, noobs should not write guides.



and wow..
not taking blaze.

[censored] man, noobs should not write guides.

[/ QUOTE ]

Great Guide for playing a Dominator as a Controller. Great set for it too. My Mind/Fire is a great solo machine. I do not die a lot Confuse does not suck its critical. Post Blaze its a total riot.

If I had the time and this was the space I would go into the force of chaos you can be on a team rather than going for the lock down.

Arch light L50 INV/SS
Psiberia L50 Kin/Psi
Screaming Mentallica L50 Sonic/MM

Arc Voltinator L50 SS/Elec
Mind Fire Kinesis L50 Fire/Kin
Flaming Screamer L50 Fire/Sonic



I disapprove of the recommendations made in this guide.

skipping blaze means you'd be better picking pretty much any other set.



I disapprove of the recommendations made in this guide.

skipping blaze means you'd be better picking pretty much any other set.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well, he did say he was going for AOE. I don't think it's the bestsetup overall but if it works for him and his playstyle, let him type.

I don't really think I'd play the way this is set up either, but to each their own.

Wanted: Origin centric story arcs.
If you've only played an AT once (one set combo) and "hate" it - don't give up. Roll a different combo. It may just be those sets not clicking for you.