Really Hard Way




We win.

That's right, Triumph has our first official win for the Really Hard Way badge on October 28, 2012. Thanks go to all participants, and especially to @Snow Globe, who has co-led these for weeks now.

This doesn't mean that we are stopping. We have shown that there are gaming gods in CoH, and Triumph houses some of them. Now we shall show that still more exist. We will hold another RHW badge attempt on Sunday, 4 November, at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern. I would appreciate it if all participants would please arrive a few minutes early for invites and pre-run instructions.

I am looking for Volunteers for this now, asking that you sign up for a space in the run early if possible. Cross server participants are more than welcome. Extra damage, corruptors, and kinetics will be definitely welcomed. Please keep in mind, that even if you do not care about this badge for yourself, major damage or -resistance abilities are still useful to those who do care about gaining it and a filled team will have a better chance of victory.

The requirements for the badge are as follows:

Defeat Tyrant in the last phase/fight of Magisterium without defeating any of the Lights of the Well.

The lights of the Well can only be defeated by using the temp power: Quills of Jocas. They are one shot by this power, so I must be VERY clear to not use this power in your attack chain.

In order to win this trial, I am seeking several small things from my players. As I am very lenient, do not expect me to enforce all of them, but I do expect you to make an attempt to be ready. Remember, if for some reason, you cannot manage the recommend Incarnate Slots on time, having something is still better than having nothing.


  1. During the trial, play, don't chat. Chatting will get you killed. Chatting will confuse other players and make people less likely to see any instructions I might give.
    Chatting makes my job leading that much harder.
  2. Realizing that the above will likely not be completely respected, I will do my best to also send my instructions to the Request channel.
  3. Be a +3 lvl incarnate
  4. Have a t3 or t4 Core branch Lore pet
  5. Have Ultimate Inspirations ready to use. The more the better.
  6. Be prepared to listen and follow procedures outlined before and during the trial. I will be checking.
  7. Expect the Tyrant fight to take the whole 20 minutes. Do not get nervous and jump the gun.
Highly recommended:
  • Have either Assault or Support Hybrid
  • Assault
  • Tactics
  • Corruptors

If you wish to Volunteer for this trial, now is the time. As said above, I plan to form this run at 5pm Pacific/7pm Central time on Sunday, 4 November, 2012. Remember that space is limited, so it is on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you all for your time,

Feel free to contact myself, @Sayaki, or @Snow Globe if you have questions about your participation next week.

Team 1
  1. @Snow Globe
  2. @Tidbit
  3. @Dynamite Monkey
Team 2
  1. @Sayaki (-Michael)
  2. @Taryn
Team 3
  1. .
"Maybe" List:
  • @Radiac

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I'll be there. Hope to get my cor up to snuff.



I'll be there for an encore performance. Now that Flamesprite has the badge maybe I'll bring my rad/rad defender this time.

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I'm not sure I can make this Sunday, so please put me on the "Maybe" list. I have several different toons that I could bring if I do show up. The kinetics seemed to help a lot last time, and I have a +3 Kin def I could bring, but he has no tier 4 anything and no Hybrid XP. I could also bring my Demon/thermal MM, my corrupter, or my main, Radiac. But like I said, I might not be able to make it, I don't know yet.



No worries, Radiac. I'll put you on maybe and hope we see you.

I hope to see everyone there

-Michael: Ill/Storm Troller <><><><><><> Slide-Show Base-Tour: Its a London Thing



I hope everyone remembered to take into the fact that Daylight Savings time got most of us to set the clock back one hour.

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Be seeing you guys in DA in a couple of hours. Can't let the people who made every other run but missed last week's miss out RHW.

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I'll be there to help yet again. I'm just a little late for the sign-up