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Am I the only one driven insane by not being able to have both the AE rewards window open and your recipe list open at the same time?

This seems like something that would be easy to implement and it would really help in making sure I know what salvage I'm looking for. Right now I have to open the window, memorize my salvage, get the salvage, close the AE window, look at the next recipe, etc...

Who's with me?!



I tend to put the recipe into a stored slot on the market, then reference it as I am buying the salvage, then grab everything at once.

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What I am referring to is the AE vendor. Where you redeem tickets. You can't have that window open at the same time as your recipe list.



Itsactually the same with Merit/Candy cane vendors as well



Because these "vendors" are basically the same as invention crafting tables your just "crafting" stuff other than enhancements. That said I see no reason why we cant have two copys of the same windo open.

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