What is your favorite RWH promo?

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The player-instigated, dev-approved charity drive Real World Hero at http://realworldhero.com/ has had a lot of GREAT events and creative activities in 2010: Kick-off of the Wentworth Country Club, YouTube video and P4A, AE ARC #468971, auction, gold titles, updates on Facebook and Twitter, sponsorships, leveling marathon, trivia contests, costume contests, Make Me A Superhero!, INF giveaway, and still more to come and in the works.

Personally my favorite has been the special in-game Gold Titles!

What has been your favorite promotional activity so far for the Real World Hero charity drive?



Shouldn't the title be: What is your favorite RWH promo?
Until i actually read your post i didn't know what you meant.

Still, i'd have to say that the gold titles are what i noticed the most.

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Fixed, thanks.



I like my gold title. I didn't hear about RWH until Fulmens posted about it.



All very worthy causes. Trying to choose between sick children or appreciating our troops was too hard for me. So I just split my donation between them.

Would like to see the addition of charities which help animals. They need our help so badly and it's where I like to donate my money.



I liked the event at the country club, but as it was only on one server, I think the gold titles were the best way of advertising.

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I like the auction. Such sweet, sweet, swag, and some of that stuff went for a steal. I swear, if I had a rec room, I would have bid up that Star Wars wall art higher, it was just gorgeous. As it is, though, I snagged a hardcover collection of The Watchmen, and I'm really happy about that. I got it a few days ago, and I haven't opened it yet. It will be my post-Christmas indulgence. And if my numbers add up right, it added over $3,000 to the bottom line, which is huge.

I'd love to see this expanded next year with even more swag. Maybe Black Pebble can convince the marketing goobs to turn loose of a few more costume codes, those seemed to score really well. Whoever got ThinkGeek involved is a genius, that is such an awesome site. Maybe next year we can get some more retailers like that involved.

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