Post your best costume designs here!




I just figured I’d see what kind of creative talent there is with the costume creator. Now, I’m no good (I keep trying to convince myself that monotone is the way to go), but I know that there are some fantastic peoples out there!

So, post screen shots of your best costume designs here!



Oh gosh.. there are so many

The link in my sig has most, but not all, of them.



I'm really proud of my creations and since I couldn't pick what to post here I decided to make two separate galleries on Photobucket:

The first one Character Portraits is just plain captures of the front/rear of my characters from the Character Select screen.

The second gallery Characters is more of an assortment of shots of the same characters and some older ones in much more cool settings.

Check em out and tell me what you think (I actually came to this board looking for a thread like this, its ironic that I found one so quick :P)



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Nearly all of mine can be seen in the thread in my sig.

The one I've gotten the most compliments for is Air Force's. Simple = good. Also Photon X (changed to resemble Air Force), Ms. Gaia and Future Shock.

Costume contest winners include Air Force, Nocturnelle, Christmas Carol, Razor Raccoon, Kung-Pow Chicken and Kid Hawk.

I'm particularly proud of Monster Child, because I used the sliders to create two completely different looking characters for the first two costume slots.

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My characters first costume slot's are located at the address in my signature. I'm working on posting screencaps of the rest of them.

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Those kick butt Sparrow...



Xer'Tul (In my sig) is one of the few costumes I really like.

I wouldn't say it's fantastic and totally original, but I do believe it's the first of its kind. (Created it during the CoV beta.)

I also say the first of it's kind, because, I've had many a clone. So I suppose that must mean it's a good costume at the least.



although the 'creative genius' of some people is never to be underestimated.

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