Another Barney Millar star passes...




No, not him last time checked.

Steve Landesberg died at 65 due to cancer a few days ago.

I think he was my favorite character on that series. Very laid back. self assured with a wicked sense of humor.

He will be missed.

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Friend told me about Landesberg yesterday and yeah Abe Vigoda cannot be stopped, he's a frigg'n terminator!

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My favorite episode is when he beat the polygraph.

Polygraph Operator: When were you born?
Sgt. Dietrich: A long time ago.
(No response on polygraph)
Polygraph Operator: Where were you born?
Sgt. Dietrich: In a galaxy far, far away.
(No response on polygraph)



How many people has the Vigoda killed now?

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