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This thread is for posting Guide or FAQ links for Controllers. Please create your guides in the "Player Guides" forum (since posts in that section do not roll off) and link the thread here. Also, do not post your guide in this thread - only the link to your guide. For non-Controller guides, check the master list of all Guides in the Guide to Guides.

Failing any clear identifier from the poster, I will go by the original post date vs. Issue releases (I1: 6/30/04, I2: 9/17/04, I3: 1/5/05, I4: 5/5/05, I5: 9/1/05, I6: 10/28/05, I7: 06/06/06, I8:11/28/06, I9: 5/1/07, I10: 7/24/07, I11: 11/28/07, I12: 6/24/08) - e.g., if it was posted in March/05, it is an I3 Guide.

Guides appearing here were gleaned from links posted in one of the "Guide to Guides" threads (the Controller GtG or the GtG threads in the "Player Guides" forum). We cannot sift through the hundreds of individual threads to find a posting, so be sure to 1) place your guide in the "Player Guides" forum, nowhere else and 2) post a link to it in a "Guide to Guides" thread!

CONTROLLER (Be sure to check the Defender guides for your secondaries!)


Splatroller: An Overview (Enantiodromos)
The Splattroller Field Guide (Omniverse)
WhisperWitch's Guide To Controller Primaries Damage Vs 1 Target (magicj)
WhisperWitch's Video Guide to Telekinesis (magicj)
Arcane Controller Primary Powers FAQ (Enantiodromos) [I12]
Comparative Analysis of PBAoE and Ranged AoE Holds (Mystic_Amethyst) [I8]
Controller Damage Overview (Enantiodromos) [I6]
Choosing the Controller that’s Right for You (Enantiodromos) [I6]
CONFUSION AND XP/TIME (v2) (Enantiodromos) [I6]
Guide to being a Healer (Enantiodromos)
Guide to the word \Necessary\ (Enantiodromos)
A guide for solo controllers (Ishtar) [I4]
cforce’s Guide to Confusion v.1.0 (cforce) [I3]
5 Best Solo Controller Builds (Pilcrow) [I2]
The Unofficial Strategy Guide for Controllers (Ubah_Weasel47) [I2]
Magnitude – or, why Johnny can’t hold Dr. Vahzilok (GlaziusF) [I1]


Leveling Up an Earth/Storm Controller (GGG247) [I14]
Local Guide to Earth/Rad Controller (Local_Man) [I10]
Eternal_Wilting Earth/Empathy (Eternal_Wilting) [I8]
Guide to Earth/Storm Controllers V. 2 (KokopelliJoe) [I8]
C_dog’s I7 Guide to Earth Control/Force Field Controllers (C_Dog) [I7]
I Feel the Earth Move- A Guide to the Earth/Sonic (HotButteredSoul) [I7]
Kaigame’s Guide to Earth Controlling V2.0 (Kenshin) [I4]


Striking the Match, a Fire/Kin’s Guide (Star_Sentinel) [I11]
Elemental Chaos The i10 Guide to Fire/Storm (Eldandil) [I10]
Fire Blaster’s Guide to Fire/Rad Controllers (LivingHellfire) [I9]
Fire/Rad PvP Guide (Choff) [I8]
Guide to soloing a fire/rad (Switchgear) [I7]
Fire Control, Storm Summoning, and synergies (DaemonDivinity) [I7]
Eldandil Tauro’s I7 guide to the classic Fire/Storm/Fire Troller (Eldandil) [I7]
Fire/Storm Splattroller Build Guide (Enantiodromos)[I6]
Ardent Emissary Torches the World: A Fire/Rad Guide (vI6.1) (Funky_Pink) [I6]
Foxmaiden’s Ultimate Fire Control Guide (Sakura_Kitsuki) [I6]
Brimstone Gale’s Guide to Fire/Storm Controllers (BrimstoneGale) [I3]
Slotting Fire Pimps (Booom) [I2]


Quantums Arrows i10 Guide to Grav/Trick Arrow (Carnifax) [I10]
A Guide to the Gravity/Radiation Controller (FunkyWaltDogg) [I10]
Eddy’s in the Space/Time Continuum- Grav/Kin (husdonsmith) [I9]
Controlling Time and Space-Grav/FF (Bunny_Man) [I9]
Grav/Storm Guide 3.0 (Reinman) [I8]
Quick Guide to Gravity/Trick Arrow (anachrodragon) [I7]
Ubiquity's Guide to Gravity/Empathy Controllers, (Baryonic_Cell) [I6]
The Guide to Gravity Control [v1.20051101.0] (Arinara) [I6]
Gravity/Storm Controller Guide (Zloth) [I3]
Gravity/Force Field Controlling: Zen and the Art of Knockback (Doctor_Gravity) [I1]


Ice/Storm - Looking at Jack Frost and the sets.... (Adam_Amp)
Craigen’s Guide to the Ice/Kinetics Controller (Craigen) [I11]
Frost Storm’s Guide to Ice Control/Storm Summoning (EmeraldRain) [I7]
Frost’s I6 Ice Control, Empathy, and Kinetics Guide Revision 2 (Frost) [I6]
Purple Heart’s Guide to Ice/Empathy, VI6.1 (Funky_Pink) [I6]
Lopp Syded Ice/Radiation Emission Controller Guide V3.0 (PurplePplEatr) [I4]
Snowlock’s Ice/Storm Controller Guide V2.0 (Snowlock) [I1]


