Thank you, Triumph




This will likely be lost amid a sea of other farewell threads, but I wanted to say my piece before they turn out the lights on us. It's taken me awhile to decide if I'd even say goodbye, partly because doing so somehow feels like admitting defeat. But I've accepted now that, barring some divine intervention, this ride is coming to an end, and I might as well say goodbye to the people who made it worth riding.

Eight years ago, I bought City of Heroes on a whim. I've never been big on multiplayer games. I have an Xbox, but I use it exclusively for single player games, because I really don't need to hear a bunch of 12 year olds questioning my sexuality and insulting my mother. So I installed the game, decided I wanted a toon who could fly and shoot fire, and created my very first character, Flamesprite, who would end up my main for the duration. I chose Triumph from the server list solely because I knew I'd remember it as the name of the Insult Comic Dog from Conan O'Brien.

I thought I'd probably play CoH like a single player game, avoiding the other people because hey, people suck, y'know? I... am not good with people. If I went to a doctor about it, they'd probably call it social anxiety disorder or something like that. Maybe even a touch of agoraphobia. So I don't get out much. I tend to structure things so I can minimize interaction with other human beings whenever possible. It's just how I've always been. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some hermit with no friends. But being forced to interact with strangers gives me the willies.

So for awhile I only played solo. But over time, I'd start teaming more and more, and started noticing the same names popping up now and again. I got to know these people, people I'll almost certainly never meet, just by chatting while we played, and grew to consider some of them friends. I discovered that this game wasn't a bunch of juvenile cutthroats out to humiliate anyone who wasn't as good as them. It was a friendly, welcoming community, willing to help new players and work together to have fun. Even if we were getting team-wiped over and over by hordes of Vahzies, we could still joke around in team chat and have fun. It was the first multiplayer game I'd played where people made "having fun" a priority over "winning."

I can't say I stayed with CoH for the entire 8 years. I let my subscription lapse several times, lured away by other games. A couple times I was certain I'd never be coming back. I thought PvP would ruin the game, then I thought recipes and the market would, then I was sure f2p would kill it, and I'd cry "DOOM!" and run off. But I always came back. This was the first MMO I ever played, and it's still the only one I stuck with any longer than a 30-day trial. Triumph's community is what kept me coming back.

So thank you, Triumph. Thank you Snow Globe, Magenta Bolt, Kay Parfait, Nasali, Froggerman, Sayaki, Taryn, Lord Ozi, Exabecquerel, SilverAgeFan, Tamaki Revolution, Pine, Catwhoorg, Dawun, Black Leather Angel, Arcanaville, UltraBatz, and I'm sure more than a dozen others whose names I'm forgetting right now, so don't be offended if I left your name off. You are the players who, whenever I saw you forming a TF, I would drop what I was doing to join you. Because I knew that even if we weren't earning mad XP, we'd still be having fun. Thank you for making me a part of this community. Thank you for showing me that the person on the other side of the screen doesn't have to be my enemy.

You guys are what made Triumph special. At different times, I had alts on as many as 8 different servers. But Triumph was always my home.

Thank you, Triumph. I'll miss you.

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One of the things that I'll always cherish is the community of Triumph. It didn't always get along, but that helped to keep it interesting. Thank you for being a part of that community!

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Ha we had a adventure!
But that not mean our friendship needs to stop yet!

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Well said.. I'll miss you and all of the things you mention that caused us to love this game so much.

Hugs & Light,

War Wench aka Taryn