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I’d like to be able to see at a glance the different TF’s/Raids/Ways of getting specific Incarnate Components on the Incarnate Enhancement Creation/Placement Screen.

There seems to be plenty of room below each Incarnate Component creation/description screen to include this information, and it would eliminate the need for me to have a cheat sheet, or to have to go out of game to the web, to figure out what TF I would need to run for a particular component. Yup, Call me lazy.

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OK, you're lazy.

Just Kidding

While I don't really see the need for this, I wouldn't be opposed to it.

The only real problem that I can foresee having to constantly update the reminder text every time they add (or change?) a TF/SF.

I mean it's hard enough to get minor spelling errors and incorrect power descriptions corrected now (and don't even get me started on patch notes ), having one other relatively obscure area to remember to update all the time . . .

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I hate having to go out of game for info I require in game.

I know that's not 100% practical, but things like which TF do I need for X Incarnate component would very nice if they were there.

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Soulwind: Not that I'm familiar with the tech, so forgive me if I sound ignorant, but I'd hope it would be some kind of database link to the TF's that drop the reward, rather than a manual text update.

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There is no need to run any TFs to get components, they can all be made using Shards, which drop from all normal Level 50+ enemies at the same rate as Rare Salvage. Just play the game, accumulate Shards, then when you have enough, convert the Shards to build any necessary components.

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I'll have to agree with Soulwind here about the text in game. There are a tremendous amount of spelling,grammar errors and out of date information in a lot of mundane areas.

A good example would be the tips that pop up in the loading screens. A lot of them have the above problems. "You can open up a Epic archetype by reaching level 50 on a hero or villain."

/e facepalm

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Seriously, all the guy is asking for is to be able to know which specific salvage can obtained through a TF ala description; without having to break immersion from the game. There are maybe what? 1-2 TFs implemented with every update, and if taking the time to type two words under a description (Imperious Taskforce; Statesman Taskforce) is too bothersome than by goodness I don't even want to know what's considered difficult.


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I definitely agree with this. When I'm planning for an Incarnate Boost and I look at its components, I want to know which I have to build (because they drop from things I will NEVER do, like the Cathedral of Pain) and which I can hold off on and possibly get from a TF reward. I really shouldn't have to alt-tab to ParagonWiki just to know what drops what.

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Yes, that info should be in the Dev-written help menus.

Until then:

1. You can alter the Dev-written help menus to include any thing you like, including putting hyperlinks in them. See here for an example.

2. You can copy and paste that info into a Player Note. Player Notes open automatically with a click on the player, but, you can enter in their name manually, or... and here's the important part for the context of this post... you can come up with a fake name for that Player Note and then it will simply be a Memo Pad for you. So, create a player note with something like:

/playernote Incarnate

And in that note, copy and paste the component info. Then, that same command will call up that memo.

3. Email that info to yourself. Downside is that emails now have expiration dates.

Here is the info to cut and paste:

  • Essence of Incarnate: Statesman Task Force or Lord Recluse Strike Force
  • Hero 1 DNA: Lady Grey Task Force
  • Ancient Nictus Essence: Imperious Task Force
  • Dimensional Keystone: The Reichsman Task/Strike Forces (Kahn for Heroes, Barracuda for Villains)
  • Penumbra of Rularuu: Cathedral of Pain
  • Gr'ai Matter: Bought with 150 Vanguard Merits (a Mothership Raid typically gives 100-300 Vanguard Merits)
  • 4 Shards: Hamidon Raid

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