A Local Guide to Ill/Rad Controllers (Local_Man)
Thriving on Chaos as an Ill/Rad Controller (Extor_Prime) [I13]
Illusion Control/Radiation Emission Guide (Ishtar)
Lady Lumi's I12 Guide to Illusions and Empathy (_Blu_ )
Issue 9 guide to Illusion Control (Energy_Aura) [I9]
The selfish Illusion/Sonic controller (CaptainSpud) [I9]
Lights and Sounds- Illusion/Sonics (3rd times a charm) (Muad Dib) [I9]
Mogura’s guide to Illusion/Kinetics (Mogura) [I9]
Smoke and Mirrors- Illusion/Storm Guide (Tal_N) [I8]
Illusions/Kinetics for PvP (Dubya) [I8]
Illusions/Kinetics for Solo and Team Success. (Zombie_A_Go_Go) (issue 7 compliant)
Tanzier’s Guide to an I6 Illusion/Storm Controller (Tanzier) [I6]
The Illusion Control and Empathy Synergy Guide (TIEDestroyer) [I6]
Tom’s Foolery, Guide to Illusion/Rad solo in I6 (Q_Arkhan) [I6]
Pilcrow’s Phantom Army (PA) Guide (Pilcrow) [I4]
Desyncher’s Post-I3 Illusion/Radiation Guide 0.5 (Trinary) [I3]
Uberness, Thy Name is Illusion! Illusion/Kinetics Guide V2.0 (Spectral_Ops) [I3]


Katerinae's Guide to Mind/Storm Control (Katerinae)
WhisperWitch’s Tactics For Mind Control, Version 2 (magicj) [I11]
No Pet? Suck it up! A Mind/Kin Guide (EmperorSteele) (Updated for I11)
Mind/Storm guide (Azoth_WindMage) [I8]
Mind w/ Radiation and Empathy v 2.3 (Entantiodromos) [I8]
cforce’s Guide to Mind Control/Storm Summoning (cforce) [I6]
WhisperWitch’s Guide to Building a WarTroller (magicj) [I5]
WhisperWitch’s Tactics for Mind/Force Fields (magicj) [I5]
Hedon’s Guide to Mind Control/Telekinesis (Hedon) [I3]


Plant/Thermal Controller Guide (Coldmed) [I12]
Plant/Rad Splattroller Build Guide (Enantiodromos) [I12]


Playing Kinetics on Large Teams (Amberyl) [I15]
Empathy – How to Buff (Psyonico) [I11]
Trick Arrow Enchiridion (Luminara) [I11]
Controllers and Defender Primaries : A Guide to Playing with Other People’s Toys (Blueeyed) [I6]
WhisperWitch’s Guide to Herding with Force Fields (magicj) [I4]



Neither of the Gravity/Radiation links works.



My first guide!

This one is a guide to what controllers do, aimed at people coming at it fresh, or who want someone else's opinion on the matter

Kid Gloves' Guide to Controlling

Certainly not the end-all and be-all, but hopefully a good place to start.



any fire/emphaty guides?



My suggestions are look at Foxmaiden's Fire guides, fire/rad Fir/kin. Gives you a very solid idea of ideal powers.

And you know what you like in the empathy set. Go from there. Wish you well. :-)



Hey there Cuppa! - Just letting you know i've now updated my guide, which now covers my secondary, Empathy. It's brand new, so it's replacing my old guide (which still isn't listed in the original post! Boo Hoo!)
The Ultimate Earth/Empathy Guide by HelixScape!

*Fingers crossed it makes it up this time around!*



....I must be the only guy who likes Illusion and Force Field...if there's anyone who can help me out, or a combo of guides to look through for a good idea, please inform me, being a blaster at heart and a total n00b when it comes to cons. Thx!



I have a Ill / FF Controller and would like to see a guide also -- slotting the bubbles vs. Controlling effects is my biggest question (I know to concentrate on the Primaries, but with bubbles, slotting for defense can be important...)




Can anyone point me in the direction of a mind/emp guide? There either isn't one or I'm just blind today.



No mind control/force field guides? I just started one up. It's not a bad combo, is it?


Posted seem to be in my boat, I can't find an Ill/FF guide myself. So do what I am if you can't find one: build one!! Granted, mine has a long way to go (*curse lack of playing time!!!*), but it WILL be done...eventually.



No mind control/force field guides? I just started one up. It's not a bad combo, is it?

[/ QUOTE ]

I've been adding strategies for Mind and Force Field to the Unofficial Controllers Guide.

Currently the tips are all based on low level powers (level 6 is the highest). However, I believe these tips are useful at all levels of play. Additional tips will appear as time allows. So far, I've been able to add new tips every day.

That combo is just seriously sick, and is a perversion of gameplay mechanics. - Excelsio

The Infernal Challenge
Building a WarTroller
Troller Damage



How do u make a link for my guide.



I haven't seen many guides out there for a Ill/Emp Controller. If there are could someone point me to where one would be thanks alot.

Lioness1975 Level 40 Ill/Emp Controller