Costume ideas for a classic archer




I give up. I love my concept and character (Steelebow, lvl 50 TA/A), but I can't find a costume I like. Looking for ideas I can stea... err, borrow. Or just plain old fashioned inspiration. Really want to get the feel of a Hawkeye or Green Arrow type, while at the same time being distinct...

Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome...



Remember to use armguards, but not something bulky, as that will interfere with your aim.

Also, you'll want to avoid baggy clothing for the same reason, so no Baggy Shirts/Jackets/Robes/Trenchcoats. Same with Chest details that are raised up... No Chains/Skulls/Barbed Wire/Stealth, although Ring Straps should be snug enough to not interfere too much. You'll also want to be careful with shoulder pads.

Also, you'll want to be sure your hair is short, or pulled back out of your face, and that anything you wear on your eyes is there to assist in your ability to target, and not simply cosmetic.
Targeting Reticle = Good.
Winged Headband = Bad.

Additionally, I recommend against hoods for a large variety of reasons.

Since proper targeting in archery requires you to pull the bowstring back to the corner of your mouth you'll likely also want to avoid any sort of faceplate, although facial hair isn't typically a problem.


...What? I competed in archery as an adolescent.



Here is my archer. He's not exactly a traditional archer, as he's using a robotic arm and has lousy eyesight (those sunglasses are prescription )

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Here is something I came up with as a possibility for you.

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First of all, that is a LOT of alts, Ironik.

Ironic, huh? (dodges rotten tomatoes)

I really like all of them for different takes on the archer themes. I'm afraid on a couple I violated some of the archery rules, but actually, being the type of guy I am, I may go back and rework the other costumes I have to adapt to those. I may try later if I have time to post some of my screenshots of my current costumes to give some ideas of what I've been using. Thanks all for the input and screenies! I'll be back with my stuff shortly, and go from there...



Here is something I came up with as a possibility for you.

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Cool suggestion ... I really like this costume.

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Ok, having trouble with real life getting my screen shots posted, but I really like that costume idea. What style gloves and boots are those?



Looks like Justice w/Pads to me. That's the Hero costume set from the GvE edition IIRC.