October 14th Magisterium: R2R & RHW Badge runs




Hello Triumph,

On Sunday, 14 October, 2012, I will be running the Really Hard Way badge attempt(s) for Triumph server. I will start the trial forming at 4pm Pacific/6pm Central, and plan to start by 4:30pm.

Our first run, unlike in previous weeks, will not be a Really Hard way attempt, but a simpler run for the speed badge: Ready to Rumble. 8 minutes to kill 250 IDF, Nega-Pendragon, Chimera, Shadowhunter, and Black Swan.

Immediately following the one attempt at this will be the Really Hard Way badge attempt. I am looking for Volunteers for the RHW now, asking that you sign up for a space in the run as early as possible. Cross server participants are welcome. Extra damage, corruptors, and kinetics will be definitely welcomed. Please keep in mind, that even if you do not care about this badge for yourself, major damage or -resistance abilities are still useful to those who do care about gaining it and a filled team will have a better chance of victory.

The requirements for the Really Hard Way badge are as follows:

Defeat Tyrant in the last phase/fight of Magisterium without defeating any of the Lights of the Well.

The lights of the Well can only be defeated by using the temp power: Quills of Jocas. They are one shot by this power, so I must be VERY clear to not use this power in your attack chain.

In order to win the RHW trial, I am seeking several things from my players. As I am very lenient, do not expect me to enforce all of them, but I do expect you to make an attempt to be ready. Remember, if for some reason, you cannot manage the recommend Incarnate Slots on time, having something is still better than having nothing.

  1. Be a +3 lvl incarnate
  2. Have a t4 Core branch Lore pet
  3. Have either Assault or Support Hybrid
  4. Have Ultimate Inspirations ready to use. The more the better.
  5. Be prepared to listen and follow procedures outlined before and during the trial. I will be checking.
  6. Expect the Tyrant fight to take the whole 20 minutes. Do not get nervous and jump the gun.
Any further suggestions here are welcome. The plan of attack will be decided prior to the actual run though. Please share input, guides, suggestions, etc prior to the trial itself in the forum or to me personally in game on @Sayaki.

If you wish to Volunteer for this trial, now is the time. As said above, I plan to attempt to form this run at 4pm Pacific/6pm Central time on Sunday. Remember that space is limited, so it is on a first come, first served basis.

Thank you all for your time

Team 1
  1. @Sayaki
  2. @Taryn
  3. @Snow Globe
  4. @Fallenz
  5. @Dynamite Monkey
  6. @B. Samson
  7. @TriNitroToluene.
  8. @Radiac
Team 2
  1. Scientist
  2. @Ultrabatz
  3. @Polar Snow
  4. @Justaris
  5. @Froggerman

Team 3

Useful Forum Guides:

-Michael: Ill/Storm Troller <><><><><><> Slide-Show Base-Tour: Its a London Thing



As always, willing to help.

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@Fallenz is ready for duty!



Unfortunately, the real world demands my presence that day, so I will not be able to help this time. And I need Ready to Rumble too, dammit. Stupid real world. Grumble.

So I wish you all the best of luck on next week's attempt. Even though a selfish little part of me hopes you fail so I don't miss anything.

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I will most certainly be there.




"Red-5 standing by..."

Since my Pathfinder group hit level 11 and promptly cast Disintegrate on itself, I find myself able to do this on a Sunday now.

Oh, and before I forget, I just want to point out that I do have a +3 Incarnated Corrupter (Tin Star Jonny Ozark, my Dual Pistols/Dark zombie gunslinger). All of his stuff is tier 3, except the Hybrid which is currently only tier 2. I might be able to do something about that in the interim, but I'd be unlikely to bother if there's no real demand for it. I'm currently planning on bringing my Rad/rad dude, Radiac as per usual.



I'll be there with a 50+3 rad/rad defender, kSpace. I've got a T3 Lore but think I can upgrade to T4 by then, no Hybrid unfortunately but I do have Achilles Heel in Neutrino and Rad Infection and Tactics/Assault/Vengeance.

I should be able to persuade a friend to transfer a corruptor to help. And if the first try fails, I can transfer over a 50+3 Cold/Sonic defender who is brutal for reducing resistance, but I was hoping to get the badge on kSpace, my main, if possible.



i should be able to make it for this.

Lvl 50+3 MA/SR scrap

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KageNoKami@Polar Snow would like to add his humble skills to this endeavor



I should be there this afternoon. Work's been busy recently, but I want to keep trying for this.

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Just saw the message 2 minutes ago. Would love to join on Kaide Wilson. See y'all in an hour!