Tried to spawn with a team of 8. killed many hundreds between the approraite time. used paragon time to make sure.

Is it not spawning



There was a thread about this a while back and I spent time in Nerva almost every day to gather more information about it. I've found that most of the time I signed on, he was actually already spawned and flying around somewhere. The times I didn't see him, I was able to spawn him even while solo.

He is hard to spot with his stealth but there are usually a handful of ghosts trailing behind him that you can see flying quickly behind. If you find them, ignore them and rush in the direction in front of them. He should be there. If you disturb his flock, they lose sync with him and then it's almost impossible to find him... but you can still get lucky.

If you know the right height he flies, sometimes you can just sit right between the islands and wait for him to fly right past you. Otherwise, you'll have to search around and it can get quite frustrating.

If you are on Freedom, I'll be happy to give you a hand with it later on. Hopefully he's just kicking around waiting for you to find him.

Good luck.



Enable the Villain Zone Event Message channel, it makes it easier to determine when he spawns. Finding him is a whole different beast though. Like Master-Blade said, he can be very hard to spot due to his stealth (I think the last time I fought him, on a flying character, I kept losing my target every time I stopped to attack).

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Enable the Villain Zone Event Message channel, it makes it easier to determine when he spawns.
Definitely good general advice, but don't rely on it to be 100% accurate -- in my (and some other peoples') experience, the zone message doesn't reliably fire off even when you actually see Caleb spawn.

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I did this the other night. I watched the time and started at 1 minute before daybreak. Was easily able to get him to spawn solo....

Finding him however was another story entirely. I flew around above and around the general area of Thorne Isle for more than an hour using a macro for target_custom_next Caleb. Was about to give up when I actually targeted him, but he was flying so fast that he got out of range and I needed to continue for a while before I targeted him close enough that I could hit "follow" (luckily I had invisibility to use). That's when I got a team together to take him down. ... to be honest, it just started as an experiment to see if I could kill enough ghosts solo to get him to spawn.

So, the most difficult part was definitely finding him.



As a suggestion, use a LOT of +Perception powers (Empowerment buffs, yellow insps, Clear Minds, Tactics, etc.) to actually see through the stealth.

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