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So one person's getting a drawing. Post your character's bio, an image, and powerset and I'm gonna pick one and draw it.

You have until midnight, EST!



Slitherslice was created in a secret experimental lab in Praetoria. Coles program was originally intended to be in effect to create supersoldiers who could infiltrate and crush the resistance, and further down the line Primal Earth.

His plan backfired however when he began to create humanoids rather than just programmable robots. Slitherslice is one of these humanoids. The result of a splice between a cobra and a superhuman, Slitherslice is truly a weapon of potential destruction.

Unfortunately for Cole, Slither and a number of other super-humanoids decided they shared the same mentality as the resistance and promptly staged a mutiny in the laboratory they were in. It was a vicious battle as there were still many super-humanoids that were loyal to Cole and fought for him. Slither and nearly ten others managed to escape the lab fight Cole to their dying breath even today.

Slitherslice is the Praetorian counterpart to Slithershot (will pm you a link). She is just as shirtless but instead of being an ambivalent villain, she is a desperate hero. She does the funky resistance talk whenever possible :P

Dual blades/ invincibility



Very generous of you Foo, i'd love to 'win' a spot

Robostein is the leader of a team of sentient robots in the 41st century, mysteriously transported back to present day for an, as yet, unknown reason. (not copping out on the bio, just don't want to give the plot of my mini-comic away :P )

Bot/FF Mastermind (hero)

My Mini-Comic
AE arc id: 464928



It's Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than to try and get a drawing of my slightly Halloween-inspired costume!





Operation: Kheldian-Class Titan
Agent Brighteyes retrieved a Victoria-class Clockwork from Praetoria and advanced brain clones. Brains scanned, detected to have low level residual programming, deemed non-consequential. Selected brain installed in clockwork chassis without problems. Initial tests showed chassis fully functional.

AI reprogramming outsourced to Rogue Isles courtesy of Alpha 5-5-2. Captive scientist instructed to include Malta operational guidelines by Alpha 5-5-2. Five security back-ups installed by operational engineer in case of insurrection. Scientist instructed to modify chassis to match Malta Titan blueprints. Scientist reprogrammed other brains, attached propulsors and turrets to them, attempted escape. Scientist terminated. Chassis deemed acceptable.

Foxtrot Blue tracked Kheldian target to Nigeria and inflicted lethal wounds. Target captured and brought to Malta base with Praetorian clockwork chassis, given choice of death or fusion with the biological components. Target chose death, but reconsidered after additional motivators were given. Fusion occured with acceptable damage to Kheldian entity.

Operation successfull. Malta now has the capabilities of Kheldian-class entities.
Reclassification: Pallas-Class Titans. Prototype identifier: "Athena Titan."

Agents re-assigned to track down escaped brains.


Reference Sheet:



Whoo, chance at free arts. Awesome that you're doing this.

I have Stryke of Lightning.
Shes an Electric Melee/Ninjitsu Stalker.

Her in-game bio is short:
"Tamara Stryke was convicted of stealing a prototype teleportation suit, multiple homicide, and resisting arrest. Only the first is true, I swear!"
More detail- her parents worked for Crey. She was along one day, when something happened. Probably some heroes busting in or some such. She took her chance, hopped in some power suit, and ran. She wasn't expecting to be thrown in jail... nor her parents to be killed, nor the suit to somehow follow her. She got busted out in that massive jailbreak by Arachnos and worked for them for a long time. Too long. She eventually worked up the courage to head to Paragon. They seem to have forgotten the incident there, so she heroes around the place as needed.




Tune in tomorrow to see who won!



Grats Ironik!

Very neat pic



Thanks! It was fun.



Everything Foo does looks a little bit naughty... Not that there's anything wrong with that!! Nice piece - Congrats!



Originally Posted by Caemgen View Post
Everything Foo does looks a little bit naughty... Not that there's anything wrong with that!! Nice piece - Congrats!
What you sayin'? This is the very definition of Good Girl art! Nothing naughty going on here!

Now your piece on the other hand...