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Hello all!

Im starting on this server tonight, playing the game for the first time ever. - Been looking for a more pvp and fun orientated mmorpg after playing through most other moorpgs and getting a bit bored at end-game

My first question is; how important is it to find a guild fast? - Is is best to lvl up yourself, and then look for some companionship, or will the game be more fun to lvl up in, with a guild?

last question is about the archtypes; Is there a special archtype you really should stay away from as a complete newbie?

Thanks in advance, and hope to have a good time on the Union server!



Welcome to the game. A few things in answer to you.

SG's (guilds) aren't super important, but very useful. I find the best way is to just play, find people you enjoy playing with and add them to your global friends (use global, they'll show up no matter what toon they and you are on). If you find you play with them a lot and get on well ask them about their SG. It's better to get into a friendly one than a prestige farming one (prestige is what pays for SG bases and also ranks the SG's, something some people find important). I would suggest NOT joining a random SG.

ATs... anything works. Scrappers and Brutes are very easy Melee to pick up. Blasters are glass cannons. Controllers and dominators take a bit more practice. But really, take what sounds the most fun to you. I have one of most on the go and enjoy playing them all, but love blasters for the sheer havoc they create.

Finally, my global is @Dave N Smith. Feel free to send me a tell in game (if you do it to the global I'll get it when I log in) and I'll happily help you out if needed.



Big thanks for the info



Just in case you check replies again.
Solo is fine and fun for the first few plays -that is the way I am used to playing.
Ever since I started doing team play though, even pick-up-groups (PUGs (sorry if condescending not sure how much terminology you know. Or how much I know)) I find soloing a little dry. Unless you have a particular target in mind for the session even a throw together team tends to be better.

My advice should be taken very... liberally. Not least as you are interested in endgame and PVP neither or which interest me (or have I attained)

Praetoria is the easiest place for pick up groups -not least because vet players are re-rolling for the I19 patch/Xmas. Blue (Hero) side is very nice, but Red (Villain) is normally underpopulated (especially low lvl) and hard to get teamed in and sort of unfriendly to new people (the game not the players)

Recommendations (a day late I know) play Blue or Prae (are we calling Prae yellow yet?) solo until you have the basic mechanics down. Play a melee regen scrapper as they heal well and have simple critical hits for your first char -it is nice to have look around on. Then reroll and create more characters as the fancy takes you.
Scrappers/Brutes/Tanks are always good for teams as well.

EU servers are underpopulated compared to USA, but you still have slots on both Defiant and Union to play with. Union is the most populated, so I tend to create my solo chars on Defiant (though with alternate builds on one character you can create a team and solo build or team/PVP for you maybe on the same one)

Do not worry about Supergroups (SG) yet, but if you team with friendly people add them on global if you can. Always nice to bump into them again. Someday you might start an SG together.

Established Supergroups will simply destroy the early game for you -you will miss the joy of your first travel power if you have a superbase that gets you around. No thrill in earning your first decent enhancement doo-dad if someone just hands you a few hundred million (complete strangers have given my a couple of million here and there).

Written too much without really saying much.
Change your team status (above the chat box) to looking for missions and people will search and pm you for group (or change it to not looking if wanting to solo). Early lvls people tend not to care what character you are, later lvls they get more picky...

I play Defiant (mostly blue) and Union (mostly Prae and Red), my global is @Bon and I suffer from altitis so I dont have any high lvl toons but I have a lot of low lvl ones that are always ready to team. I even have some that need deleting just as soon as I think of new ideas for some.



First, Welcome to the game MasterVic. I hope you will enjoy your stay here for alot of years to come.

Thought I'd add a little to what has already been excellent suggestions.
In the game we have what we call Taskforces (a series of mission in succession) with a reward on the end. (And before you ask of rewards: Usually a badge and merits, that you can exchange for a recipe of choice (or luck)) However dive into the game and have fun (most important).

To help you see other players or know about task forces that gets created (and feeling abit more of the community) there are a few channels that you can join.
Sals Badgehunters Its usually to help gaining badges (oh shiny!) and making Taskforces. It sees a lot of activity. Its by default connected to Union, but it is possible to use it for Defiant Badgeing aswell (although it may not happen much).
Union Taskforce [I'm not in-game now & suddenly (hate to admit it) had an iron curtain here if the spelling was right O.o] This channel is another channel that sees action with task force creation and various raids.
Union Chat Talk about everything outside and in-game here.

Now I did notice that you mentioned pvp, I'm not sure which channel they use, though.
Again, welcome to the game and to the possibilty of having a character that does not look like every other character belonging to the same class due to game mechanics and equippable raid loot.

Edit: suddenly remembered... to join a channel write this
/chan_join "writeentirenameofchannel here"

Also make certain that its enabled (From memory): rightclick on what looks like "chat" and look towards what would be called enable channels, you will get a new window with current/active ones on your left side and alot of other names that are not neccessary active on the right side. If the name of the one you just wanted to join is on the right side, move it to the left side and click enable (or was it ok.. i forget which ).

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Now I did notice that you mentioned pvp, I'm not sure which channel they use, though.
We use Arena chat for anything PvP but it's not the most populated section of the game so chat will be quiet. Still worth adding the chat channel to a tab though and if you do want to use it, it's /ac

My advice for PvP is don't enter till you are fully capable with the game and your Character, whatever that might be.

Also, be prepared to lose and take broadcast chat with a pinch of salt.

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Welcome to Union and CoX (City of Heroes/CoH and City of Villains/CoV combined, Going Rogue is GR).

As some have alreday said, joining an SG (Super Group) isn't totally important, one will do fine without one. In fact if you want a base to fiddle around with you can make your own SG when you hit level 10, by seeing the SG fella in City Hall/Atlas Park.

As Areta said I highly recommend joining the channels (remember to edit chat tab on all alts for them), as CoX has a very, even extremly, friendly community you will be able to get plenty of help in game via the channels.

As for AT's (Archetypes) I think Defender might be one of the most newbie-unfriendly to choose, specially the Empathy skill set (CoH's major healer set), which makes for very different play. The most direct straight out of the box AT's would probably be blaster and scrapper, ranged and melee fighters respectively. I don't really know Villain AT's good enough to recommend or dismiss any there, but I find the Mastermind (MM for short) intriguing.

The choices to make is so varied that finding the combination of primary and secondary skill sets that fits ones own preferred playstyle can take a while. If you feel an alt to be boring or not working as you want, don't hesitate to delete it and try out a different combo and/or AT.

Even if you maybe don't plan on solo much be sure to pick up a radio from the cop in King's Row at level 4-8 or so, or any other detective in other city zones (or the equivalent newspaper villain side) which makes for easy to get missions if you run out of contacts or something to do.

As for pvp I can't say anything useful as I spend that faceplanted.

If you need any help in game you can give me a holler via @Crimson Fletcherette. Hope you enjoy your gaming in City of Heroes/Villains and on Union.



Hi again guys, thank you so much for all the info.

I just got a character to lvl 10 today (finally decided on a blaster fire/mm)
and so far im loving the game!

Seals Badgehunters channel doesnt seem to exist...can any1 help with the "lfg" channel name?


my handle btw is: Mr. Chippy



Originally Posted by MasterVic View Post
Seals Badgehunters channel doesnt seem to exist...can any1 help with the "lfg" channel name?
That's because it's 'sals badgehunters'.

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rofl ok trying that now